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  1. @Roy yes can u permenently ban my account
  2. @Roy is there a way to change my name
  3. @Carl-Richard what u type look like philosophy wisdom . So it is not from philosophy?
  4. @Carl-Richard @Carl-Richard Who are the top 5 greatest philosophers to ever lived
  5. Leo is a Self Improvement Pimp
  6. solipsissm is an ancient ideology. it was put in its place in ancient times. now with new age movement , it is coming to life
  7. if everything is an illusion , then a solipsisst need to survive without taking food and water.
  8. Wdym by this
  9. @thepixelmonk isint scientology a cult
  10. Now i am a poor man who is broke. How can i be financially good and settle down within 10 years
  11. By homies i mean friends
  12. I need some homies IRL with whom i can chill and hangout . i need some homies who will be loyal to me. How do i get some homies.
  13. @Leo Gura but i heard somewhere that sages who got enlightened are coral
  14. If someone reach nirvikalpaka samadhi or nirvana , are they in stage coral
  15. @Joseph Maynor so when someone reach nirvana or nirvikapaka samadhi, are they in coral