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  1. I follow him! I think he is a gold mine!
  2. Totally agree. Wish I focused more on this when I was a child in school, instead of allowing teachers and the system to make me feel as if it is boring to learn.
  3. I'm not informed at all about the situation. But I'm happy to see Leo is allowing discussion here and not censoring, hopefully he understands we only want whats best for all
  4. Been very interested in this lately, for me currently I just find it hard to believe. I want to apply critical thinking to this, while at the same time being open to see different perspectives . Is it impossible for a woman to love a man? That isn't the only king at the top of the hierarchy of course (:
  5. fuck, i accidentally displayed my hidden nature of trangenderism? isnt it only female spiders that eat their sexual partners . fucking bitches , girls are evil in every fractal of reality
  6. @firoz i didnt really know about this stuff, before i mean i knew about keeping positive visions and such, and even motivational images on your walls to keep yourself reminded, but i really love the idea of creating a vision board that is relative to your current different goals in life, and seeing inspirational people and situations to propel you towards this
  7. @Nahm maybe you bro sometimes i like to consume my partner after sexual engagement ^^
  8. @Shroomer Yes. Sorry, but at the moment you sound a bit like a cucked beta guy . Trust me though, so many guys have had this feeling you have, I'd also like to put forward the proposition that you are engaged in manipulation in every single interaction you do, even if you are aware of it or not. It's also a shame that the general mass of people associate manipulating with a necessary evil. That is incorrect. There is such a thing as positive manipulation. For example, if you are having a bad day, are you always honest about this, and inspiring others to feel the same, or do you lie and attempt to not bring others down in negative thinking as well? If you have a friend that has a bad day, do you attempt to make him feel better (manipulation) or are you "honest" and just let him stay in this sadness? If someone asks your opinion of something creative you dont like, do you spill out all your negative emotions unfiltered and destroy their confidence by just giving "honest" perspectives. Is it bad manipulation to give a cat a piece of yarn to play with, even though you might think it should like to play with a bone? Is it bad manipulation to treat girls how their emotional wiring is designed to give them good feelings, or would you prefer to selfishly just have the interaction go as how you'd like it to be? i know its not easy always man, we all been there i think
  9. High quality. I love these kind of motivational vids, I don't care if they sometimes can be little bit painful in the sense of cheese and cliché. Now I didn't get cringe from this vid at all, nice work fam
  10. @Steph1988 you can never lose in being exposed and understanding different perspectives Even if some are ruthless and harsh, imagine how bad they would be if they weren't uncovered and clearly looked at, but allowed to fester and infectiously spread in the dark. But optimism and positivity is what will give your sails wind in the long run .
  11. @WildeChilde fucking love these beautiful things i mean i wish we could just come together as a species and operate out of love. stupid fucking naive feeling when you consider the real life everyday situations and how deeply entrenched evolutionary instincts are within us but you have to start somewhere, and progress And i refuse to give in to despair and defeatism, lets evolve as a race together . <3
  12. and no, we do not have free will, however in us having no free will, and currently acting and operating in understanding as if we would have such a thing, we have no other choice then to believe the illusion . but i like to battle you. it feeds my self defense mechanism for delusional suicidal degenerative forces on this planet
  13. However yes, you are betraying your evolutionary line of species, and in being supposedly non-egoic, you are throwing all other versions of yourself that isnt enlightened yet into suffering . compassionate and wtf im not on a bunny diet fam