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  1. I do get it and thank you for this great post! I've been having similar insights about the TRUTH. Yesterday I was at a party and I simply realized how each thing happening was capital "m" ME/GOD doing it in real time. The realization deepens the quality of attention and non resistance, it's just you with yourself, loving whatever is shown about yourself.
  2. Perfect advice! That will change the reflection. If you fear being hurt, love that fear to death, then the deception with people won't get your attention that much, it will still happen, but you will move on so quickly as though it didn't happen.
  3. When is the right time to confess your romantic feelings for someone? We know each other for quite a while and we are friends. Never kissed, never had a romantic date, because we both were in another relationship, but we always hang out a lot in person and we do flirt. A few days before, after we had a wonferful afternoon together, He texted me..."I really adore being with you". I said the same, but it seems we are both afraid to cross the lines. Maybe you can help me with some insights on that. Thank you❤
  4. Verbals are actually 8% of communication, as I was researching, the rest is body language. I guess I just need to show up and be authentic. That is something to be more aware of.
  5. I'll check that. Thank you!!!
  6. "Serial monogamist" might be a good term. The ties are getting so light that I can't even see any and I don't intend to spoil that
  7. @gettoefl unsolvable dilemma, isn't it?
  8. Polyamory seems to be an option, but I don't feel good with the concept itself. I can't handle more than one relationship at once, because it takes work to create and keep intimate with one another. I just think over the course of the years you could totally lose interest in someone and it can happen quite suddenly without warning. I think it stabilizes with maturity, though. We should take more time before getting married, definitely. Some people just don't work on their own development and emotional issues and can get really behind.
  9. I think sometimes they try to communicate, but there is no resonance anymore, which is hard to admit and sad. I am saying all this but for me monogamy is a very important thing in a relationship. I just don't see it working well in most of the cases. It looks like something which is imposed and not a choice you keep making over the years.
  10. Yes. I don't know why I have this habit of second guessing if the other is REAALLY getting my signs. I will work on that. I would never confess anything in public, for me it's even difficult to say any words with privacy ?
  11. Yes, love has many languages, right? For me it's also touch. I began to kind of "fall" for him and see him differently when we shared a different vibe in a hug. It lasted more than normal and he kind of smelled me. It was really unexpected,I think even for him at the moment. So, I guess it goes for both of us. The difference now is that we are both aware of what’s going on and it's still confusing. Before, it was all very unexpected.
  12. Exactly, and if you are in a self-development journey you might face yourself changing all the time (which includes your desires and life experiences). It takes a lot of maturity, admiration and communication skills from both sides to keep a relationship going, and even so it is not guaranteed monogamy will be untouchable. The moment you fall for somebody else you are already cheating and you will probably feel even more miserable if you deny that. This I am saying doesn't seem to match any good marriage standards we have in society today. I might be very wrong, though.
  13. What a great practical advice. I will always remember. Escalate! I did not do that when I got the message, because I wasn't expecting it, so I just replied I felt the same and that I had a great time. But I could escalate. Right. Thank you
  14. Yes, that would be simple and good. It is still very new to me to shift from a friendship energy to a sexual energy with him, but once the sexual tension is there it's there, right? I think we are afraid to spoil our friendship. Wonderful advice and great opportunity to practice this trust in my feminine power, in a way. Thank you, beautiful post. I will dance under the moon and read some Rumi's poems let's see if he steps ahead!
  15. I Just did that, it feels sooo good! When there is love, there's NO THING to survive. You survive out of the love for the exact moment.
  16. Yes, that's it. Both. I am afraid to share feelings in person. I don't know exactly why, especially in a close relationship. Very clarifying.
  17. Such a wonderful deep and incredibly beautiful post! I need time to reply back as it is very complex. The wierd part is everywhere I go, seems like everything and everyone talks about this unification of divine energies. That's it. The unification energies. When the receiver is the one who gives. There is nothing to be bothered about, no THING to point at. You are just BEING, in each and everything. Thank you! @Galyna @Vincent S
  18. Thank you :)?. I'll keep it simple like that.
  19. Thank you for this post. I will think about each topic you brought here. About communication...I do think that’s a rare gift. There are great and loving people who have serious communication issues, which makes relationships almost impossible or very unhappy in the long term. Open honest communication is sooooo rare. I mean...some people are used to use words to react. Even for me (I consider myself good at it) there is this obstacle of communicating my vulnerabilities. Relationships are all about communication. I hope Leo can make a video on this topic soon. I can say that sometimes I am very afraid to share my feelings, which is a childhood issue I'be been working on, as well as fear of being ignored or not understood. I've ignored my true nature for so long, it's like I am learning to walk again. I've made good progress. I am healing deep. Thank you @Razard86???
  20. Yes, nice. I'll wait for your post :). Thank you. Relationships are very important and I feel there are so few pointers to the possibilities we can consider when establishing boundaries and connecting to "others". I know, in the end, LOVE is the only answer, though.
  21. Thank you. Yes, I have a long way to go. There are still some parts of me I need to learn how to love. What I find challenging about marriage and dating are the attachment expectations that are created. Lately, I am figuring I can love and be loved, even in a deep and intimate way, but it doesn't look like the relationship models we learn out there. It's really free and fluid, profound and unnatached. As @integral said, without the "we are in a relationship" label things seem to go well. The moment there comes some implicit expectations the ego comes and the connections die out. Don't misunderstand me, I still long for an exclusive deep connection, but the way I am living now is in fact a really high standard. It's not disconnected or unloving.