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  1. I have been guilty of this.
  2. ...is 4-ho-met Psilocin ?
  3. ....would you mind elaborating?
  4. Go low & slow! my 5meodmt motto!
  5. Tickle my pineal gland? Massage my consciousness ? Climb Maslow's hierarchy of needs?
  6. This for me was the path to curing my depressive states. IMO best for releasing trauma....5-meo-dmt & a qualified behaviorist savvy w/ 5meo for the integration.
  7. Agreed!!! I would like to add having access to land where you can live, be FREE & grow food!
  8. This is a conversation that needs to be had cybn mnmd why down??
  9. https://www.pureencapsulationspro.com/essential-aminos.html I would go with these, next level branch chain aminos
  10. Hello, Which analog of LSD would you recommend if one seeks "ego dissolution"? much appreciated R
  11. Having too many different cartridges & not labelling them Going in with a negative &/or fearful mindframe Not fully integrating the previous journey Not physically preparing myself : empty stomach before journey, good nights rest, no thc night before journey, meditate before taking anything and preparing your mind/psyche to surrender.
  12. Vape pen imo is a must when doing research with 5meo. Ideally I would love to do 5meo Intramuscularly, seems to even extend the journey even more!!
  13. Awesome Arthogan, Have you read rays' bread & depth research? Your description reminds me exactly of Rays' work & how he describes the substances working together synergistically. (Lsd is like a trampoline into 5meo space) (5meo enters the mindspace the LSD is just far in the background)
  14. This will explain in detail why this combo is so "effective" https://transformpress.com/breadth-and-depth/ You must know YOUR biochemical individuality. For me I have found: night before light dinner wake up 6am empty stomach 500mg-1g psilocybin 45min-hr later 10-20 mg of 5meodmt. VAPED (20mg for me is HIGH range) Hold those vapes at least for a full 10 sec., last Vape hold till slightly uncomfortable. These sequence is only done once. If you have not reached "consciousness unification/ego dissolution" play with the variables. Add 5meo later? use less, use more? set & setting to your comfort? Mind frame going in all love & light or is there angst, anxiety, etc, Music? sound bowls? are you in nature or are you surrounded by four walls in a studio apt? (not judging or criticizing here its just that it is an extremely soul crushing environment) I welcome all conversation (constructive criticism), I am here to learn just as you all R
  15. like star wars SITH?