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  1. @Someone here so what you're saying is, instead of finding the truth within ourselves, we should believe what other people tell us, information that has been manipulated and changed over generations. Maybe we're all just an experiment, maybe god as we know it is evil and satan is good... I'm not trying to prove to you that reincarnation is the real deal. I'm just giving you an idea to view the bigger picture. Let's look from a perspective if this entire discussion is dumb. i mean, reincarnation, heaven and hell don't actually exist, What is the purpose of us living and would you believe it? Would you believe it if you knew what your existence is for and how you became so informed having specific talents? Bodies of info performing such miracles are made up of particles. In this existence, will you stay persistent and make a difference in the world you're living in, or be manipulated by time-based prophecies that kept us from living in the moment? But then again, books like the Bible, Quran, Mahabharata... ect are guides to human beings, or else we'd be lost... is what most people say... maybe its a tool to manipulate human beings to reap money... the rich will get richer and the poor poorer. so live simple life so the poor can simply live... that my friend is the best way to be drenched in goodness without even mentioning god's name
  2. how about you take a look from the reincarnation perspective, if you're sinful, you'd be reborn, again, here, on earth, or we call it hell. Once our debts are settled and no sin in our pockets, we are free to choose to ascend to heaven/or back to our home planet or go back to hell... why back to hell you ask? cause its fun.. or to guide a loved one to enlightenment at the risk of attaining more sins why reincarnation is more believable than the concept of heaven and hell shown by the media? Hell = earth Heaven = so many clouds, so cloudy it clouds our judgment, i guess, one way to find out is to die, but with conditions, you've got to be free of pain, desires, and what not ;p but then again, I'm just another human saying stuff ;p
  3. If you love something, let it go, If it belongs to you, It'll come back
  4. I think this question varies for many people, and it's like you're asking me what am I going to have dinner 3 months from today... what if there was no final step? I mean, maybe the final step is for us to decide whether we WANT A FINAL STEP or keep going on with life as humans on this planet or whatever terms or forms we can exist in this universe?
  5. this is one thing i practice very frequently; the person who blames others has a long way to go the person who blames themselves are halfway there and the person who blames no one has already arrived #tipstoenlightenemnt #pfft but yes, this helped me with practicing neutrality and being zen with everything around me I probably don't make sense, or I do... i think.., don't take my words as it is, but yes, do as you please... because you and only you are the master of your own universe ok fine..... I found this on Instagram..... =P
  6. @itachi uchiha bro, your cheat code is on a high-level @Luca001 YES, remember that anxiety is a bitch, and sometimes staying in and trying to solve anxiety might not be the best idea, take a break from your daily routine, go and do something you've never done before, for me, I hike in new places every weekend in this tiny ass country where I am from. Nature is said the most natural way to replenish your energy. Find a waterfall, sit and meditate under the waterfall. let your emotions flow down the water and the fall wash all the crap outta your head, not ur ass. unless you want to feed dem fishies
  7. yes honey, not trying to sugarcoat, but in 10 years time, when you read this, you probably won't understand what or why you just typed this
  8. Hello, i think i can help you figure this out by telling you my experience; i am a marketing major student, didn't know wtf I was doing, just yolo'ed and pick the most creative/management based course Job history(in order) - supposedly marketing intern (they dumped me in IT and warehouse department most of the time) - field researcher - mathematics tutor - corporate insight analyst - insurance agent - operations executive - fiber optic technician - sales executive - human resources executive - project executive (current job) I did not plan my life path, I just took every opportunity to learn that was given to me AND BOY I LEECHED EVERYTHING I CAN LEARN FROM IT even if i wasn't interested, cause i know, the more diverse topics i know, the better i can pick up chicks in the bar :3 , or tinder now, cuz covid ._. My point is, life is crazy, it brings you all over the place to experience the best and worst things in life.. remember that everything you experience in your reality is preparing you for a bigger picture.. take some time off, layout every education course/job you've done and skills you have(useful or useless) You might not see the hint for your life blueprint yet, but just keep on swimming, do random things that you've always wanted to do, and figure it out,.... this is your journey sir and remember what mr oogway said in kungfu panda
  9. try tinder, meetup, bumble or join a fb group in austin, visit the nearest church
  10. to see or not to see is something you and only you can decide cause what you think, speak or see is what you become/creates your reality I've had the same experience as you, and after a journey of going nuts with covid in an Asian country, I realized that self-love is the most important thing that you yearn deep down, Try practicing Mirrorwork looking into the mirror for a certain amount of time each day and gently talking to yourself, you can foster a more compassionate and forgiving connection with yourself. >> would it work? maybe yes, maybe no everyone is built differently with different catalytic properties, so if this doesn't work for you, just keep walking and most importantly not give up, cause the door to your solution may seem tiny or far, but always remember, the journey is more important than the destination.. yes... I ripped it off from an Instagram post.. you're welcome