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  1. This guy claims he hasn't eaten for 19 years: I can't really believe this, can this be true?
  2. Out of context but why the fuck would somebody wanna bang 1300 women? It's not even fun and I guarantee this sex is often boring and not worthy. Your whole life is fucked up because all you do is looking for pussy🤣👌🏼
  3. Of course it's not a sin
  4. crazy
  5. That shouldn't be a good sign dude. Here in Switzerland is also the worst summer I've seen in my life - lots of rain here but South of Europe like Italy and Greece they have fire everywhere cause it's too hot.
  6. Where I live a lot of ppl are demonstrating against big corporates because of climate change and global warming, especially the youth. Last week they were demonstrating in front of our biggest banks such as UBS and Credit Suisse and the public transportation and traffic was blocked in the city. So the planet is getting warmer and warmer, I can see it even by myself how glaciers are melting down when I go there hiking and the weather is twisted . It doesn't look very hopeful. Do you think humanity will survive this and manage this crises? You can see and read a lot of apocolyptical warnings these days. What is your take on the global warming issue? Will humanity make it?
  7. First I would say forget this childish theories about beta and alpha and then if you do al lot of cold approaches (as I red in another post of you) you will become more self confident. I did lots of cold approaches by myself, that's how I know.
  8. you start with 50 this weekend but you have never done daygame? correct me if I'm wrong.. bro you first gotta find 50 hot women when you are out in the city and then you can't make excuses. 50 women in one weekend is A LOT, especially when you had never approached women in daygame before. You have no clue how exhausting this is. More realistic would be 10 -20.
  9. It's so supid to spend so much money on a bootcamp, at the end of the day you still have to do it and approach. So I am with you an cannot understand why you should pay other dudes money to tell you how to say "hi" to a woman
  10. yes you can your thinking about your skine color limits yourself
  11. try it out and you'll see Too much thinking, too less action
  12. yeah I had no divorce in my family but they just accepted to be with each other no matter what. I think it's because society wants it and it's easier to manage life and family and not because of unconditional love. I think this is the case in almost in every long term relationship - it makes life much easier.
  13. agree
  14. thanks, hello back to Switzerland;)
  15. cause they probably had no other choice so they managed to be together through the bad and good times but I'm sure it's not like in the Disney movies where everything is perfect