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  1. 5 minutes ago, Leo Gura said:

    I have not read Art of Mastery. It's probably his easiest book. Or you just overlooked the nuance.

    Like I said, he is a freak of nature. Go look at our Freaks Of Nature Mega-Thread. That's why I made it.

    He didn't become the best martial artist in the world for no good reason.

    Is it really true that he was the best martial artist in the world? This part of Ralston's history confuses me in particular, there seems to be very little information on this online and was one of the things which made me doubt Peter Ralston as I suspected he's faking authority.

  2. If you believe forming habits is very difficult and overhyped, that's how it will be initially, until you have changed that belief. That's why you should start with a small habit, pick one wisely that is relevant to your current goal in life. If you try integrating too many habits at once it will be an overwhelming task, you will slip up and it will fail, thereby reinforcing your belief regarding habits being a useless concept. Instead choose your battles wisely, start with something small but meaningful.

    Be specific about it, which time of the day you do it, optimize the step. For example if you want a habit of flossing every night, plan in when you're gonna do it and check it off everyday for a month. Look up flossing technique and refine the activity itself so that you're forced to focus more on that thing for the first month. This way you'll not only pick up a habit, but refine a skill in the process. You'll not only be a person who flosses their teeth every night, but you'll do it properly, creating a habit of attention to detail and doing things right. Small habits like this are way more powerful than they seem. How you do the small things in life will carry over to how you do everything in your life. The small things add up. You learn something from everything you do, it programs you. 

    Then when starting a habit like the gym, having a gym program that you stick to is a form of habit. Learning those particular excercises better by practicing them & your body getting used to doing them in a certain order allows you to make adaptations, alterations to the program that are specific to it remaining the same, refining it. You'll get better at those excercises and setting up the weights, the technique, a lot of things will get automatic and that's why habits are powerful you'll not have to think about it, you'll know "today is Monday, time to hit the gym whole body day A program, go there, barely need to look at your program and you'll remember your settings and do the setups faster because you're used to those excercises".

    It takes a long time to automate something completely, the more automated something becomes the more easily it will put you in a state of flow. Everything just runs smoothly because more and more steps become automatic, the process becomes faster as a whole and requires less effort. You're approaching mastery.

  3. Loved this talk, I think both Dr Mike & Dr K are both very valuable voices in the health/medicine space on Youtube. I used to not be a fan of Dr Mike years ago but he has grown on me a lot lately, his content is becoming more and more meaningful, he's stepping up and taking responsibility over the influence he has gained. The discussion was mature & both raise valid points. Glad I watched it!

  4. TheBynq are the best bugabusers of all time as far as Runescape goes. Disconnecting servers, Invisibility big, item dupes, dungeoneering item smuggling, duel arena wearing weapon despite no weapon rule bug, stealing jagex rotten potato jmod item from jagex mod. The list goes on and on, they did a lot of their bugs by finding "buffer overflows" in the game and using those to stall commands and smuggle area specific effects and other things.

    They were not ethical but they were really good bug abusers!

  5. Stanley Kubrick

    Franz Schubert

    Ingemar Bergman

    John Coltrane

    Federico Fellini


    As far as music & film goes, these are some of the greatest geniuses of all time in my book. Stanley Kubrick always blows my mind. Every movie he creates is entirely different and groundbreaking. 2001, Barry Lyndon, Eyes Wide Shut, The Shining, Paths of Glory, Dr Strangelove, they're all incredibly different movies, entirely different genres. One of the few things that ties them together is the absolute craftsmanship mastery of moviemaking that was Stanley Kubrick's fingerprint as far as I'm aware. Despite the movies being so different from eachother you could still tell they were all made by him, just by his attention to detail alone.

  6. 15 minutes ago, Growly said:

    @Asayake why xD

    It's going to be easier on your digestion and it's going to be more convenient. Rice is easy to slam down but all those beans are going to take a while if you don't mash them up and eat them as a mash. But personally I prefer a bigger rice:bean ratio as well for tastes sake.

  7. 21 hours ago, Someone here said:

    When you really question everything you think you know or have an explanation for.. you will be shocked at how little you know. And it's not extreme to say that you don't know a dam thing.

    Do you know what anything is or do you just give it a name? 

    For instance.. A cat. You don't know what a cat is. I mean it's essential nature. You just know it's appearance. And you give it a name. A label.


    We give labels to objects and actions.. We write mathematical equations to describe certain patterns in nature.. We think we know this stuff.. But we actually don't.  We don't know what an apple is or what a tree is or what a color is or what a sound is or what a feeling is or what a thought is or what  a human is or what psychedelic is or what any thing is.. Existence is pure undefined magic..

    An explanation requires further explanations to back it up and you always end up with infinite regress. 


    There is a paradox in your reply in the sense that it implies that you KNOW that there can't be any explanation and that we don't know what a cat is, how can that be known? Do you agree? 

    Also when you're saying existence is pure undefined magic there you're defining what existence is, paradoxically. Do you really know it's pure undefined magic?

  8. 15 minutes ago, integral said:

    I loss my erections on veganism's and determined the cause was a issue with fat absorption so I need to eat foods high in cholesterol like eggs to get it up. 

    Are you serious? This sounds like a meme but if you're serious I think it's highly unlikely it was because of low cholesterol, that sounds more like carnivore propaganda in my ears rather than scientifically sound. Perhaps you ate too little calories because vegan foods tends to be less calorically dense and eating too little could increase your cortisol levels and perhaps mess with your erections.

  9. 5 hours ago, Basman said:


    Never said I hated them tf. I was a vegan once.

    Speaking of projection.

    I don't deny you never said that. I read it between the lines and I don't deny it's possible that was just my own projection. It's very possible you don't have any aversion towards vegans, they are just people trying to do the right thing after all and you can relate to that probably even more because you were once one yourself. But that you have an aversion against vegan food or veganism seems possible to me still. That you were a vegan once doesn't matter much in that case, it's a common thing that people try a certain thing and over time it turns out that thing wasn't for them/didn't work out for them and then they grow aversion towards that certain thing as a result. I have experienced that myself first hand with weed for example.

    It's possible you were just sharing an objective observation, although your judgement that the people in the vegan restaurant were miserable & grumpy is your subjective interpretation of the situation and could be colored by unconscious motives. The reason for you sharing your observation seems to me to be to discredit veganism as an unhealthy way of eating that sucks the joy out of life, so that seems to indicate that you do value atleast vegan food or veganism negatively.

    There were many possible reasons for why the people in the restaurant looked grumpy that had nothing to do with vegan food. Perhaps the food was just poorly cooked and tasted bad, perhaps people were stressed out from work or forced to go there because their vegan friend doesn't eat steak which was their real preference, perhaps it was cause they're stressed out from working low wage jobs. There are many possible reasons why people could appear miserable and grumpy yet you seemed to come to the conclusion that it was because of veganism/vegan food and that indicated to me that you could have some kind of aversion towards vegans, veganism or vegan food. But it would be interesting to hear more about your story with being a vegan and how things really are. It's impossible to get any meaning out of your comment without some degree of projection because your comment is an observation with an implicit meaning that leaves things up for intepretation but it seemed pretty likely to me that it tried to paint veganism in a bad light whichever way I tried to interpret it.

  10. 2 minutes ago, OBEler said:

    @Girzo connor murphy is no random dude.  He went all in into spirituality. I have over 10 years spiritual developement behind. Connor murphy shared some great insights about Transformation no other book or youtuber has shown and I watched them all. Just saying

    But hey, for you he is just a random crazy dude. It's shallow but fine by that


    I agree that Connor is not shallow, the dude has more guts than most. He really went for it, he went all in and there's big risk involved in doing that. But if no one ever commited like he did we would be nowhere near where we are today. He's a mad scientist, although he did fly too close to the sun and burnt himself quite a bit, he seems to have recovered pretty well. And although he's a pretty weird dude, nothing less should be expected for someone who underwent the journey he undertook. His journey is an interesting example of a completely unexpected life transformation, revealing that Connor is in fact not a shallow guy but a pretty deep and strange guy, that's what's underneath the bodybuilding youtuber surface.

  11. By embracing it, swallow conciously, be aware of the sensation of swallowing and stop trying not to do it. It will pass sooner or later, the wisest thing is to just become ok with it happening so that you don't cause yourself more suffering than necessary while it's going on. The sensation of swallowing can become a sensation for mindfulness and help ground you in the moment and bring you out of your head if you observe it as it is when it happens.

    Over time you'll become less nervous/anxious and then you won't be swallowing like that anymore, but it can take some time so there's no reason trying to speed up that process. The important thing is that this behaviour doesn't make you avoid the situations that trigger it, so that's why you want to befriend this behaviour and stop seeing it as a problem, so you can keep exposing yourself to these situations which make you nervous/anxious and over time you will grow comfortable in those situations.