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  1. I would like to request a video on how people become and are racist nowadays and believe that certain races are superior and what's going on in their minds as well as what is structual racism?
  2. because it answers most of the question about my life and it puts me at ease. I listened to the whole video couple of times and each time I listened to it, everything became more obvious and clear to me as Leo explains it very well and then I realized that most of other Leo's teaching boil down to that exact video, just in other words.
  3. This video actually makes me feel better
  4. The deleted video on solipsism of Leo is still on youtube on another channel as you probably know. I listened to that video many times and I must say, I love it! It changed my view of life and sometimes I go back and listen to it when I feel like. I also noticed that it summarizes down a lot of other videos about "god" and other videos of Leo but for me that one on "solipsism" was the most clear and accurate one. So Leo, I know you took it down from youtube for good reasons but still my question is, do you feel the same way these days as then when you shot this video?
  5. @Sucuk Ekmek Yes, but he also made some statements which sound like alt-right propaganda. He made statements along the lines that there is a genocide against white South Africans which isn't true obviously
  6. I saw this on Twitter - I mean X. What do you think?
  7. @Danioover9000 not really as there were too many comments, I didn't even read them
  8. Ok this is actually a quite insightful point.
  9. Didn't he have a skin disease?
  10. So just a little update and summary from me after the trip: It was 3 days ago and an amazing experience. While tripping I experienced a lot of discomfort but also love on another level. My visuals were long arms waiving around me. First in red and black and then in lighter colors after I openend my eyes quickly and then closed again. I felt more discomfort and fear than comfort overall and I wanted that it ends soon, however, when I came back, I felt soo much lighter than before. The next day I felt so present. I was going out on a day market with friends and I felt so present the whole day. So present that girls I talked to for 2 minutes wanted my number and contaced me for example because I was in such a good, calm, peaceful and present state. Then I went to an art musuem with a date. The musuem was amazing, I saw art from a different perspective than before and really enjoyed it. Some of that lightness and present is still here but not as intense as right after the trip. It's time to explore further for me.
  11. So soon I am going to have my first DMT trip. I am looking so much forward to it. I wanted to do psychedelics for such a long time but I was too scared. I will prepare properly and will have a trip sitter I trust and a good set and setting. However, I am scared that I will get a panic attack or something during the trip. I am not scared of ego death or something like that. The reason why is that if I smoke weed, I tend to get anxiety and I used to have panic attacks when I was younger which now transformed itself into a milder form of pure OCD. Even when I had MDMA last time I felt anxious and uncomofortable the whole time The main goal I have actually with this trip is to solve my OCD issue. However, I am scared of panicking. Basically I have anxiety of getting anxiety. Can you give me any advice on that? Should I just leave it? But I wanna do it so badly...
  12. Why is it widely accepted to change your gender but not your race? I saw some people in the internet who identify with a different race than their born with and they face a lot of hate whereas people who change gender face support. Isn't it the same thing in a way? You don't wanna be what you are basically.
  13. I also think I suffer from Pure O, basically all my life if I think back. Here or some examples I used to have: - I had one thought that whenever somebody said something, I had to rhyme the last word of what the person said in my head. It was freaking me out. This one is gone. - I had one thought that I couldn't stop paying attention to blinking my eyes. I couldn't do it subconsciously anymore. It was annoying as hell. It is gone now. The same thing I had with breathing after I did some meditations. This one is also gone now. I had many more things like that and only one is sticking to me to this day and my goal is to conquer this one for good now: - I always have to think in and about accents (dialects). It is exhausting, you can probably imagine. How do I deal with it: I just do all my things no matter what. I go to work, I go out, I go running, I go the gym, I go on dates, I meet friends. Basically I don't lock my self indoors and let the OCD dictating my life. I do whatever I have to and live my life, even though the OCD is there and it is annoying as hell and nothing seems to help. I basically just accepted it and let it there and I won't let it stop doing me from ANYTHING! I think it is OCD, right? Let me know what you guys think.