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  1. Hi, I’m looking for a synthesis of the Radical Honesty practice by Blanton. In particular I would only want the "How To", just how to practice (not the theory). I'd appreciate if someone could help me out on this. Ps: I have the book, the audiobook, but I'm lazy to do a synthesis and I'm sure there a good sythnesis in the internet.
  2. Thanks a lot for the reply. Yes, I agree, I feel you a are pretty direct person ahah. Although I was surprised as it’s not actual “Radical Honesty”, but more I statements, a structured way to express yourself etc… for some aspects, it I almost feel it’s a more polite or and gimmicky way to express yourself than actual unstructured “un-radical honesty” expression. Yup, I see your point. Thanks for replying.
  3. Hi Leo, I know that you highly recommended the Radical Honesty practice by Blanton; I personally started it and it’s pretty cool. I was wondering why you’re not sticking with it in the way you speak in the forum/videos (saying stuff like “I immagine X; I resent you for X…). I’d appreciate if you could share your thoughts on this. Thanks!
  4. I thought that it will be interesting to see vision boards of different people, and maybe even their evolutions through time This is my Vision Board of 2016! I will update it in 2-3 months (it will be really different since I've had lots of insight regarding my life purpose). So yeah, share your vision board here!
  5. Hey Everyone... What an amazing forum and amazing people I'm so exited to be an active user of the site! But "let's crack into it": I would love to create some kind of meet up community, for sees each other sometimes (I hope that I'm not breaking any guideline). I live in Italy actually haha, but that's why I want so much to meet some open minded people that look for self actualisation... It will be so amazing to share some word phisically with some open people because -modesty aside- we are so rare! So my question is: there is anyone in this forum that lives or stay in Milan? I don't have any intentions to speak italian. Why? Coz I seek self actualisation and I want to improve my english ahah Let me know guys :)) Thank you SO MUCH Leo, this forum means a lot for me.
  6. Hi! I'm looking for a list of affirmed teachers, both nondual or traditional, that say that they support the use of Psychedelics. Like Mooji seems ok with psychedelics whereas S.N Goenka seems opposed to them. I would love to have point of view of people that come from a "traditional" spiritual background and that they find psychedelics really helping the path towards enlightemnets. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I'm doing research in general on Enlightenment and Psychedelics. I'm looking here for people who did a lot of psychedelics, not just a few. Here's my list so far: - Martin Ball - Leo - CARLOS CASTENADA - DR. STANISLOV GROF - JAMES OROC - Dennis McKenna - Mckenna (definitely not enlightened though) - Shamans (yet I don't know the top shaman's name) Who are the top enlightened psychonaut you know? Thanks!
  8. Hi, I was making research on Shinzen Young and I've stumbled upon the fact that he's a student of shamanism and he probably did some ayahuasca or Pedro... do you got any other pieces of information? I would be interested in seeing his point of view on the matter, thanks! Here's the article I've found the info on https://openheartopenheart.blogspot.com/2020/02/why-do-buddhists-turn-to-shamanism.html Thanks!
  9. @Leo Gura @Girzo @Consilience @lmfao@Yali @acidgoofy @Jodistrict Thanks a lot you all for the Infos, I appreciate it! @Jodistrict I see, that's really eye-opening, I was in fact surprised by the fact that I couldn't find him talking about psychedelics directly. Tough again it would be reeeaaally interesting to have his Point of view on it, both for his experience and his "algorithmic" appraoch. Thanks mate :)!
  10. @Nahm Thanks for the answer, again I understand your point of view and argument yet having the point of view of these teachers will still help me to do my research more broadly. One doesn't exclude the other, even if they are critical. So if you have some suggestions I will glad if you could share it with me, thanks!
  11. @acidgoofy Thanks! @Javfly33 Yup, yet I'm sure that there are many out there that support it, that's what I'm after :))
  12. Thanks for the reply Leo, I appreciate it :). I'm not looking for approval as much as I'm looking for a "confirmation" that psychedelics are "double checked" by expert/master of spirituality. Again I get what you are saying, but I'm just being prudent / making my research here.
  13. Hi! I'm looking for some Community/Group based in London that focuses on pickup (ideally that have a forum or a telegram group). Can you guys help m out :)? Many thanks!
  14. HOW TO GET LAIDDD.... LET'S GOOOOOO! <3 Thanks for your work
  15. Hi Leo, I was wandering if you’re working and releasing some kind of big project (course/book etc...) in 2020 or 2021. Thanks
  16. Hi guys, So after a lot of patience to put my life in a balance and researches on psychedelics I finally think I'm willing to try them. So the question is: with which psychedelics should I start with? According to my researches and gut feeling LSD would be ok or even some psilocybin (ofc light dose etc... I've watched all Leo's videos). Still I wanted to have some final tips for you guys, or ideally Leo: what would be your suggestions? extra tips? prayers for me :P? Thanks!
  17. @Carl-Richard @Username @WaveInTheOcean @Peo @The Lucid Dreamer I see thanks for the advise! I think I'll go with LSD micro dose on like Monday and then next monday I'' go for a light dose. Thanks a lot! @dimitri Thanks for the advise! I was actually looking for a trip sitter: do you know some way to find one? I live in Rome, Italy: do you know how could I find one here? Thanks
  18. Hi, here's a question that I have regarding the new video: Why if god is perfect it has to “expand” into “lower” things, like “evil” or “mind” and then make it realize that it’s god? “Because it’s infinite so infinite it’s everything, even “lower” things. And because when evil/things realize that it’s good it’s the best thing ever / pure love". Ok but still wouldn’t be better to just be the infinite good and, in some way, improve the infinite good? What I’m trying to say it’s simply: if x is perfect, what anything else has to happen? Anything else from x is imperfect. And yes that it’s from a non - non-dual mind/pov, that distinguish perfect from imperfect, god from ego or god from non enlightened things but still: 1) isn’t that *actually* not perfect?, like having an “evil”, isn’t that *actually* bad? Or at least dumb or "less cool", because if god could just be perfect, and perfection don’t need other things, why do it has to add other things? Like God = perfection. There's nothing you can add to this equation to make it better. 2) Why can’t perfect just become more perfect and just better? like instead of expanding itself into “*actual* dumb/bad things” it could expand into "perfect perfect things"? Like god = perfection + perfection ahahah, something like this... It sounds dumb but to me it does not. 3) (but not so relevant and it doesn't really matter if it is not answered now) was that experience caused from a substance or from "normal" insight? No problem if you don't answer, curiosity it's curiosity. And I'm really exited about this new substance you've recently found that you are teasing us with. Thanks for your answers
  19. Check out his booklist; you might check out rsd and even rsd inner circle to find people to go out with. However follow your heart, don't be a player/"pick up guy" over a human being, it's easy to forget that when you go in these kind of groups; yet try to satisfy that need. Good luck Here's another thing: go for clubs: you just have to dance (which is funny when you get over the insecurity aspect of dancing in front of people) and girls are way more open to this, in general. Do stuff you like will help. You want to have a night out and dance? do it, and then you can meet some girl, plus they will see that you were out for the fun, which is pretty good
  20. I’m a 23 year old budding filmmaker and meditation junkie. Currently I’ve really struggled with my procrastination and I want to improve my productivity. In particular here are my 3 goals: 1) Spending 1h30min maximum per day at procrastination (Youtube, Facebook, Playing Games…). (Habit). 2) Waking up everyday around 7:30-9 and going to bed around 22-00, expect one day per week. (Habit). 3) Meditate everyday more than 1h (I constantly do it since 2 years, but it still rarely happened that I slack off). (Habit) 4) Finish a short video project before the begging of September. (Goal) Having someone support me and that I can help to reach his goals might be a good idea. Plus in order to stick to those goals I made a Commitment with stakes on Stickk(dot)com for each of this goals (if I break the commitment I will be charged money). Here’s the person I’m looking for: I’m looking for a male partner, motivated, disciplined; someone who know how to support another’s goals. Another important thing is that we have similar goals/habits, like productivity and non-procrastination habits. I have plenty of tips and tricks on those because I’ve already work on them a lot. Even meditation/mindfulness commitments are welcome, I definitely can help you there, however I would prefer to have someone that it’s already experienced with those. If you have done a Vipassana retreat we probably would get along :). Here’s how I think it could be a good way to keep us on track: Having a support system and “smart way” to keep us on track is well and good, but in the end of the day what matter it’s being honest with ourself and see reality as it actually is with our own eyes, so we really have to be self honest. Everyday we simply have to answer a question: “Did I keep my commitment today?” with a yes or a no. The answer would be send on a chat (what’s app/telegram…). The other person don’t have to answer and can even not check the answer for some days, but at least for me it’s important at the end of the day to do this self check and review what I did. If the answer is no, at least for my case, you should control that I am actually charged from breaking my commitment on the Stickk Website. This is how I think the “accountability relationship” should work, however I’m open to any kind of modification and adapt to the way you would prefer to be supported. PM or comment if you want to make this real A little more about me: I’m a 22 almost 23 year old male. Finished my university in Media Studies on January and started a master degree on Filmmaking; left my master degree on May because I think I can work better on movies by myself than being in a not so good university. Last 2 years I’ve really struggled with an internet addiction (playing games and Youtube). I meditate daily around 1h since 4 years now, did 2 10-day-meditation retreat. I'm into personal development and have already some good productivity habits in place like doing to-do list for the upcoming days. I’m currently working on a short movie and want to improve my productivity.
  21. Hey guys, I was looking for great documentaries that tackles the topic of smart phone/internet addiction; so that explain which are the problems that arises for staying a lot of time in front of a phone or a pc. Something that even speak about the neurological effects, such as the release of such and such chemical while we are on the internet that wouldn’t be natural and in the long run is harmful. Let me know, thanks :))
  22. Hi Guys, I want to find some pair of shoes that are healthy. I’m looking foward to buy 3 different shoes, like one pair day to day life, one pair comfort, one pair design but still ecofriendly and not supportig huge brands. More specifically, the feature I’m looking for are: 1) help the posture/body (even they are not comfortable) 2) that are comfortable and that have material that help the body 3) that are ecofriendly/from a brand that is respectful of the environement 4) (extra) that have a good design Do you have some suggestions? Let me know Cheers
  23. Hey guys, I’ve just moved to Rome and I wanted to have some direct contact with people that are interested on meditation/spirituality etc... is there anywone in this desolate land ?
  24. Hey guys, So’I’ve planned to take a 3 days solo meditation retreat. My background is 3 year of meditation with various technique (do nothing, mindfulness etc...) and a 10 day vipassana retreat. This last year i’ve consistently used the Headspace app for around 1h per day. So i wanted to use the Headspace technique on my retreat (which basically it just consist on 1) body scan 2) focusing on the movement of the body while we are breathing) Now my question is: does the Headspace technique can be used on a 6/7h per day on a 3 meditation retreat? Is this technique not too much? I would definitely answer that no, the headspace technique is really ok for a retreat of that kind. Yet, I would like to have a point of view from elder users of the headspace technique or to anyone who did an “headspace retreat”. Thanks and sorry for the terrible english