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  1. Leo is a fool for calling ALL of these great masters fools. Like, seriously, think about it. These are some of the most exceptional human beings to ever live. They are brilliant, passionate, dedicated people with full open hearts and have put lifetimes of work into their practices, far far beyond what Leo has ever done. They have unraveled the self down to its microscopic core, and found there what cannot be spoken of. Leo does a lot of speaking, but never addresses how what he calls "advanced" is just another rat race, just another seeking for MORE MORE MORE, and a total denial of the actual work required to release the suffering and separation that fabricates this human condition. He hand waves the entire spiritual journey, simply saying he's "superior". This is patently ridiculous, and no matter how much you want to believe him (because our egos love a narcissist--we are desperate to think someone else KNOWS what is up because we sure as hell don't), it doesn't change the fact that it is absurd to deny thousands of years of wisdom. All you really need to do is look at Leo and look at someone like Adyashanti, and ask yourself who you'd rather be. Leo is contracted, angry, hateful, spiteful, jealous, arrogant, and frankly an asshole. He talks a lot about Love but displays very little of it, for others or for himself. He glorifies the conceptual maze in practice--an implicit hypocrisy of the highest magnitude. If you love Leo, you're just lost in ego, I'm sorry. Live where you fear to live. I hope you find the way out.
  2. Remind you of anyone?
  3. Leo has reified "states" of consciousness because it allows him to make psychedelics the king kong method, which in turn positions him as the top mostest AWAKE guru in the world. He loves this, especially since deep down he knows he couldn't do it without them, and is insanely jealous of those that have. So, to make himself feel better, he really really needs to be this top guru guy. As long as you want to learn FROM him, he's your best friend. But criticize him, or point out his self-deception, and you're the asshole. I think it's pretty damn obvious though.
  4. Judging by Leo, yes, there is danger
  5. This comes down to right brain / left brain split. AI currently essentially works like our left brain. The right understands wholes, intuition, the implicit, metaphor, imagination, embodied experience, etc. Without the right side, all you have is conceptual mania without grounding in reality or any real understanding. Concepts that exist only in relation to each other (Derrida style) are ultimately meaningless schizophrenia. AI is a lot like this right now, though I don't fully understand whether the way it can "perceive" inputs like video and audio can ultimately lead to a more right-brain understanding. Still, without touch and taste and the embodiment of emotion, I don't think it will become anything like us anytime soon.
  6. They ban the curious and open-minded ones...