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  1. Yes, another person is actually you with a different sum of experiences and if you had the same set of experiences you'd be exactly like them. If on top of that, you realize that everyone is God, any negative judgement therefore is false or a lie. This is where you can enter understanding and compassion. To stop judging is not possible though, it's what the mind does and also needed for the sake of discernment, but when you add compassion, the negative judgement goes into the background and doesnt have to turn into abuse.
  2. Yes I also read that about Aldous Huxley in this article: these are the key points of the article: Aldous Huxley postulated that psychedelics can turn off filters in the brain that inhibit us from experiencing a higher reality. Studies show that psychedelics and meditation can induce a similar unitive state of consciousness associated with high global brain integration. Neurophysiological studies on subjects claiming enlightenment show an underlying high global brain integration during cognitive tasks and sleep. Physics says everything in the universe is instantly connected. Psychedelics and meditation may allow us to experience that connection. The author of the article also concludes that: Psychedelics appear to give us a glimpse of enlightenment. Meditation appears to allow enlightenment to be lived. As a long-term meditator and primary-care physician, I recommend meditation.
  3. Yup it is abuse of power. Another disconcerting thing he said was that women supposedly react way more sexually to 5meo DMT than men do. If he is so 'enlightened', how comes he lacks the self-awareness to not realize that those are his own interpretations to their out of control reactions to a drug and therefore says a lot more about his own sexual thoughts/projections than their actual reaction to the drug..?
  4. I always wonder why people who have experienced this commonly use the term 'nothingness' since nothing can't really exist. At least something exist, but I once read the same word spelled differently as in 'NO-THINGNESS' . The hyphen makes a big difference, pointing to 'not a thing', but still beingness'. I still don't understand why this beingness goes along with what we associate with 'happy feelings' which is not neutral nor unhappy and I've also seen it described as non-emotional happiness being non-dual. But then why there is no non-emotional non-dual sadness ?
  5. Eckhart Tolle tried some drugs to see if it is the same as natural enlightenment:
  6. You did your research? Lol what did that entail? You found all his clients and talked to each one of them? Nonsense! And the reason why I can say what he does is f*cking wrong is because of what comes out of Martin Ball's mouth himself, he said he touches some of his clients genitals, NOT because they consented but because he thinks they needed it. The uploader of the video you posted , said this in a comment: "The bottom line though is that it doesn’t matter what I think, nor you, nor Psymposia. All that matters is what his clients think, and if they want to pay some dude to get high and throw up on them then that is literally none of your business." Well that's what I also thought at the beginning of the creepy video about M.B. ; if his adult clients consented to being vomited on , that's their business. However on second thought, if they only consented while under the influence of the drug, that can not be considered consent. On top of that, it is clear further into the video that he does very questionable things (such as touching people's genitals -- also why on earth would that be necessary??) and states he did that because HE THINKS THEY NEEDED IT . So where is the proof they were informed prior to the session that he may think they need this during the session and follow up on it and consented to that? He also dismissed somebody saying NO to him, so what more proof do you need that they do not all gave their consent? Also, just because you didn't find clients online who announced they were abused by him doesnt mean they don't exist. Some victims don't dare to speak out and for the record, there are other shamans known to have sexually abused their clients while under the influence of psychedelic drugs, so vigilance is needed in the community instead of blind defense of any psychedelic promotor.
  7. I thought to copy/paste some pearls of wisdom from the Reddit forum to the same question :
  8. I have not seen any evidence that psychedelic use can lead to permanent enlightenment. It doesn't make sense to me either as why would you need an external substance to realize / awaken to your true (no)self? A teacher of Transcendental Meditation (TM) was asked this question whether the use of psychedelic drugs can create a a state of enlightenment. I copy/paste below from this article: Maharishi was very clear about this: The use of recreational drugs, like marijuana, psilocybin, LSD, peyote, or ayahuasca, is highly contrasting with the practice of Transcendental Meditation. These substances put more stress on the nervous system. The effect of psychedelics on the brain and cognitive functioning is examined in “Your Brain is a River, Not a Rock” by Fred Travis, Ph.D., considered our leading researcher into the effects of TM on brain functioning and development. (Pages 176 – 180 cover this topic.) Psychedelics changes a person’s perception and experience by causing the serotonin receptors to fire over and over. Dr. Travis writes: “Hallucinogens may make you aware there is more to life than what you see in everyday experiences. By analogy, imagine you have a TV with masking tape covering 90% of the screen. You are watching the US Open through this tiny square in the middle of the screen. Taking hallucinogens is analogous to turning up the color balance and suddenly you notice that things are happening under the masking tape. There is more to life than this little space in the middle of the screen. “Continuing to ingest hallucinogens is like continuing to watch the TV with the color balance turned up. This burns out the color card. We probably all know people who have “burnt out” from frequent use of hallucinogens. What you want to do is gently remove the masking tape. For this you need natural transcending experiences.” In short, there is a difference between a chemically altered state of consciousness that hijacks the functioning of the brain and nervous systems and heightened consciousness through regular transcending. For decades, we’ve had people who were interested in learning TM who resisted this information, defending their use of substances as a sacrament, a religious ceremony, even a lifestyle choice. And we understand this is true in different cultures and traditions. However, any answer to the initial question has to begin by addressing: What is enlightenment and how is this state cultivated? This is what sets Maharishi’s teaching apart from other teachers and systems — his explanation of the systematic and progressive refinement of the functioning of the nervous system that occurs over time with regular TM practice, and the unique characteristics of the state of enlightenment. Enlightenment is not a philosophy or fairy tale, not something that can be studied and learned intellectually, nor sustained on the basis of memory. It is a unique state of neurophysiological functioning in which the activity of the mind becomes capable of maintaining the qualities of inner silence and stillness even while engage in activity; in which pure consciousness is spontaneously maintained as the underlying condition of the other changing, or relative states of consciousness: waking, dreaming, and sleeping. There is no shortcut, only detours.
  9. Or why nothing rather than God? Is God part of the infinite possibilities and therefore a preference of beingness coming out of nothing or is God really the ultimate reality?
  10. Oh yea? How do you know that for certain that *every* of his clients consented to having their genitals touched (he himself justified it in the video, not because they consented to it but as he said, because they 'needed it' (according to himself of course)) and being vomited on and grateful for it too? You can't possibly know this unless you talked to every single one of them. Were they informed *prior* to given the drug that that would be part of the session? If not, they can not give their consent while under the influence of a psychedelic drug. Just like someone mentioned in the comment section, it sounds like he mistakes his conscience for his ego and because in the New Age world 'ego=bad', he dismisses every objection coming from his conscience as a 'bad comment from the ego' so he can easily dismiss it and worse, when somebody else objects to his despicable behavior he'll identify that also as coming from their ego and dismiss their objection. Consent much? This dude is so far out that consent has lost all meaning. Stay far away is what I would say!
  11. Excerpts From Neville Goddard 'Your Faith is Your Fortune ': ... ...
  12. Martin Ball is insane and a total creep. Proof in the video below and further evidence that doing mutliple 5meo dmt trips and trying to integrate it does not lead to enlightenment, but more delusion: (btw sounds like you and Leo have longterm psychotic episodes from tripping (too much)), so yea doing more psychedelics is not good advice) In this video, Martin W. Ball, Ph.D. discusses his enthusiasm for vomiting on clients, touching his clients' genitals, and forcing his thumbs down their throats while "guiding" them under the influence of 5-MeO-DMT.
  13. I thought this video was both sad and funny as the hilariously ironical pronouns GOD/GODSELF for the self-appointed atheist in the beginning of the video are also fitting for this forum since people on here are striving for that God realization Leo claims to have achieved (some time?), so we could all use these pronouns instead of some narcissistic twat who thinks she (yes I said 'she' since I saw boobs that's why I'm calling it a she) can have the world bend over backwards and thinks she's 'oh so important' to have some unique pronouns that don't even make sense (in her case, since she claims to NOT believe in GOD lolol) The rest of the video shows more of the sad truth of the toxic trans agenda as Arielle points out that the number of people who think they are trans but actually aren't have skyrocketed, specificaly over the past 5 years along with detransitioners and most of those people are young teenage women. Mostly because doctors are being afraid of being labeled transphobic. Kids are thereby being fast-tracked onto the trans-train with all regrettable consequences as a result. Quote from Mary, detrans woman : Hmm is that why they flock to conservative channels to tell their stories and be heard? Or is their leftie pro trans community not as open-minded and inclusive as the think they are?
  14. That’s why I said this is going to be the last word I have with this ego-tripping know-it-all drugsbunny as it is useless talking to a self-absorbed bigot who only wants to listen to his own biased drivel. That's a good observation. Buck Angel actually had a video out, entitled 'stop bullying detransitioners' so that is something else they deal with on top of the fear to come out regretting their transition.
  15. Lol you totally get it. Unfortunately the drugs this bunny is on, is either making him or her delusional into thinking he’s above the bigotry that he’s ironically expressing nonstop or he needs a higher dose to actually experience an ego death, so he can finally see the truth unbiased for what it is.