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  1. Relax just try to enjoy this life as calmly as possible , and be happy in the moment its a ride that eventually will end for all of us, no matter how much understanding we gathered, no matter how much awareness consciousness "we" experience in this current life form, in this dimension . Even the sun will die.
  2. I don't feel entitled to say too much, because I don't understand this well enough, but I'd just like to offer a token of love. Breathe, friend. <3 And yes other people are real (i think),
  3. @Jonson It came from a good heart, don't worry friend. <3 However I'd recommend to try to not operate out of too much feeling arguments for this world. I think alot of people have a misguided sense of empathy today, to what can be called charismatic megafauna. They've never considered or been out in the real wild for any significant period of time, never understood that suffering truly is abundant in nature, and felt the brute instincts for personal survival.
  4. I hate insects like nothing out of this world, but I still kill them off fast, It hurts my soul to see it's suffering when i like spray it with some shit. I don't really appreciate the clickbait though for a fucking rat, I thought at first this was ur dog which maybe would make bit more sense .
  5. I also thought about tattooing these sentiments into my skin, because I love it, use motivation from negative feelings but realise that it's fleeting and meant to pass, and to stay in this for the long run with positive vision and optimism. And love. Not the hashtags though in the tattoo, to be clear.
  6. I like this harsh perspective. Although, I think sometimes it's not the most strategically wise to burn the boats and jump head first in the water. Yes, don't just forever sail in pathetically easy shallow waters, but also, don't pathetically arrogantly sail out into open sea with a shitty little wooden sailing boat, and expect anything else then crushing ruthless waves actualizing your watery death. Lately I used this metaphor of the captain of a ship. I like it alot . I'll even throw in a shitty fucking image i drew 2 days ago out of a moment of inspiration .
  8. Btw, don't be a sheeple. RSD has had some legit internal integrity issues, but I primarily see that the agents responsible for this are within higher-ups management.
  9. @Ibn Sina This attempt of humour was not very apparent to me . I just dislike arrogance so much, I truly love self confidence but if it is balanced with humbleness. I have no wish to be in a state of conflict, although I don't mind it to face it at all, like if i feel something isn't right, but yeah. Peace with your life, fellow consciousness.
  10. RSD. Not raising them to the skies, not degrading their content. They've been a Greatly positive element in my development to constructing my own understanding of the world. Granted, I don't hang out in their forums and such, ever ... But there is some truly invaluable information pieces of gold they've managed to hack out .
  11. Love ketogenic diet. Been on it for soon 5 years, with of course periods of cheating, ranging from months to weeks. Love it so much .
  12. @MarkusSweden I feel resonance with this. "I" need to feel that im not just fucking pathetically operating through someone else's feelgood agenda, that it's me that rationally and with awareness chose, to begin to perhaps accept a perspective where I start dismantling myself, or the illusion of separation. If this makes any sense.. Like I need to understand and feel like i "checked" out the marks of logical concepts, so we are in holistic coherence. Which is why I appreciated leo's video on infinity lately, that he helped to put these mind objections to rest. And no, they aren't now sleeping forever and will never be, I will never stop to apply critical thinking. But i think life is a constant journey, back and forth back and forth. Isn't this maybe an element of excitement and wonder in this reality too . Imagine if we mapped out everything already . Hm . I think there is a point in maintaining a healthy "ego", while still growing and having the spiritual sides as support . Yin, yang.
  13. @Talkawuer Happy to be able to mold another locational field of consciousness a little. If you'd like, share whatever notes and whatever gold you managed to hack out, there is never such a thing as a perspective too many . Love
  14. Just my quick cents. I would authentically love to be vegan, if I believed it was the healthy design for our body. Even if I love meat. I've cut out many other things I love for health reasons. I'd actually love to live with the perceived ego identified moral high ground of assigning how much right different life forms has to exist according to how cute they are to me. If I can emotionally empathize with how other lifeforms evolved to navigate the world like I did, through human emotion, subconscious instincts. Not to say, that the operation of the current industry isn't a travesty. Turns out I feel the most healthy on a ketogenic diet. Peace yall
  15. @Michael569 Cool. Can respect that perspective. While I feel i don't really need fruits personally, I'll probably read up a little more on this sugar in fruits and how the encapsulation and such works . Now, I still wouldn't say you can eat as much fruit as you'd like .... but, you know, if it works for you, then sure friend.