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  1. Let it go, drop your fears
  2. What do you do in your saved time? What do is your journal about? What do you mean by "after this". You mean you tell yourself its ok to quit but only after overcoming the next hurdle? The infrastructure you need is very personal and depends on your goals I guess. What do you want to achieve?
  3. What would be one thing you can do today (or this week), that would make all your other 3 goals unnecessary?
  4. Stop looking for the problems and start looking for solutions.
  5. I see it like this Animals: Unaware - Conscious Humans: Aware - Unconsious Enlightened Humans: Aware - Conscious Animals live in the "now", they are not distracted by ego or mind. BUT they are not yet conscious of themselves (aware). As animals evolved (to humans), they started to become conscious of themselves. They became selfaware. To become selfaware a mind needed to be created. The mind tells them there is an "I", which is equally to ego. With that they also got the unique experience of "time". Something that no other creature on earth had yet experienced. Humans got enslaved by this powerful new shiny tool (the mind). Trapped in ego and time. By learning to understand the mind and how it works, enlightened people can turn off the mind thus overcoming time and get back to the "now". With the simple addition of still being aware of themselves from having experienced with ego/mind. Its all about perception. I think I got that from Tolle.
  6. Why do you feel the need to change them and not accept them as they are right now? In SD no stage is better than the other. If you really want I would do some of this. Show them how unfulfilling pragmatism is. Are they interested in cars? Talk about Tesla, what your favourite green energy source is. Talk trump politics limits. Stop playing video games. Suggest psychedelic drug trips. Go to music festivals. Open up emotionally with them. Show them the similarity between relgion and science indoctrination. I dont know your friends so you will have to see what fits best. Give them this rant:
  7. Haha, you friend sounds like a funny guy. Why did he freak out? Maybe you guys can work it out. Not saying you cant get out alone and be perfectly fine. Anyways good luck next time!
  8. I feel you with the loud music, it just hurts my ears. Try ear protection and go to the areas in the club that are quiter - or outside, if you want. The thing with the cashier is, she is working. So she is actually paid to be nice to you. Now Im not saying she was ONLY nice to you BECAUSE she works there. I dont know the exact circumstances and the store where she works, so it can be whatever. I would suggest you do as she said, ask her out in a week again. Dont make it a big deal. Stay funny/cool. Dont press it too much. When you ask out a girl on the street she can go if she feels uncomfortable, the cashier can not. Just remember that. You dont want her to feel uncomfortable without an easy escape. Imagine how you would feel in that situation. How did your other interactions went on the other days/nights? How is your feeling towards women in general, like when you talk to them or afterwards?
  9. Sounds good, its normal to get distracted. Be gentle on yourself. Just let yourself think and sing and come back to observing once you notice your mind drifted away. This will happen hundreds of thousands of times. I can also recommend focusing on your breathing.
  10. Its mostly to be unreactive.
  11. Got this reaction a lot from weed. Idk I just didnt thought about it much. I think it comes from feeling cold, so make sure to put sth on or turn up the heater. Maybe take a bit less next time.
  12. Im curious, how do you go about texting/finding woman on instagram?
  13. What do you mean with "have nothing"? here is the story with the girl in the freezer: https://www.elitereaders.com/woman-trapped-in-meat-freezer-saved-in-miracle/?cn-reloaded=1
  14. Replace loneyliness with needyness and you got it straight. Like @Key Elements said. When you are detached there is so much that comes your way: -Not playing her games -Confidence -Authenticity -Unreactiveness etc.
  15. Do you know yourself? Please share your answers here.
  16. I used to play pc games quite a lot. Two things that helped me: When I was 16 I sold my computer and quit cold turkey. Best decision ever! (but got back on it ~3-4 year later) Found a life purpose Now Im just not enjoying games as much as I used to This is so sad. Alexa...
  17. I think he just wanted to distance himselfs from this philosophical viewpoint as people started to categorize actualized.org
  18. Good that you are making a plan! Start taking matters into your own hands. Dont be reactive, be active. How have your last relationships been? What is most important to you, what are other goals in your life? Try to fit everything together as best as possible. Then do it. Dont overthink it too much. You will make mistakes and learn from them. Disclaimer: I didnt read the books you mentioned.
  19. Accept the feelings you have right now. Dont try to overcome them. Embrace them fully. They want to be felt, they are there for a reason. See what they want to tell you! Then they will eventually pass.
  20. Gimme some of that inheritage haha. No srsly, without career and goals this very place wouldnt exist. Your computer wouldnt exist. With no knowledge about these things your chances of being "hold your breath" unconscious would be way higher. Why did you decide not to use your energy to elevate society?
  21. Yeah he has a whole range of videos targeting this issue. It ultimately boils down to accepting, letting go and being grateful. I would also recommend the Sedona Method for releasing negative energy in your body. Im sure youll find something on google or maybe even a mental coach who can help you with this. One video that comes to mind is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYZmK46--Mc When she doesnt want to have sex, dont go into a mental train about how bad this situation is. Instead Id recommend these thoughts: "Great, now we can have more time for meaningful communication and getting to know each other" or "Cool now I can take a nap and get up in the morning feeling energized and fresh". Whatever, just appreciate that you now have time to do even cooler stuff than having sex. Work on your life purpose or whatever you like. @MsNobody Great read! What would you say does it mean when a girl doesnt look me in the eyes during sex? Haha.
  22. Give yourself the market value you want, other people will follow
  23. Lucky you, even less carbohydrates You can eat all the veggies and fruits you want. Nuts. Meat. Eggs. The only thing you really miss is bread, pizza and pasta with wheat. But if you like to have bread, pizza or pasta from time to time you can still get the gluten free version.
  24. Here is were it all starts. You have expectations and these expectations are not in line with reality. These are always relationship issues. Everyone has them and at the core they are all more or less the same. There is something inside of you thats hurt, thats fearful. She is triggering it. Be grateful for that because she shows you directly were you can do some inner work. (Releasing, emotional work) If you dont grow in this area it will always come back to you in some form or another. You can not hide from it. Practise acceptance and letting go. A good women will trigger the shit out of you. Cherish this.