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  1. Final Post. Goodbye everyone here you are all good people except sometimes with crazy ideas. I don't care anymore what people think of my opinion so I'll say it here : Leo Gura is an extremely dangerous teacher with extremely dangerous teachings especially for youngsters. I would hope that no youngsters ever find his metaphysical teachings ever again, even when that means missing out on the literal best life inspiration content out there. But he does have a good heart and I thank him for his caring and kindness. Goodbye. Love.
  2. We are seeing know that not taking the vaccine was the best choice all along. A selfish one indeed, albeit the best one, considering many individuals are now dying of an spike in cardiac arrests.
  3. Of course misinformation antics were vastly disproportionate on the right side. Twitter was right to stand against it. However I don’t like how it just allows them to act on their leftist agenda without shame, even though that is 5x less problematic than Elon musk, it’s still dumb and infuriating because it is a bunch of people together at twitter dictating what is true and what is hate. For example outright banning Jordan Peterson for deadnaming Elliot Page. Yes his comment was distasteful but it’s simply not hatespeech. Peterson actively goes against Nazis and antisemitism. The far right hates him. It shows how seething people at twitter were at Peterson for simply having a strong opinion on trans people. It was not hate and should have been allowed on the platform. Peterson is basically gatekeeping right-leaning youngsters from becoming full blown nazis. But twitter banned him like he was a nazi. That and their lies about shadowbanning outright shows their problematic lack of integrity. Again Elon is way worse, but this lack of acceptance and pushing away of right leaning people just makes a lot of people more nazis. It’s like the left simply can’t accept that there are moderate right wingers. All right wingers are disgusting and evil people in their eyes. Silicon valley loves to spout leftist cultural values while they are basically the epitome of late stage capitalism and almost demonic technical consumerism. They disallow and hate Andrew Tate while promoting the Kylie Jenners and Dan Bilzerians. Even though the influence of those characters is what led people to be so shallow and like Tate in the first place. They gave generation Z social media without any restriction from a young age without any regard for collective mental health. All the people who designed their systems literally put their kids on schools where phones and social media are not allowed etc. Social media has truly messed up a lot of things and people. 1/6 of youngsters in my first world country are seriously considering suicide. I think social media is the main one to blame. They should have just not allowed politics on social media in the first place. No trump, no nazis, no liberals, no conservatives, no communists. Just leave them on their forums and just have twitter for fun things. It’s not like there is any proper political discussion on twitter anyway, just echo chambers.
  4. Although correct, and Elon musk being far worse than the previous twitter leadership, the previous leadership was also way too biased towards the left. They were very strict with deleting disinformation from the right while disinformation from the left, which also exists albeit less than on the right, was all allowed to be on. No matter how you want to phrase it this is a lack of integrity. They should have deleted all disinformation and not just look one way. I don't really understand how this is not obvious to you, how you are almost partisan to the previous twitter corporations way of handling things. Like I said Elon is a lot worse and unhinged but I really don't get why you are defending the previous board so hard. They were obviously in cahoots with democrats and the european union. I understand why, since a degree of that is necessary to combat nazis and disinformation, but to just allow leftists disinformation and hate is way too far of a reasonable track. The twitter board was very biased just like Elon musk, It's just that Elon musk's way of mishandling is a lot more explicit and the consequences more dire because nazi trolls and hate outweigh leftists trolls and hate.
  5. Although I agree with all of Leo’s points, I think he doesn’t stress enough that many policemen are also individuals who love power and violence. Although that may be imprinted on them by the People they face which are indeed vicious criminals; it still is the case. Power syndicates like the police simply corrupt themselves by the nature of their environment. Most policemen are not evil, but we shouldn’t act like they are saints either. It’s simply a dirty, dangerous and under-appreciated job. That tends to make you a bit of scumbag. But of course there are a lot of honorary policemen too. @Leo Gura You should watch Tropa De Elite, It’s an amazing film about the police which masterfully tackles all of the issues you talk about here. It showcases the hard extremely hard reality the police live in while also showing its corruption at the same time. One of my favorite films ever, everyone should watch it.
  6. what questions would you ask in this interview to make it less shallow?
  7. 1. Ban Tyler. Sounds harsh but this is not normal anymore. Maybe not ban but wtf is going on with her. Maybe place a posting limit on her acc. 2. No more acting like you are the only god-realized person. Make God-Realization your niche on this forum but allow this forum to practice other forms of spirituality, or their own versions of God-Realization. Don’t comment on someone with even the slightest interest in buddhism that “buddhism is all horsehit.” A Buddhist would call your “God-Realization” bullshit in the same fashion, so you are both dogmatic. But you can still be dogmatic without constantly berating other people’s threads who are not just following your advice and doctrines completely. It makes people scared to think for themselves especially in the tone you speak in.
  8. If it were to be so grotesque that it could not possibly be a visual effect, yeah off course people would care. a lot. Are you that blind? an actual nigga transforming into an actual alien? ???
  9. That's called drug induced psychosis. But hey, I hope you either recover from it or enjoy it as genuine awakening and extraordinary levels of consciousness. Why would you even consider visual alien transformation to your live audience, you are smart enough to know that fbi and governments would come after you and you would basically be exiled or hunted all over the world. It would be the most viral thing ever. Did you really not consider that? that's what makes me think you went crazy.
  10. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-universe-is-not-locally-real-and-the-physics-nobel-prize-winners-proved-it/ I know quantum physicist basically already proved materialism wrong, but now we have 3 nobel prize winners with a new experiment disproving materialism. Interesting. ">Anon, the Universe IS the mind of God The materialist position was nothing but Enlightenment growing-pains toward the inevitable conclusion that esotericists have known for thousands of years: mind came first, matter second. The Universe is a projected emanation of non-localized consciousness that is cyclical and eternal. We exist because we must and because if we didn't, there would be no medium for the divine to experience. Basically, there is no "out there" out there. Without this projected reality, the super consciousness that we know of as God would not be able to experience because there is nothing outside of its consciousness. All consciousness is a property of that intellect desiring to experience and know itself. >TL;DR: We live in a cosmic hallucination of an all-powerful mind that cannot experience anything outside of itself, because there evidently isn't anything outside of itself"
  11. https://www.help.senate.gov/ranking/newsroom/press/senate-help-committee-minority-oversight-staff-releases-interim-report-analyzing-origins-of-covid-19-pandemic Report just came out 3 days ago, about that the virus was probably a research related incident. wtf? "Substantial evidence suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic was the result of a research-related incident associated with a laboratory in Wuhan, China. A research-related incident is consistent with the early epidemiology showing rapid spread of the virus exclusively in Wuhan with the earliest calls for assistance being located in the same district as the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s (WIV) original campus in central Wuhan. The WIV is an epicenter of advanced coronavirus research, where researchers have collected samples of and experimented on high-risk coronaviruses."
  12. Let's keep it real, Kanye goes way too far and says a lot of hateful things, fuck him for that. But the MSM is also hateful in many sneaky ways which shouldn't be left unsaid here.