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  1. Languange describes the stuff but it is not the stuff
  2. People here didn't make it yet. They are developing. Youtube and tiktok is full of those hustlers like andrew tate. Fo watch them and leave the forum
  3. To not come off as desperate I would suggest you to not be desperate
  4. Have sex with me, date me whatever
  5. That guy needed this awnser. Not what he wanted, what he needed. Someone needs to give reality check. Someone needs to tell how it is not sugarcoat it.
  6. Nope. I mean if I have been cocky to some girl and she cut ties she will come back
  7. Desperate people attract each other
  8. I can donate to ur mum
  9. Get another hot woman, then you'll find out the rest
  10. @integral no they won't be repulsed. They always come back
  11. If the woman is attracted to you enough, she will do anything. So it's not so much about which women will do it rather than how attracted to you they are. It's about how they perceive you
  12. I don't really think about it I just say whatever comes out of my mind but now that I think about it I don't think I compliment that much
  13. I use these terms for fun when I speak with people. I don't believe in them
  14. Propably but haven't found one yet
  15. @Thought Art exactly. If there is no vibe there is no consent