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  1. Damn. Procrastination is a choice. You choose to do it rather than working for example. Sometimes we don't even know we make that choice. That is when awareness can be helpful.
  2. There are many methods out there, you just have to find one that resonates with you. I don't know how it is in Iraq. If it is a lot of memorising, there are apps that can help you with it (like Anki). You've got this!
  3. Wait until you find out he is also anti-you Humans in general are pretty deceiving, they play this game which they don't even know they are playing. While dogs, lions or hedgehogs for example are way less deceiving. They don't make good tiramisu tho.
  4. Learn about learning. Find others who have the grades you want and see how they did it. If you have to, pay people to teach you. Not the school subject but how to learn. Get books on learning. This will also be very useful for you later in life.
  5. Yep, living in a room with 6 other people will likely have an effect on your masturbation. Other things which will have an effect is having other stuff to do. Keeping yourself busy so that you have no time to scroll on your browser.
  6. No talking bad about others, no gossip. Even though I don't have a list, it's more of a vibe or feeling. Low conscious behaviour as a whole.
  7. This is a very personal question, just like everyone defines their friendships different and does different activities. In general you spend time being in mutual empathic attention, which will produce comfort, pleasure and harmony and leads to attachment. You could spend time together in a cafe/restaurant, going for a walk, meeting friends, any other activity you both enjoy or just visit each other. Of course don't forget to yell at each other and be resentful and hurt, that will be the cherry on top
  8. I don't know. The point isn't to get rid of an Emotion. They are just the messenger. An Emotion can be seen from many different angles. And your perspective can certainly change. But that doesn't just come from releasing itself usually. Rather from that point on when you are releasing and feeling a certain Emotion, things might reveal themselves to you. From these realisations then you will change yourself. Examples: What does the anxiety want to tell you? What lies behind jealousy? This is when you experience real Growth and you won't be stuck in a situation you previously had problems with. And you won't be triggered anymore.
  9. When you deeply feel the emotion and welcome it, you can feel an emotional release almost immediately. But yes they can come back again and again. And in different forms as well. How long are you doing it per session?
  10. If that is a question I invite you to have a chat over DMs. If not and I offended you I'm sorry. That was rude. I see how being open minded can lead to suffering and overthinking. Which in turn can be a cause of stress. I hope you had time to heal and that the positives still outweigh the negatives for you. That's the path that was laid out for you, and it made you who you are. I'm sure you experienced a lot of Growth from your experience. Love ❤️
  11. Could you be open to the perspective that there is no suffering. And that victimhood robs you of all your power?
  12. It works but many people do not have any control over their thoughts whatsoever. So how are you going to change your thoughts in order to attract something else? The situation you are in right now is precisely what your whole being wished to manifest. This is the first thing to accept and then you can start making slight modifications.
  13. Here There must be some people here who have their LP centered around creating games.
  14. Could be. I meant it more in a "my dad and me have a different thing in mind when talking about drugs"-sort of way.
  15. Interesting, I tried deep tissue massage but this I never heard of! @Optimized Life Google Sedona Method. This will really fix your issue. Check out Leos Video about it Read my thread here
  16. The problem is not the lie. This seems to be a big issue you have and a conflict between you and your dad. I would talk it out. So you don't have to feel like putting on a facade whenever the topic comes up. This also means being true to yourself. Many people have a bad understanding of drugs, they only know it in reference to things like weed, cocaine or heroin. They might lost a friend to it. Or see someone totally mess up their lives because of it (at least that's what they think). On the other hand, using substances to explore your consciousness, to get some answers or a transformation you have been looking for, is a totally different case. So have the talk with him about your intentions and whatnot and you can even talk about your trips with him, just make sure he knows you are "safe" and not going down the drain sticking needles in your arms in the alleyway. You are likely going to have to do a lot of education. But if you don't want to talk with him about this then just say you didn't take any drugs. In your mind you just make a differentiation between drugs and psychedelics. Done. Personally, I don't bring up the topic with my parents but if they ask and want to know then I would not hesitate to tell them.
  17. Just ask yourself "Who am I?" until you find your answer.
  18. Integrating the opposite of female/male energy is an important step for everyone who is looking realise their full potential. Leo has a good video about this topic as well. Masculinity vs Femininity - Psychology Of The Male & Female Mind @NoSelfSelf While everything can be either inside or outside you can practice to feel emotions in your body. That is what I did when I stumbled upon Emotional Mastery for the first time. Many people will have different body parts where they feel a specific emotion. But there are also similarities. Check out these body maps. Generally, the chest area is where I would start looking.
  19. You Should Be A God. There I said it.
  20. It helps to understand Spiral Dynamics and where those scientists are coming from. You will better gauge which criticism is coming from below and which is coming from above. Anything specific where a lot of doubt comes up?
  21. The need for acceptance/validation. You can release this basic need with the Sedona Method. I made a post about it some time ago. Integrating Emotions
  22. You could just write the curriculum and let others do the classes and administration.
  23. Can you go more into detail what you mean here? You can also DM me, I'm interested to know.
  24. Sounds like she did what Leo told you. Always ask "can I come with you?"! No seriously, good stuff man. One other key takeaway for you here should be, the way you dress and, if you recently showered or not, are really not that important. Sure, it won't hurt to smell good and be dressed for the occasion. But in reality the majority of women are by far more concerned about your energy and personality that they can sense from you than that.
  25. Life Purpose doesn't mean running your own company. It means living true to your values.