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  1. @Razard86 on the one hand yes, there is love and truth to be had in being with others. But do you not realize that there are also social power dynamics and unconciousnes that is imposed through socialization? Do you not realize that "hanging out with friends" is a lot more than just "hanging out with friends"? Leo is engaging in more delusion, yes because he is speaking and thinking. Worse than speaking and thinking to yourself is doing so with others. Delusion is unavoidable but that doesn't mean that in the world of delusion there are not delusions which allow you to be closer to truth.
  2. I like this new video. Anytime you engage in language you are distancing yourself from the Godhead. The joint venture we humans are engaged in with regards to common meaning making is the substrate against which the ego construct is born.
  3. We need an episode on dealing with your childhood. It's the biggest barrier many of us face.
  4. Well said. I'm quitting weed right now (3 weeks clean) and so many old emotions are coming back, mainly anger. I've been handling off the handle for every little thing but yesterday when someone took up two parking spots for their little Toyota, I told myself "wait, I did that? I parked that Toyota in a stupid way...why did I do that?" I automatically gave the guy the benefit of the doubt and assumes the best subjective intention on him/her. It allows me to jump over my initial angry reaction since I realized that the person parking didn't do anything inconsiderate to me...I did that to myself.
  5. I have this little assumption in my head that people who pray to God are scared little theists. I want to overcome that and cultivate an oral or linguistic relationship with God at least for my ego. Am I talking to myself here? Am I talking to my higher self? Am I talked to a separate being? Perhaps share how you pray to God in your own way?
  6. That episode where he went ham on everyone shows it was all a show. He's been a good little boy bottling up all emotions his whole life.
  7. I run the firm and have one student assistant. Otherwise I have nobody to answer too. I treat him with lots of respect. He of course respects me as his superior. This is really the cause of my own stress. The million emails and calls that come in every day and mess with my pre planned schedule. Everything comes back to me. My assistant helps but they are only a summer student so they are not fully integrated into my practice. I think once I have a full time assistant things will be better but I still have to deal with my OCD, perfectionism at work, and inability to deal with all the little bullshit that pops up in messes with whatever plan I had for the day. I lack a sense of flow or willful action in my work.
  8. I'm a seeker. I have slight OCD. I'm dealing with Kundalini. I'm also a corporate lawyer. I work about 60 hours per week. When the weekends come I decompress and everything seems zen and amazing. But when the weekday comes in a stressed out maniac with anger issues and sever neck pain. I've dissociated from my OCD with the help of weed but that has only let me run away from my feelings of anxiety and anger. I have trouble finding a balance between lazy as fuck and super organized maniac. I've quit weed 2 months ago and all my negative emotions are coming back for better and for worse. I'm starting to feel the anxiety again though around my work. I need to become more organized for the sake of my career, mental health, and my spiritual work. I know that as long as my work life is devoid of conciousness, I'm going to suffer endlessly there. Is there any resources or advice anyone has on getting organized in a balanced way? I'm doing Chakra meditation on my solar plexus to help ground myself and my willpower but I'm thinking something more practical? Steps I've take so far: Gym 5 times a week to help ground myself and release the tension in my body. Work on hiring an assistant Otherwise I'm still a mess when it comes to scheduling, organizing my day, etc.
  9. Astral Doorway is really cool! That video series is legendary
  10. I'll say this my friend. If you are in non dual awareness, do not try and write it down and explain it. Feel it. Chew the cud of Satori. What you wrote only makes absolute sense to you. You have not touched the truth with your words. I know you aren't trying to, but this serves nothing. I say this from personal experience.
  11. Well said brother. The ego as a mental construct is a miracle from God. Let it be, no need to get caught up in it
  12. I did this too after my kundalini awakening. I would imagine I was the car and would feel the speed and every bump on the road. I would imagine I was the tree and feel the branches swaying. My favorite, when going to sleep I would imagine I was the entire bed, and would feel sooooo warm and cozy. The way I put it at the time: "I must become the subject for whom I am it's perfect object". This is the basis of flow and mastery I believe.
  13. I often think that the whole "finding yourself in Asia" is one of the most Western spiritual ego things people do. You're already going and that's great, don't want to be negative in that regard. I would just say follow your heart and keep an open mind as opposed to doing what you think you "should" be doing to make the most out of it
  14. The ego is scared as hell of the depth of conciousness!
  15. Yea I totally agree. And that also becomes clear when awakened. Language is an internal phenomenon which relies on the assumed meaning that others place on the same words. Language has an intelligence to it. Sometimes I wonder whether communication is metaphysical and fundamental to conciousness.