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  1. I can’t interpret the meaning of god, in any way. Not only am I not god, which, I supposed to believe, I have no clue about god, if I was god, I don’t know what I’d do. If this was what I somehow as god wanted, why would I want that? It’s not just that I don’t know what god is, I don’t know anything, but, I want to know what is going on. Even just trying if I try to interpret things that people say, I fail. Even if I try to interpret my own mind, there’s not much I can do. Should I go on?
  2. @Princess Arabia when has has anyone ever just observed something without at least some sort of perception that wasn’t perceived good or bad?
  3. @Princess Arabia an observation can be considered a criticism.
  4. You can criticise people for criticising people and still call other people hypocrites. The ways in which that is not acceptable are ridiculous. This is a criticism. I am hypocritical and that is a criticism
  5. @An young being also, they are supposed to evolve because some of them randomly die and that is supposed to increase their chances of survival. Logic is not reasonable. I don’t trust logic and I used logic to have something that I don’t think is an understanding of this.
  6. I don’t mean people should experience the best thing ever because they’re good, it’s just that like life has been like… I don’t even want to think of words for it. If you wanted financial compensation for anything… Where would you even begin? And money doesn’t make it better. I don’t know what would compensate for life. Will something just really good that in no way makes people feel bad or anything bad happen?
  7. What on earth would you want to get someone? They could do literally anything to you. It would be reasonable to ask for someone who does not give you pain and I don’t even know what kind of positive things you’d want from them, after all they’re supposed to put you through and then you’re somehow feel bad when they’ve died and like… Is that supposed to worth it? Can I just have the best relationship imaginable? You don’t ask to be born then you ask for a bunch of things that turn out bad and people say the whole point of life is to enjoy yourself.
  8. @BojackHorseman if you feel icky about those things, shouldn’t you feel about complaining about those things? You could just feel good about everything, like why don’t you just feel good about everything?
  9. God may have something other than intelligence that I can’t imagine and reasons for things that I can’t imagine but like, god, just fuck right off. This is beyond a joke.
  10. @Hojo I’m not being funny but how are you supposed to program your own brain? Let’s say science is true, then everything you think is caused by your brain. If god is true then everything you think is caused by god. If psychology is true then everything you think is caused by your experiences but somehow you still have control over it? Saying you have control over your thoughts is just like not even a level.
  11. @Razard86 I can’t imagine a level of consciousness where you would understand life. You could be deceiving yourself, you could lying, you could be saying something that people don’t understand, you could be real or not real, you could have somehow caused this life even though there’s no way you’d want it if you thought reasonably. Everything could not be true… I could go on but like wtf? Hahahahahahaha.
  12. I would say like literally everyone is acting from the most unreasonable, most ridiculous logic ever hahaha. I’ve suddenly had the best epiphany ever which is that life has absolutely no intelligence whatsoever. If you could see the entirety of life you would have to laugh, that’s the only reasonable reaction I can think of, but, not just any laugh - the most laughable laughing fit EVER!
  13. I’d want like compensation that I couldn’t even imagine for what I have experienced in this life, even though, I’ve just had the time of my life over the past so many hours because like life is just so ridiculous, like, where would you even begin? I can’t even imagine what god would have to be like to dream up such an absolute mess of a life. What on earth is god up to? Making me think bad things are going to happen for things I did do and didn’t do and might have even had a past life which somehow meant I deserved this and all the things other people have done which are not under anyone in this life’s control. If you bought life, you’d definitely want to take it back to where it came from, and, like… I don’t even know what an appropriate response would be to who ever is responsible. How would they possibly compensate for what you’ve done? I’ve always wanted to be clever but like how is anything that I can even imagine clever? Like, wtf. I’m Jesus Christ, crucify me and send me to heaven… Or at least like… Create something that doesn’t have like any negative consequences. End of rant.
  14. Just forget about the future didn’t make sense. Also, I can’t stop thinking about thinking about the future. Can I just like delete life?
  15. The guy sent me an identical meme that I’d sent to my ex except they’d edited the word ‘lol’ onto it so I thought it was a fake profile, explained this to him and then he started getting angry towards me, then I made a Lord of the Rings reference after I explained we ‘don’t need to go into a spiral just because of a meme’ and that I experience lots of synchronicities. I literally thought I was never going to find a real relationship again and he blocked me just because I thought he was a fake profile and I made a Lord of the Rings reference. Edit: it was kinda dumb because I thought he would react like that but hoped he wouldn’t.