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  1. When looking for girlfriend material does a woman’s body count bother you at all?
  2. You only game in vegas so those women are gonna be more that way. There are lots of women who choose a good provider, they would just never choose a good provider who cant also turn them on emotionally.
  3. @OBEler It doesn’t matter how many trips. It’s cool he did and I thinks his claim that you need to do as many trips as that to reach the exponentially deeper levels is believable. The problem is his claims that his unique genetics are the key to reaching these psychedelic states. Could be the case, also considering he considered a bong hit of weed one of his deepest trips yet, but this puts all his comments, statements and guidances in a different light. He is always making radical statements about our lives you could consider insulting, and denouncing other teachers, but it is all done with the excuse of guiding us to the highest awakening “like a moth looking for the light in a sea of darkness”. “I know you guys don’t like when I denounce every other teaching, but its for your own sake of reaching the highest awakening.” Now he is literally saying we can’t reach his states no matter how much we trip. So his excuse for being so arrogant and for his stark comments completely flies out of the window. If you make an analysis of everything he’s ever said on this forum you’d think he’s the biggest dickhead on earth.
  4. I wouldn’t count on it. He has said that there is no difference between intellect and intelligence.
  5. Also jokes on you for believing any claim someone makes, no matter how outrageous. Do you realize how outrageous a claim of 0.0001% even is? Also he literally says he has genetics which allow him to reach stages of consciousness with psychedelics that others cannot. Do you realize how lunatic his rhetoric is getting? He went from “you can’t reach these levels of consciousness without psychedelics” to now “you can’t reach these levels of consciousness without the combination of my genetics and psychedelics” . First off, how can you even be so sure of that? How can you judge another persons capability of “psychedelic ability” when those states of consciousness can never be communicated anyway? This just shouts messiah complex. And moreover why is he still teaching us or making a course to reach those levels of consciousness, when we can’t reach them anyway? In practice, if we cant reach those levels, to us he is only showing off his own level of awakening while bullying us into believing our mothers aren’t real. According to him we can’t reach his levels anyway so why even tell us all the radical “truths” which are supposedly meant to awaken us. I have a lot of respect for Leo for all his teachings and he even reached out me on his own accord over PM to talk about my life situation. I see his heart as pure and good. But I am just here showing how ridiculous his statements are, and are becoming worse over time, till the point where his metaphysical teachings do more harm than good.
  6. Oh i consider him to be smart. He is just saying that there are less than 10.000 people smarter than him in the whole world. Do you realize how deluded that sounds? There is a kid in my country who finished a masters degree at a university at 12 years old. Those are the true genetic freaks of nature when it comes to intelligence. Not the guy who runs actualized.org.
  7. I’ve had many hours of fun with godmode in skyrim and minecraft. It’s just a different experience.
  8. How are you so sure about that? Shaq is of course huge but how can you be sure that ppl like sadhguru are genetic freaks?
  9. Sounds very dualistic how they frame it. Assuming all kinds of distinctions about consciousness.
  10. Also I think nobody sees a cessation as a cessation of consciousness, but of the content of the senses and thoughts cessating while formless consciousness persists. I think real buddhists knows that consciousness is continuous and absolute.
  11. Mostly for men. Good advice with cool historical views on the universe and the greatest humans.
  12. Sad to realize you don't even exist so your whole Awakening is just some lore I made up.
  13. We know there is literally no human on this planet that you qualify as awake except yourself. So why keep bringing that up as if there are some humans to contrast to that are awake. We know your stance.