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  1. You see when we talk about covid the truth is just that really nobody has any idea. Rationally speaking it's an incredibly complicated topic. When you think the vaccine is safe, that's a belief. When you make all these judgements on which data are they based? How do you know your sources are reliable? You're just parroting expert opinions that you gathered up. How do you know which expert is right? Good point! She clearly is just parroting and cherry-picking "expert opinions" that feed into her morally superior ego, so she can look down on so-called anti-vaxxers and feel above others whom she wrongfully accuses of being heartless and stupid and even accuses them of causing the death and suffering of those who die from covid (well, it's never just from covid of course). She has no empathy for people who suffer dire health consequences from taking the vaccine (because I know where her priorities really lie and that is her own covert narcissistic self, how else do you explain this hypocrisy?) often against their own gut instincts under the social pressure of the pro-vaxxing herd that reeks of medical tyranny.
  2. Lol, what kind of hypocritical statement is that!? You’re the one constantly looking down on ‘anti-vaxxers’ calling them stupid, cold-blooded and irresponsible, unlike yourself of course. But not everyone is fooled by your covert narcissistic morally superior ego creeping through at every opportunity, you know. And Big Pharma's priority is to save lives ?!! looooooool To believe that is what's crazy and insane or utterly naive. So where is your empathy for all the young and very fit-looking doctors (and other citizens) who died within a week from taking the Covid vaccine or experienced other atrocities such as becoming paralyzed for life? Apparently, they don’t deserve your empathy. Bit biased much? These people often took the vaccine, despite their gut instinct telling them otherwise but succumbed to the medical tyranny that's out there pressuring them into taking an untested vaccine in the name of science and 'caring for others'. And if you ask me, people are responsible for their own health. I guess we can at least agree on the fact that those who are/were vulnerable to suffering from COVID are the ones with impaired immune systems. This was known from the very beginning. Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that there are natural ways to boost your immune system such as supplementing with vitamin D for example (and there are many more ways of course) instead of having dubious, untested medicine injected into your veins. So you can't even accuse 'anti-vaxxers' of being cold-blooded and stupid since it simply doesn't add up. Do you mean myocarditis caused by the vaccine? So it’s ok to develop myocarditis from a vaccine that you could easily avoid by not taking it, but it’s not ok to get myocarditis from the virus which the majority who gets infected doesn’t get anyways, because it all depends on your immune system which I just explained can be safely boosted the natural way, but because Big Pharma doesn’t earn a dime off of natural supplements and natural free ways to boost your immune system as opposed to the -at minimum 90 billion dollars(!!!) it has made from the naive, morally superior pro-vaxxer clowns out there, you won’t hear much about these natural methods of course..can you guess why? Well I just told you of course, but perhaps you need to contemplate on that astronomically large number just a little longer and put 2 and 2 together. There's really no empathy and altruism involved, ok? I hope you learn to practice what you preach, not only in terms of having genuine empathy (for ALL) but also by not calling people who disagree with you ("anti-vaxxers") disrespectful names such as 'stupid', 'cold-blooded' , 'devoid of empathy' and basically accusing them of causing the suffering of people with weak immune systems.(!!!) Who the fuck is insane here?? Those are some nasty but also utterly baseless accusations that can easily be ascribed to your beloved Big Pharma, because those are the real heartless, cold-blooded, money-grabbing bloodsuckers who truly do not give a fuck about people's health.
  3. It's crazy how many people in New Age circles believe in this. The idea is that we're upgrading our carbon based DNA into crystalline DNA and it goes along with bodily symptoms. Symptoms that could easily be ascribed to chronic health issues but nobody seems to question that. I've just seen an interview on JeffMara podcast (usually about NDE's) and this woman although she believes in ascension, she said she had diabetes and most people on her social media said 'don't worry, it's ascension symptoms'. But who knows there may be something to it, I just got the feeling that a lot of these New Agers like to believe in it, because it makes them feel special (the chosen ones) and it makes you believe that ascension happens to you and you don't really have to do anything to bring a higher consciousness in your body.
  4. lol once again you’re dodging the question surrounding the long history of Arab/Muslim imperialism which involves persecution of Jews and many other groups of people which is most definitely important in the discussion surrounding the Israel/Palestine conflict. How does that even make sense? You’re claiming here that if you lack specialized knowledge in one niche you can still be considered an expert in that particular field just because you act in good faith? I strongly have to disagree with that because you can’t do good when you don’t even strive to know the full truth and gather all the knowledge that is needed on a particular subject matter to actually do any good. It’s laziness at best and stupidity or hypocrisy at worst. And when it comes to having good intentions regardless, that doesn’t get a pass from me either as the road to hell is paved with good intentions. If you’re an adult with a decent functioning brain, then you should know that understanding the full truth about a certain subject is imperative to know how to bring goodness and go beyond merely acting in good (blind) faith.
  5. Instead of answering a straightforward question which would undoubtedly expose your own hypocrisy, you of course have to dodge answering the question by attempting to make the questioner sound like the dumbass who needs to be reminded of the 'complexity of the situation' which is just another prejudiced assumption of yours to think I don't understand the situation at hand. Perhaps you need to learn a bit more about the much older history of the Palestinians and how it ties in to the thousands-year-old Arab imperialism that ties into Islamic history which shows a pattern of oppressing and expelling Jews. Indigenous Jews of several now Muslim-dominant countries are discriminated against and blamed 'because of Israel' even though they have nothing to do with the founding of Israel but feel forced to emigrate to Israel since they feel less than welcome in their own countries. Before Israel, they were already prosecuted, but then they were given another excuse, but hatred they received nevertheless. So perhaps you should expand your knowledge a bit and not view the conflict so one-sided...
  6. I have seen her before on another channel about NDE's. Idk, but I think her ego gets a bit in the way since she tends to want to differentiate herself from the other NDE'rs but I don't see that many differences..and she tends to want to know things 'better' for example Jannecke, the interviewer asked something and she replied 'that's the human perspective' as if to say, that's not the actual truth, then she goes on to explain it further which basically boils down to the same thing that Jannecke said. And how is her NDE not just as much 'crafted for her' in the sense that she manifested her NDE like the other ones? She says that the other NDE'rs are given comfort to make the trauma as small as possible, so how about the ones who experience the hellish realm then? Though she didn't see loved ones but she did meet 5 beings that felt like her best friends so it seems like her NDE was also created on some level to give her the greatest comfort..then she thought to tell the people on planet earth everything she saw and this made her go back to her body, but when arriving at her body, she didn't want to get into it anymore, because it felt disgusting, but somehow felt forced anyways, so feeling forced to go back somehow does resonate with the stereotypical NDE. She says the deep experiencers like her don't have a 'barrier' (they reach a barrier/boundary where they are not allowed to progress further such as for example meeting loved ones who tell them to go back or loved ones on planet earth they feel drawn towards to go back and take care of them.) but she also reached that barrier, it was simply not manifested as an external person but a feeling of being forced back into her body even though she initially wanted to go back, but that is the thing with NDE'rs they seem to always be given the illusion of choice, because when asked 'do you want to go back?' they usually say 'no' and they are forced to go back anyways. Sometimes they say 'yes' anyways, but they're never forced to stay in 'heaven' lol.
  7. Speaking of hypocrisy, why is it ok for some people to be nationalistic such as the Palestinians but not others?
  8. I'm not sure, but in this video it explains the 'bubble' or 12th Dimensional grid that we would exist in and our 3D earth plane would be a tiny bubble within that and then outside the 12D grid there's then a whole bunch of other stuff, but the 12D grid is already hard to comprehend for a human mind. Also interesting is that she says the I AM presence is something of this 12D grid and doesn't exist outside of it, so I don't know what to make of that. Perhaps the 'nothingness' doesn't exist either outside of this 12D grid? Things get crazier and crazier the more you delve into this. Reminds me of what Leo said about not every realm has to be made out of molecules, so if inside this massive 12D grid everything is made out of quantums, outside of this, everything could be made out of cats and dogs for example.
  9. 'proven' probably not, but the scientist who has a scientific theory that comes closest to what non-duality also says, is Donald Hoffman. (from Wikipedia:) Hoffman is a professor in the Department of Cognitive Sciences at the University of California, Irvine, with joint appointments in the Department of Philosophy, the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science, and the School of Computer Science. Hoffman studies consciousness, visual perception and evolutionary psychology using mathematical models and psychophysical experiments. In his theory, Hoffman argues that conscious beings have not evolved to perceive the world as it actually is but have evolved to perceive the world in a way that maximizes "fitness payoffs". Hoffman uses the metaphor of a computer desktop and icons - the icons of a computer desktop provide a functional interface so that the user does not have to deal with the underlying programming and electronics in order to use the computer efficiently. Similarly, objects that we perceive in time and space are metaphorical icons that act as our interface to the world and enable us to function as efficiently as possible without having to deal with the overwhelming amount of data underlying reality.[6] This theory implies epiphysicalism, i.e., physical objects, such as quarks and brains and stars are constructed by conscious agents but such physical objects have no causal power.[5] While panpsychism claims that rocks, mountains, the moon, etc. are conscious, "Conscious Realism" in this theory (Multimodal user interface theory) does not. Instead, what it claims is all such objects are icons within the user interface of a conscious agent, but that does not entail the claim that the objects themselves are conscious. ... Hoffman has said that some form of reality may exist, but may be completely different from the reality our brains model and perceive.[9] Reality may not be made of space-time and physical objects.[3] Through supposing that consciousness is fundamental, Hoffman provides a possible solution to the hard problem of consciousness, which wrestles with the notion of why we seem to have conscious immediate experiences, and how sentient beings could arise from seemingly non-sentient matter. Hoffman argues that consciousness is more fundamental than the objects and patterns perceived by consciousness.[10][better source needed] We have conscious experiences because consciousness is posited as a fundamental aspect of reality. The problem of how sentient beings arise from seemingly non-sentient matter is also addressed because it alters the notion of non-sentient matter. Perceptions of non-sentient matter are mere byproducts of consciousness and don't necessarily reflect reality. This means the causal notion of non-sentient matter developing into sentient beings is open to question. He says that enough scientists already know that 'space time' is doomed and that means that the objects inside the context of space & time can't be real if space time doesn't exist either. HIs colleagues tend to be a little slow though it seems as they like to hold onto their materialism (the belief that anything that can be measured, quantified etc is real) There are many interesting interviews with him (including one with Rupert Spira ) on youtube. Here's a few clips:
  10. Yes, another person is actually you with a different sum of experiences and if you had the same set of experiences you'd be exactly like them. If on top of that, you realize that everyone is God, any negative judgement therefore is false or a lie. This is where you can enter understanding and compassion. To stop judging is not possible though, it's what the mind does and also needed for the sake of discernment, but when you add compassion, the negative judgement goes into the background and doesnt have to turn into abuse.
  11. Yes I also read that about Aldous Huxley in this article: these are the key points of the article: Aldous Huxley postulated that psychedelics can turn off filters in the brain that inhibit us from experiencing a higher reality. Studies show that psychedelics and meditation can induce a similar unitive state of consciousness associated with high global brain integration. Neurophysiological studies on subjects claiming enlightenment show an underlying high global brain integration during cognitive tasks and sleep. Physics says everything in the universe is instantly connected. Psychedelics and meditation may allow us to experience that connection. The author of the article also concludes that: Psychedelics appear to give us a glimpse of enlightenment. Meditation appears to allow enlightenment to be lived. As a long-term meditator and primary-care physician, I recommend meditation.
  12. Yup it is abuse of power. Another disconcerting thing he said was that women supposedly react way more sexually to 5meo DMT than men do. If he is so 'enlightened', how comes he lacks the self-awareness to not realize that those are his own interpretations to their out of control reactions to a drug and therefore says a lot more about his own sexual thoughts/projections than their actual reaction to the drug..?
  13. I always wonder why people who have experienced this commonly use the term 'nothingness' since nothing can't really exist. At least something exist, but I once read the same word spelled differently as in 'NO-THINGNESS' . The hyphen makes a big difference, pointing to 'not a thing', but still beingness'. I still don't understand why this beingness goes along with what we associate with 'happy feelings' which is not neutral nor unhappy and I've also seen it described as non-emotional happiness being non-dual. But then why there is no non-emotional non-dual sadness ?
  14. Eckhart Tolle tried some drugs to see if it is the same as natural enlightenment:
  15. You did your research? Lol what did that entail? You found all his clients and talked to each one of them? Nonsense! And the reason why I can say what he does is f*cking wrong is because of what comes out of Martin Ball's mouth himself, he said he touches some of his clients genitals, NOT because they consented but because he thinks they needed it. The uploader of the video you posted , said this in a comment: "The bottom line though is that it doesn’t matter what I think, nor you, nor Psymposia. All that matters is what his clients think, and if they want to pay some dude to get high and throw up on them then that is literally none of your business." Well that's what I also thought at the beginning of the creepy video about M.B. ; if his adult clients consented to being vomited on , that's their business. However on second thought, if they only consented while under the influence of the drug, that can not be considered consent. On top of that, it is clear further into the video that he does very questionable things (such as touching people's genitals -- also why on earth would that be necessary??) and states he did that because HE THINKS THEY NEEDED IT . So where is the proof they were informed prior to the session that he may think they need this during the session and follow up on it and consented to that? He also dismissed somebody saying NO to him, so what more proof do you need that they do not all gave their consent? Also, just because you didn't find clients online who announced they were abused by him doesnt mean they don't exist. Some victims don't dare to speak out and for the record, there are other shamans known to have sexually abused their clients while under the influence of psychedelic drugs, so vigilance is needed in the community instead of blind defense of any psychedelic promotor.