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  1. Too much to pick from... where to even start... MOZART, OF COURSE! If you don't listen to Mozart at least once a week, what are you even doing with your life? Now that we've established the #1 GOAT, here's some honorable mentions One for the lolz
  2. Mind elaborating? Or is that beneath you, thy holiness? I'm all ears.
  3. @NoSelfSelf I just get real keyboard warrior arrogant know-it-all vibes from you, like you're taking out your frustration of being bullied in gradeschool out on struggling people and calling it "tough love". I'm not saying there's no place for tough love, but you've shown no signs of being capable of any other kind of love. You just seem like a cold and jaded person. P.S. How come you can't write a single sentence without a typo? And what's with all the '...'? Are you intentionally trying to come off as a dick all the time, or are you just blind to how people perceive you? Why should anyone accept "tough love" from a guy who can't write a grammatically correct sentence to save his life?
  4. @NoSelfSelf And you do that with personal attacks? Anyone who doesn't have the right opinion gets called an idiot or a creep? Do you behave like this in real life or just on the internet where you don't have to worry about being slapped?
  5. @NoSelfSelf Not really a good look for this place when a mod has a fetish for verbally humiliating people trying to improve their lives even if the way they're doing it is a bit silly
  6. She sounds a lot like my brothers ex... Did your GF have a very absent father by chance?
  7. Damn, I've been eating Lindt for years... Thanks for sharing
  8. @NoSelfSelf I don't think you got what I was asking
  9. Funny, it's the exact opposite for me. There's endless of ways to have fun in a lucid dream, I'm just talking about one of those ways in the context of being in a monogamous relationship. Me too, but don't you think it's reasonable to assume that it would make a lot of women suspicious since you could do quite literally anything you can imagine in a lucid dream, and you choose sex, when you have each other for that? Don't get me wrong, I'm with you, I'm just trying to steelman an opposing view that has yet to voice its opinion here.
  10. Most likely yes, if you cum in a dream, you cum in your bed. I agree, however, don't you think there's a chance you'd feel a little jealous/threatened/inadequate if your partner was having mind blowing orgies with the most beautiful people imaginable in some divine monastery in the Himalayan mountains, experiencing sexual ecstasy pretty much no single person could compete with?
  11. When I first took shrooms when I was 18, before that I was the standard materialist atheist who believed I was the result of evolution and that I was the one sperm that was chosen by the egg. As I was looking out at the clear night sky with my best friend who was also on shrooms, I caught a glimpse of infinity, I realized it had always been right there, closer than right under my nose, I just didn't have the eyes to see it, my mind had been too analytical and zoomed in on the details, everything appeared separate. I started thinking about how I really came into being, I started thinking about how unlikely I was THE sperm that was chosen, and how unlikely my parents were both THE sperm that were chosen, and that they met despite being born in separate countries, and the same for their parents, and their parents for millions or over a billion years, I realized that if my paradigm was the right one, I won a 1 in infinity jackpot, and I realized the chances of my paradigm being correct is 1 in infinity, so there was a radical deconstruction of my entire worldview, I was now neck-deep in the unknown.
  12. How would you feel on a scale of 1-10 (1 being nothing like cheating, 10 being just as bad as cheating) if your partner sometimes had sex while they are lucid dreaming? Why or why not? This is assuming they don't do it often enough that it starts interfering with the sex life in the relationship, nor is it the only thing they do with their lucid dreams, thus not being an unhealthy obsession of some sort. For those who don't know, lucid dreaming is the phenomenon of waking up to the fact you are dreaming and being able to consciously control what you dream up.
  13. Found this gem on Youtube, he focuses mostly on purpose / passion driven business and human potential through philosophy, neuroscience and mysticism. He's also talked about his experience with magic mushrooms and in one of his videos (i forgot which) he mentions Leo Gura / (Hey if you're reading this! )