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  1. Long hours of sitting and being witness or watching the voice in your so called head is the key. The voice is the ego, let anger or stress doesn’t control you, you control it. Every second you must be aware of it. Do not get attached with the voice. Your biggest enemy is yourself.
  2. Definitely. It is. But so called happening of it seems as magnificent.
  3. What do you think about knowing or existence? Isnt is crazy that learning or knowing? It literally doesn’t ground on anything, however we %100 believe them without questining. Or so called mind, always silence but just a so called voice we get attached with it.
  4. Are you sure that these are sentences? Because you learned?
  5. What is existence? Word, feeling, experiencing, learning, knowledge or thought?
  6. Yes you can. Hemostasis can kick back more harder than you can imagine. And sometimes people choose the lolipop instead of the Truth.
  7. He definitely realized what enlightenment is, however he was still holding the ego and behave from the ego. Thats the reason why these all situations happened while he was alive.
  8. Imo, he just didn’t care after some point. When spirituality turns out to be religion thats what happens. Entire spirituality is just love (for duality). Osho’s ego seems highly active.
  9. It doesn’t matter. For sleep, imo balance is the key. However, long sitting in darkness and silence is the key. When your mind gets quite as deep sleep, than you get it what is the ego, if you comprehend what is the ego you get what enlightenment is. Silence is language of God all else is poor translation. Rumi.
  10. It depends on you. How much do you love yourself or how important you are for you? And try to get enlightened is more hard, however not doing is easy. you (the one who projects) must drop every feeling, expectations, just be as witness. Good and bad must dropped and after the enlightenment they will be identical. Therefore, the path you say is completely opposite way of the enlightenment. It does matter. Freedom is incomprehensible and incredible. Ego is to small, the moment is the source. Beyond even imagination. The one who is getting 30 years in prison or the one who is alive is ego itself. You are the source, You are the now. So after enlightenment, ego still stays there however You behave from the source, you watch the ego, control the ego. Life becomes (whatever happens) is a lottery for you. Because you are literally nothing, and having a life is a magic. Whatever happens if you suffer that’s because of your ignorance.