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  1. As you already know on a more or less tacite way (even if you lie to yourself, and you will probably pretend that all of this is « « « projection » » », as usu…all the time), Actualized is essentially a way to lose time within feel smart while don’t really improve yourself in any way whatsoever yet. You can't really progress in life by talking on a forum, or while wandering on the internet, or wandering in general. The biggest problem with forums is that they tend to behave like tools for instant gratification, except that this gratification concerns more fundamental, absolute and unconscious instances of the human psyche. It's not as palpable as sources of raw and atavistic desires that can be identified like hunger or sexual desire (well... but hey, that's another subject). "But Valentin, we learn things on this forum! Like...humm..Solipsism? I've seen Leo's 2 hours video with his cute thumbnail?" Yes of course you learn some notions, fortunately lmao, but it doesn’t meant you really progressed in spirituality whatsoever, if it was really your goal, you would have had concrete companies like doing lots of internships, training, lots of reading... And you wouldn't have time to hang around here anyway(obviously, and no Schizophonia is not hypocritical, but I am also a wanker). This is why you insist on interacting with people here rather than addressing real professionals, real customers…or simply actual friends, and VIRTUALLY progress with spirituality, with women, with your self-confidence, in cooking or in any field whatsoever. In other world it's basically a hobby of some kind. No matter the pompous decoration. Let's be honest between us, as anyone here taken away something palpable from Léo Gura's latest video, a concrete primed change? Did anyone just watch his video and then say "Oh my God, thank you Leo, I had no idea that *addxsentenceofLeo" This doesn't mean that the forum is useless, but it does mean that this form of interaction with others and the world in general tends to be regressive if you want serious evolution. And I like the truth and progression. The faster the better because you see I don't have unlimited time to make money, a pleasant place in society, to find love, to get rid of my neuroses, to become stronger and put myself in a position to enjoy life to the fullest. I am not the least privileged, God gave me the chance to have the strength to progress here and there and now I am doing well, but I have been able to observe myself, in my family, close friends, random people, that you can spend your life in neurosis and failure because YOU HAVE NOT BEEN ACTIVE ENOUGH. And the more disadvantaged you are, the more you NEED TO BE ACTIVE. Now let's get to the point of this topic. I challenge a certain number of volunteer Actualizer listed below to a duel, I offer 2 types of duel depending on the subject. -For July/August 2024: Debates on Zoom, Skype, even discord, I don't care. (5 maximum) -The funniest, July/August 2025: MMA, Bare-knuckle (bare-knuckle boxing), Thai boxing or, for the most vulnerable, English boxing. For debates @Princess Arabia @Jason Actualization @RendHeaven @undeather @Michael569 @Nemra @Danioover9000 @Leo Gura @Salvijus @Jowblob @Jannes @Breakingthewall I cited these people because I see them arguing regularly depending on the subject, but I dont target anybody in particular here. Everyone can join the party. It's not even about standing up for something I believe, it's about seeing if you can: 1)To see if you have the courage to show yourself, to expose yourself. Even beyond the notion of courage, it is quite clear that exposing yourself and abandoning anonymity as much as possible is the main way to move towards greater self-esteem, on many way. 2) To see if you are really capable of defending what you are saying. Not in a twisted, intellectually dishonest way, playing with words, answering what you want to answer and the way you want to answer. This time you will be up against the wall. Or if you simply spit out what Léo, Martin ball or idk who knows else here and there ; Or you throw out your interpretation of your trip of 5 MeO DMT, MDMA or whatever. A example that comes to mind: I don't know how many times I've seen topics where the subject (challenge) was statements from an orange skeptic/scientist, and the main reaction (including from Leo) was a quick swipe under the excuse that the person concerned seemed "arrogant" or something like that. Behind that there is obviously the fear of being purely and simply incapable of defending the various antitheses concerned, in particular solipsism and the field of various typical anti-materialist ideas that we find here as a general rule. For the subjects, you just have to PM the ones you want if it gives you confidence, I don't care, the only thing that interests me in history is to have fun working during a month to try to contradict you. Examples: Politic : -If you are liberal , I will try to show you why we must increase taxes, nationalize raw materials companies, nationalize the banks, I can even play the Marxist and explain why we must nationalize everything and switch to a totally centralized and planned. -If you are a commie, I can show you why I am liberal, I can even play the strict libertarian like Rothbard. My references : Books : "Understand the empire" of Alain Soral, "The Capitalism of Seduction" and "Neo-fascism and the ideology of desire" of Michael Clouscard, Most of books of Tocqueville. -Nutrition : -If you're a vegan, I can play a carnivore. -If you're carnivore I can play the vegan. -If you're pro-HFLC I can play the pro-HCLF -If you're pro SFA I can play the pro PUFA etctec My references : "The biochemistry of Harper", Ray Peat's articles, RPF (including Haidut's and Hans's articles), Great Genereux's articles, Chris Masterjohn's videos and articles, Dr Rand McClains videos and articles, Meso Rx, Book "The Starch solution" of John McDougall, "How to not die" of Dr John McDougall, "We want to live" Of Aaujus Vonderplanits. Spirituality/philosophy : -Solipsisme / "Objective" world (?) -You're god / You're not god. -God exist / Dont -Manifestations I can play the solipsism, I can play the muslim, I can play the ultra materialist atheist skeptic... My references : Martin Ball Leo Gura and Adeptes Psychonotica's vidéos Books : "Your other life" of Franck Lopvet, "A Brief History of Everything" and "Sex, Ecology, Spirituality" of Ken Wilber, most of books of Nietzsche, "Confessions" of Saint Augustin, "Become Super Human" of Joe Dispenza, "Conversations with gods" (all the tomes) of Neale Donald Walsch, "The power of Now" of Eckhart Tolle. I cited some subject, but it could be anything that requires a certain intellectual rigor ! For fight: @Jason Actualization @RendHeaven @StarStruck @NoSelfSelf @mr_engineer @MarkKol @Majed @mmKay @bebotalk @Someone here @r0ckyreed If I'm notified of you, it's because for some reason I remember your screen name and know that you regularly talk about topics that involve being particularly masculine. But again, it's open to everyone who want bing ass-kicked lol. Either because that's who you pretend to be in one way or another, or because you want to be or need to be but can't (typically the incels one) Fight The choice of MMA is not imperative, if you really want to take risks we can even do bare-knuckle boxing for example. Vice versa, if you tremble and fart at the idea of doing a friendly amateur fight in MMA, it can also be English boxing, Thai boxing, Full contact, Jujitsu, whatever... I will probably be able to travel at least twice. We can rent an octagon (or other ring/lounge, depending on the sport) and prepare a fight in certain cities preferably in North America, South America and Europe. The legislation in France is a bit cumbersome (you have to have a local license, there's a lot of stupid paperwork...), but we can still use super octagons in the Paris region. Otherwise we can easily organize a fight in most countries of Eastern Europe (Poland, Ukraine, Russia...), Central Europe and even Scandinavia. Because you have to know how to decide in life : -London (the simplest) -Prague -Oslo -Stockholm -Warsaw -Moscow -St Petersburg I can also (and I intend as a tourist) to travel to North America. It can be (preferably) in Florida, California, or even Oregon (I know people there) I propose : -Portland -San Diego -San Francisco -Miami -Even Las Vegas If you are cat-perched on the east coast, we can also organize this in New York. Whether in the European case or in the United States, it could be other cities, these are just (in part a priori) preferences. Obviously, I'm not going to spend several thousand euros just for fights so it won't be in a random city. If MMA (or bare-knuckle), then we will do classic 15 minute fights in three rounds. Victory only by submission, TKO or KO, otherwise draw. I'll stop there, I'll modify the topic if necessary. Now PM or dunce cap
  2. When I was young, I had colds all the time to the point of having great difficulty breathing and astronomical amounts of mucus. I also had a headache very often. Everything stopped by drastically improving my diet and especially physical activity.
  3. You consume heroin ?
  4. @Salvijus and @CARDOZZO have said "I want Mistress Sidra open a OF so that I can buy photos of her feets"
  5. @Salvijus and @CARDOZZO have said "Sidra khan looks sexy and I would f*** her" I'm choked.
  6. Transexuals peoples are marginals anyway. All I've said is that I wouldn't consider sleeping with one gay.
  7. I mean, it's normal to assume things about people by default. If you want to do an Actualizers dance conquest, you will probably not notify me, you will notify peoples who talk about that here and there.
  8. ah ah, what a tigress. But joke aside, it isn’t question of lying to women to have sex with her, if it’s what you’re afraid of.
  9. Because you do a "why can't I be a winner" topic instead of actually having something to offer.
  10. It is very simple. 1)She wants to be loved, like everyone else, maybe even more because she is sweet. 2)To be loved, even if she is a woman, she must still behave at least in a phalic manner, in other words respond to the needs of others, give a feeling of power, abundance, survival. Either by : - Directly pretending to be phallic and lending it (being the hand that gives), it can be working, cooking, chatting, anything and enjoying the feeling of power (phallus) of having something to offer to someone else. -Or in the "feminine way" (men do that too according to the context), recovering the phallus by borrowing that of someone else. for example your partner cooks for you. He finds himself in the first "narcissistic" phalic position, and you simply enjoy the dish (purely libidinal position, death drive in the Lacanian paradigm) It is always ultimately a phallic position, because you admit that you have the power to be rewarded, and especially because the person in the narcissistic position takes pleasure in seeing you enjoy yourself. It's probably too imprecise and maybe partially wrong, mea culpa, but i don't want to write a novel lol and I think it's understandable. Women are not just “holes” on legs, objects. 3)She fails to adapt to reality, to respond adequately to the needs of others, because of self-esteem problems and blockages in general (because of the inheritance of the collective family unconscious, trauma...). Behaving in an ideal, “normal” way, through phalic extension will create powerful castration anxiety (fear of being amputated, destroyed, humiliated, etc), and it’s all the stronger because she’s a woman, automatically. 4)Given the blockage, it regresses towards the imagination, and in childish, prephalic beliefs, in particular anal-sadic. 5)Finally, she seems weird, because she's trying to get attention in a clumsy way because of her twisted software. Ultimately it's all about false belief, fear and regression due to stress. What seems odd is that she is “beating around the bush” (around the hole!) It's bad, because it got her banned, because people don't resonate with and even reject his imaginary delusions, the regression leads to nothing, it's just a rampart of the spectrum of psychosis against the depressive tendencies. Most likely, if she went to therapy, where we comforted her on certain points of her psyche, she would automatically behave in a much more normal and understandable way.
  11. Of course, but I'm not very strong physically, especially since I tended to abandon a bit sport and diet because of various problems. Here I still have a quite more athletic physique than average (1m82 for around 73kg), but I'm not really at amateur bodybuilding level. Ah ah why not Almost a better idea than combat actually. No problem. Btw, I'm used to staying up at night so I don't care about the schedule. I'm French so I will automatically win :pepetheskunksmile: Me neither, except for sparring here and there.
  12. No, there is no more interest, pleasure if you are sure of winning. You have to earn your nickname haha I'm not against, it's just that in my head you was mr nutrition on the forum. But if you're sportive... With someone of the forum ?
  13. I MP you, because I want ask things which would involve to reveal previous private conversations. It's not a so good thing, playing isn't so much a quick sugar, it's what we are programmed to do. That's good, this kind of post is the start of a new cycle.
  14. Too much chocolate kill the chocolate.
  15. No, I meant that what made me straight is more my attraction for the attributes that make me think of feminity than reproductive organs and "biological sexe" in general. As Andrew Tate has said "Do you prefer Megan Fox with a dick, or Hulk Hogan with a pussy ?"
  16. Yes. I'm not saying the opposite.
  17. I think sexuality is essentially a question of gender.
  18. Most of people who post on this kind of topic have 0 experience and are paranoiac. Or more simply are completely insane.