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  1. Thanks a lot for the reply. Yes, I agree, I feel you a are pretty direct person ahah. Although I was surprised as it’s not actual “Radical Honesty”, but more I statements, a structured way to express yourself etc… for some aspects, it I almost feel it’s a more polite or and gimmicky way to express yourself than actual unstructured “un-radical honesty” expression. Yup, I see your point. Thanks for replying.
  2. Hi Leo, I know that you highly recommended the Radical Honesty practice by Blanton; I personally started it and it’s pretty cool. I was wondering why you’re not sticking with it in the way you speak in the forum/videos (saying stuff like “I immagine X; I resent you for X…). I’d appreciate if you could share your thoughts on this. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I’m looking for a synthesis of the Radical Honesty practice by Blanton. In particular I would only want the "How To", just how to practice (not the theory). I'd appreciate if someone could help me out on this. Ps: I have the book, the audiobook, but I'm lazy to do a synthesis and I'm sure there a good sythnesis in the internet.
  4. @Leo Gura @Girzo @Consilience @lmfao@Yali @acidgoofy @Jodistrict Thanks a lot you all for the Infos, I appreciate it! @Jodistrict I see, that's really eye-opening, I was in fact surprised by the fact that I couldn't find him talking about psychedelics directly. Tough again it would be reeeaaally interesting to have his Point of view on it, both for his experience and his "algorithmic" appraoch. Thanks mate :)!
  5. Hi, I was making research on Shinzen Young and I've stumbled upon the fact that he's a student of shamanism and he probably did some ayahuasca or Pedro... do you got any other pieces of information? I would be interested in seeing his point of view on the matter, thanks! Here's the article I've found the info on https://openheartopenheart.blogspot.com/2020/02/why-do-buddhists-turn-to-shamanism.html Thanks!
  6. Hi, I'm doing research in general on Enlightenment and Psychedelics. I'm looking here for people who did a lot of psychedelics, not just a few. Here's my list so far: - Martin Ball - Leo - CARLOS CASTENADA - DR. STANISLOV GROF - JAMES OROC - Dennis McKenna - Mckenna (definitely not enlightened though) - Shamans (yet I don't know the top shaman's name) Who are the top enlightened psychonaut you know? Thanks!
  7. @Nahm Thanks for the answer, again I understand your point of view and argument yet having the point of view of these teachers will still help me to do my research more broadly. One doesn't exclude the other, even if they are critical. So if you have some suggestions I will glad if you could share it with me, thanks!
  8. @acidgoofy Thanks! @Javfly33 Yup, yet I'm sure that there are many out there that support it, that's what I'm after :))
  9. Thanks for the reply Leo, I appreciate it :). I'm not looking for approval as much as I'm looking for a "confirmation" that psychedelics are "double checked" by expert/master of spirituality. Again I get what you are saying, but I'm just being prudent / making my research here.
  10. Hi! I'm looking for a list of affirmed teachers, both nondual or traditional, that say that they support the use of Psychedelics. Like Mooji seems ok with psychedelics whereas S.N Goenka seems opposed to them. I would love to have point of view of people that come from a "traditional" spiritual background and that they find psychedelics really helping the path towards enlightemnets. Thanks!
  11. Hi! I'm looking for some Community/Group based in London that focuses on pickup (ideally that have a forum or a telegram group). Can you guys help m out :)? Many thanks!
  12. HOW TO GET LAIDDD.... LET'S GOOOOOO! <3 Thanks for your work
  13. Hi Leo, I was wandering if you’re working and releasing some kind of big project (course/book etc...) in 2020 or 2021. Thanks
  14. @Carl-Richard @Username @WaveInTheOcean @Peo @The Lucid Dreamer I see thanks for the advise! I think I'll go with LSD micro dose on like Monday and then next monday I'' go for a light dose. Thanks a lot! @dimitri Thanks for the advise! I was actually looking for a trip sitter: do you know some way to find one? I live in Rome, Italy: do you know how could I find one here? Thanks