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  1. I've been contemplating my LP seriously for over a year now. I've been going around in circles with my mind countless times trying to figure it out. Here's some things you can say I'm passionate about doing: Weightlifting Programming Spiritual Work To my understanding, LP is created through something that you absolutely love doing and impacting others via doing the thing you're passionate about. Now don't tell me that I need to align it with society because of money or some BS. I'm pretty much set in that department. I just wanna know, from those of you who've figured it out, were you able to boil it down into a singular skill? Or is it a bit more abstract than that? I'm starting to think I should just pick a few things that I love doing and become a master in those. Thoughts, ideas, solutions?
  2. @QQQ Lmao. I knew I was straight, even before getting pusc! That's just me personally though. Hope you can figure it out
  3. @Nilsi Wow, that was really quite eye-opening. This is exactly what I was talking about!! I was starting to fall into the idea that there wasn't any real connection to a higher purpose through this work, but that conversation really dismantled that belief. Thank you for sharing this
  4. Definitely wouldn't feel comfortable having my gf do it, at least not yet. In the video, he says u basically lie there while the device does its thing. All solo. You're right. I feel this violates any notion of being masculine hahaha. Everytime I've come across this, I immediately turned it down. I don't know what changed my mindset exactly, I just think it's crazy we have this ability yet no one wants to explore it. It could be life-changing, well in your sex life that is. Mannn, I think psychedelics are like a miracle drug for spiritual growth. You can, of course, grow spiritually without them. The way I see it: you can spend 20 years meditating 8 hours a day to finally have God realization OR you can meditate for a year, take some psychs, and have the same awakenings. There's cutting edge research showing that psilocybin mushroom therapy over short periods of time is equivalent to normal therapy over long periods of time. ANYWAYS that's going a bit off topic and I mostly said that as a joke. I've never actually boofed anything.
  5. @KH2 I get you. I’ve been with my girl for almost 5 years now so I’m pretty solid in the fundamentals department. I used to have the same mindset as you but we’re not going to be here forever so might as well try something new before it’s too late EDIT: and if we’re shoving drugs up our asses on this forum, might as well get high on our own supply while we’re at it LOL
  6. I mean if there’s a biological function in every guy that allows them to experience this pleasure, then by your definition every guy is “lowkey gay.” I’ll lyk if I start turning homosexual though im pretty sure that’s not how that works😐
  7. Wasn't sure whether to put this in sexuality or spirituality. But I thought this was pretty interesting. EDIT: Here’s the original video I saw before the second one. This guy explains how there's more than one way to orgasm for a guy. He compares a prostate orgasm to psychedelics (and Kundalini I think?) Like "becoming one with the universe" Which is why I just put this here. I've heard of this in the past but was completely turned off by the fact that you gotta shove something up your butthole. But I realized that was just my ego not letting me open up to new experiences. Any thoughts or anyone who's dabbled in this for themself? It sounds completely worth trying lmao. Like I can't go my entire life not experiencing this at least once
  8. It's funny you say that. I stumbled across a video explaining the different types of orgasms a guy could actually have. He compared prostate orgasms to states you can reach on psychedelics. Not comparing this to sex work or anything but I thought that was pretty interesting. You'd be surprised how far you can go without exposing yourself too much. I know someone who's literally escaped wage slavery and she shows nothing more than a bikini does.
  9. I guess sexuality can also manifest itself through art like music, videos, paintings, etc. It probably wouldn’t be considered sex work at that point.
  10. OK. This is just hypothetical. Is it possible for someone to be passionate about this stuff? Doesn’t have to be porn specifically. I’d say MOST are in it purely for the $$$ but I wonder if there’s someone out there who is genuinely fulfilled by pursuing this kind of work. Thoughts on this? 🤣
  11. I was thinking of putting myself on social media and building a website where I share my experiences. Maybe start a podcast. Maybe even trip on camera. It's all kind of a blur though. One day I feel it's a great idea, and then the next I'm not so sure. Either way, you're right. My intentions need to be clear. I'm just confused because there's multiple things I'm passionate about. Bodybuilding. Gaming. Programming. Spirituality. I could focus on any one of these and become a complete master in it. And I don't really want to be a jack of all trades. Not sure how to go about this.
  12. I know this is kind of a funny question, because Leo basically does spirituality / self-development for life purpose. I think it's important to mention that I used to be a deeply religious Christian. As life went on, I started to question it more and more and finally realized I was brainwashed when I took shrooms for the first time. In a nutshell, that's what got me on the spiritual path. After that, there was a period of my life where I was going hard with the spiritual work. I was very interested of the idea that you can be so content with life, regardless of your situation or materialistic possessions. You can feel like a millionaire without being a millionaire. Whenever I didn't have access to psychs, I would meditate my ass off bc that was the next best thing. I was attempting to induce a trip w/o any psychs bc I wanted to experience it so badly. (ironically desire prevents you from getting there but I won't get into that) As most of you may know, it's damn near impossible to reach some states with meditation alone. However, I certainly reached some very profound states of consciousness purely through meditation. I also gained the discipline to meditate every single day (which I encourage everyone to do the same before tripping or just in general if you don't plan on tripping). I can't remember exactly but I think I was doing the Wim Hof method as well, which is basically just breathwork and cold water submersion, learning surrender etc. All of these practices combined had me beyond prepared for any trip headed my way. When I finally got a hold of some psychs, my life was changing like crazy. I'm not going to get into any stories here, but I was truly connected to the nature of reality. Looking back, I was the happiest I had ever been probably in my entire life (other than when I was a kid). I'd find my sitting around thinking "if I died right now, I would be perfectly fine with that" and I meant it 100%, to the bone. (even though death is conceptual) What shifted this trajectory was when my girl and I started having some issues. I made the mistake of doing DMT in a terrible state of mind, and it basically showed me the hell I was creating for myself. You could argue that's what I needed, but it would've been much smarter to deal with my personal shit before attempting to leave the matrix. As soon as the trip started coming on, I knew I fucked up. It's kind of funny looking back at it LMAO. Anyways, that prevented me from tripping or doing anything spiritual related. I was simply trying to cope with the slight trauma and stuff I was going through. Also my life was getting really busy so I didn't have too much time do being doing all that stuff anyway. FINALLY, all that stuff is in the past and I've mentally healed from all that shit. My girl and I worked through our problems and now we live together. I finally started meditating again routinely, and my interest gets sparked every now and then to start exploring. The whole point of this was to show my passion towards spirituality. I'm honestly really confused as to what I should pursue as my life purpose. I like weightlifting and I'm never going to stop. I'm good at math and I like computer programming but Idk if it's something I wanna be doing as the pinnacle of my life. I really feel like I was getting into some shit that's worth exploring. Knowledge that can change humanity for the better. I felt like some kind of astronaut or scientist, exploring unknown territory. The only missing piece of the puzzle is a way to reach out to people and share my wisdom. So what do you guys think? Is this something I should pursue as my life purpose? Or should I perhaps find something else and have spiritual work as more of a side thing that supplements whatever other stuff I'm doing in life? Right now my priority is becoming financially stable, but once I get the hang of that, is this something I should dive back into?