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  1. Does that mean if I (or whoever) have little vision at the moment we can't ever have good vision? How does one prevent having little vision? I am confused by what you mean.
  2. Yeah. I watched it. I can't remember but I think he is asked he just sort of goes on about he does not talk about getting through the happy times because that is easy. Does that mean he thinks times of suffering have to be the majority of the time and that time when suffering is mostly unavoidable? I don't, maybe that is the price to pay for maintaining high-levels of willpower and self discipline. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. If any of you have seen him in Podcast video, or in videos of some motivational channel. You will know more what I am talking about, If he is not lying. Which I do not think he is. This person has endured incredible suffering. He is inflicted a lot of suffering in the form of psychical pain upon himself through exercise to complete a task, for the sake of getting better. He still seems to being going at it, I am not sure how how he pushes himself, but I can only imagine day after day of beast mode. He is an inspiration sure, but inflicting as much suffering in the form of psychical pain day after day as he does. Is it worth it? Is this any way to live? In Leo's video on happiness. Leo put's exercise in the "Mid Tier" types of happiness. Goggins does not exercise to look more attractive. He exercises simply for the sake of getting better. He particularly seems to do a lot of exercise of the endurance type. In the video there you can get an idea of his mentality. An endless grind that never stops. ( Do not just believe me, have a look through some videos of him if you like) I wonder if he is actually happy, or is he constantly stressed that he must get better and better and better. If it does work, would it not be a rather inefficient method of maintaining a happy state? Sure he has his rest-days, but I cant imagine what it would like to be in beast mode 90% of the time. Is it miserable, or is it an enjoyable way to live?
  4. It's good for kidney stones. If you suffer from kidney stones, apple cider vinegar helps stop them forming.
  5. @Leo Gura I would also like to hear what you have to say on this.
  6. I do not know. I have not seen any videos about him. I want to know what you think about his mentality, and is it a healthy one?
  7. Interesting, I'd be interested to know who is actually funding all that, and where is revenue being generated? I mean, whats the business model? Is it government sponsored? I don't know, it just sounds odd, someone must be sponsoring it, the work you are doing seems to be like experiments.
  8. What would a stage red hero look like?
  9. Interesting question. I too would like to know the point of what we are doing, in our search for Truth. The end goal I think is to reach the most optimal state a human being can reach, the happiest a human being can be, or to transcend happiness into a state that is better than the feeling of it. We all want to feel good, and avoid suffering. (Relative and from the perspective of the human species anyway) What could be better then happiness? I just imagine happiness becoming more and more intense rather than a whole "new" feeling that feels different from happiness and better than it. Is that the goal of this work? I know I am being pragmatic here but, what would be the point in Enlightenment if it would cause suffering (which, from what I have read from others on this forum, is quite the opposite of what you feel once Enlightened.)
  10. Congratulations! I am so glad to hear. It's good to see you've gotten a job in something your actually interested in, and not just be some white collar worker doing mundane shit for hours on end. The next 80 years are going to be interesting, imagine how far 3d printing is going to advance in just 15-20 years, and your at the cutting edge pretty much. Not exactly sure if am right, but according to the job title. "CREW ENGINEER & 3D PRINTING OFFICER " The officer to me implies it's a senior position. At least in terms in running anything to do with 3d printing operation. Man, your gonna make so much cool shit. Can wait till the day you can start being able to print cyborg parts to extend lifespan. I dont know I pray things will go well for you.
  11. You could see a doctor. Report your symptoms to him. Get an examination done. I do not know. It could be a disease. If it has been effecting you for a while and causing you suffering, I would get it checked out. I do not know what you feel, but, if I was in your position, perhaps I would see a doctor and keep a skeptical and open-minded mindset to whatever he says. You have to do something. I find disallowing yourself to fidget around and be mindless helps in being focused. Do not pick at finger nails, scratch skin, pick at spots in a mindless dopamine seeking behaviour way.
  12. Yes. It tends to happen on a bigger time scale. I would be more conscious for months but then I would regress back down. I am in the regression phase again and coming out of it. No so much about the part of thinking that spirituality is just all bullshit and delusions. To accept that, is edging towards getting lulled back to sleep by mainstream society.
  13. BREAKING NEWS: FORUM WARS - STAGE ORANGE HERETIC PURGED I always think perma-ban in games and forums is always a bit harsh. I suppose he can just make a new account through a new browser so there really is no point in a temp ban.
  14. I am 16 now. 17 in November. This is OLD. Holy shit. Where did the time go? Kind of wish I could go back in time to 14 years old again. I have not had a running or meditation routine in so long. I could of experienced more growth if I kept up my meditation and running habit, as well as compounding those habits into more positive routine practices. At some point, I fell into some of the usual traps at that age of 14-16. Obsessing to much over getting girls, playing to many video games. Luckily I have not been lulled back to sleep . I still realize there is greater purpose for me. Whats with answering threads that are like two years old? I have seen a good few people do it and I do not know why. Thank you anyway. It was a reminder of how fast time goes by me mindlessly. Thank you so much. Soulbass and SFRL
  15. How much running is enough to maintain good heart health etc. I currently do 15 minutes of hard running (Daily) , I am slowly building up to 30 minutes.
  16. I am happy to hear! May you continue to be blessed in finding peace in your Journey. By skimming through the Mars Academy it appears to some form of un-orthodox private school of some sort of mixture of orange and green.
  17. A combination of looks and status seems to be the priority combination. In my area, that is the case, anyone who is in the company is dating a hot girl is involved in sports, often tall (not always), and good-looking, or at least, if there face is average or below, there body is well built and appear to be 140-160lbs. There really is not any "hard" boys in my school. There is one I can think and he himself is pretty friendly. I have seen footage of beating the crap out of someone. Fights are not all that common. He is good looking and tall.There are other thug types , but they are unattractive, and of a smaller frame. I rarely seem them around and do not know much about them. Then are rugby lads, generally good-looking(Not always) and tall(Always), and have more mass(Always) than the average person in my school 130-160lbs. (People weigh less here than in america on average).
  18. I do not understand what is meant here. I am just trying to understand the different perspectives. I would not call myself red-pill, even though from my current understanding in things is that looks do have some significance. As they are basically the first raw-date accessible to a person most often. You see a person for the first time, before you hear ,smell, or you are within distance for the person to make contact. I do not say what I say with certainty. I do not know. It is just food for thought
  19. The question of how we all should live together is a complex question. How do get rid of the system/s that currently control how we live together is also a complex question. This is a problem. I intuit that, as a collective, humans suffer needlessly, and everyone could live significantly happier if a system was in place that made so. There is so much suffering in the world that could be stopped if the right external governing infrastructure was in place, that would encourage turning inwards rather than turning outwards. The unhealthy over indulgence of the Tier 1 stages perhaps has caused a toxic melting pot. So what exactly are we dealing with when we consider trying to change the world? The complexity is frustrating -The Human Species -7 Billion People -300,000+ Babies born daily -Different Languages -Finite Resources -Advanced Technology -Highly Ideological Factions/Groups(Corrupt) -The Apex Hierarchys' in control of Powerful Military's, Police Forces, and Secret Police with the ability to enact Conscription. -Capitalism backed by Apex Hierarchies. -Varied Human Behaviour Archetypes. -Hierarchys within Hierarchys. -The Internet. -Indoctrination Systems backed by Apex Hierarchys. Some worse than others. (The Education System) -Tier 1 thinking dominated It's a mind-fuck. It's a mess. It's just much easier to join an existing system and/or ideology rather than make a new one that is better. It is exceedingly complex, it is much easier to align with an existing ideology and take action through that existing system. Where is the innovation?! It is a possibility with Spiral Dynamics(and perhaps there are other similar models) that we have some sort of tool to at least help construct a new world. A big problem is trying to get the masses involved. Looking around me and observing others at school. It seem no-one my age gives a fuck about politics. They are concerned with Status, Sex, Partying and drinking. Its ludicrous. There is a huge lack of big picture and long-term thinking. How do you convince the masses to get on board with the self-actualization process, so we have a populace we can actually work with to take action in creating a better way of co-operative living? At the moment , there is to few people to make a difference. Can you imagine trying to preach spiral dynamics to a crowd? No one would listen, I doubt it, except perhaps a few intellectuals. Not the majority. We need to get the majority on board with Self-Actualization, How do we make a mass paradigm shift so people ascend up the stages instead of staying where they are, or regressing? How do we get them on board with self-actualization? It seems impossible.
  20. There are 5 senses of which we can pick up raw data. Attraction must, at some point have to come through the sense right. Let us cut the finger pointing out and get to the root of things. In complaining, there is nothing for you, me , or anybody. If we take a systemic approach to solving the problem of "How do I get laid" If you your were blind, deaf, could not smell, could not taste, could not feel, how could you form an attraction for another person? You could not. So on that basis. Let us examine the senses. There are 5 senses. Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, Touch. How can you use each of the senses to get the opposite sex attracted to you. Sight:Looks, Body Language Hearing: Tone of Voice, Stuff you say Smell: The smell emitting from your body, and from your breath Taste: (Your sense of taste has little to do in attracting the opposite sex). Maybe you can someone a free cookie? Touch: Breaking the Touch Barrier. What a women perceives as your personality HAS to go through the sense of her hearing. She has to hear something you say, perhaps an opinion you have expressed, to get an idea of your personality. Although. I have heard. People judge stuff about you subconsciously before you have even said a word. How? Through the sense of sight! How could a women judge you, if she has literally has no data about you before you have even said a word, or got close distance where she can smell you or the man can touch her. She cant. There is zero information to judge with. No data to work with to form judgement. I find this interesting that some people seem to highly discredit the importance of the sense of sight in attraction. I think MGTOW take it to far the other end of the spectrum and credit the sense of sight in attraction to much. From I have observed in my life. In my secondary school. The hot girls, are with the hot guys. Guys with unattractive faces, are not with the hot girls. I do no think this is enough information however to draw a conclusion. That is just my high-school. What do you think Etagnwo. You seem convinced of one right answer.
  21. Hey. Tom Daniel P. I also share your same interests. I would not mind working together and talking about this in detail. I do not know to where I would really start where in I would actually be making progress in attaining high amounts of political power.
  22. A toast to Leo!