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  1. What is the procedure? nnDMT first? or harmaline first? I am one with 5meo, Never a negative journey, nothing but 2 long lost friends. NN-DMT. This is challenging for me. Anxiousness & a tad bit of fear come up. Fractals, machine elves, clown world, fun house vibes. Just pure negative chaos in the beginning. Can anyone explain why every journey is this way???? Prep. Setting. mind frame goin in. Mental/physical health ......on point. Anyone else subscribe to the theory that we accelerated as HUMANS through "Annunaki" tinkering with our DNA? My theory: What ever "annunaki" did to us, NN-DMT triggers which results in certain people only having ....fractal, machine elf, fun house journeys.
  2. This is the most farthest thing from the truth! They will lie, cheat & steal!! MAYBE a hundred years ago they were more honorable!
  3. I usually do 2 rounds, 2nd round a higher dose. I am starting to notice if I have a very good 2nd journey, my 3rd is lackluster....like my brain "blew its load".
  4. ....could you elaborate what you mean by "out of touch with material life"?
  5. this resonates with me! I always felt like a "conscious /energy being" in a human body experiencing planet earth
  6. Let's discuss!! The young guys videos explains it all so well!!
  7. Right here. Cortisol, adrenaline, all from a Physical state triggering your "fight/flight" response. Not the ideal "set & setting" & loving intentions to go dance with 5meo. Live & learn
  8. Hello All, Seeking thoughts/opinion’s on acacia & changa. Thanx R
  9. Hello All, Dipping my toe in the pool of Salvia next week. R
  10. ...is 4-ho-met Psilocin ?
  11. ....would you mind elaborating?
  12. Go low & slow! my 5meodmt motto!
  13. Tickle my pineal gland? Massage my consciousness ? Climb Maslow's hierarchy of needs?
  14. This for me was the path to curing my depressive states. IMO best for releasing trauma....5-meo-dmt & a qualified behaviorist savvy w/ 5meo for the integration.