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  1. This is a serious question, please answer it seriousely. As a hetero sexual male, I only experienced dating in male to female interaction. How does dating and attraction work with lesbians? If women are into status, what about lesbian women? That also must mean, that not all the hetero sexual women are into status. Also in my experience men are mostly active in approaching, kissing first, leading to sex and so on. What about for two women, how does that work? And then as well for homosexual men? I have a few gay friends and it usually goes very quickly towards sex and not much playing around and game and so on. So I'd appreciate the answer of homosexual people on the forum, just out of curiousity.
  2. What about lesbians, what are they attracted to?
  3. Since the how to get laid is the latest video series of Leo and he talks a lot about going into clubs, I am wondering how can you get laid by going in clubs? The dates I get come from online game, approaching women in daytime in the city and social circle. I am pretty happy with my results in these areas but in the club, I almost never got laid all the years I went there. I made out a couple of times in a club but that was the exception when I went there and I really suck at pulling a woman from a club. Most of the times when I go in a club, I'm having fun dancing. Yesterday I went to a club again but there were more men than women and only a handful women I am attracted to but these women already had 10 guys before me hitting on them. That's almost all the time the case. So what is the secret of "club game"? Having fun only is one point but not all of it....
  4. No problem at all, me and my friends did it
  5. I did not complete the task correct, it says pick a single thing. my bad, but I can't delete my post
  6. sure because you won't have sex with her in a public space but you can make a move by kissing and touching so she realizes your intentions
  7. yes that's correct, try to forget her, she most likely will not come back but if she ever would, you don't go cold on her anymore. I don't know if this helps you but I want to add something: I had so many fucking dates in my life and I see patterns now. I failed so often, got rejected in every possible way and the more you get rejected, the less you care and also you get better and better and the women start to love you when you know how to handle their behaviour. the question is just do you have the willpower to go through all that to be successfull...
  8. It seems like she ignores you now cause you didn't make a move when you could. Even if you failed at least she would recognize that you tried. I would go cold on her as well and focus on other things and other women until she will invest in you.
  9. and then? you go out into the real world, you think the real world is a safer place than a forum on which everything is so fake and adjusted so you can't make jokes? what benefits do you have from that?
  10. Anyways, I didn't except that reaction and I didn't want to hurt your feelings Preety, I'm sorry for that and that you took it that way. Don't take stuff that personal. All the best, peace
  11. maybe I get banned, maybe not, I don't really care. I watch Leo's videos to learn and try to have an open mind that's why I went to this forum but I have a lot of stuff going on in my job, will move to another country, gym, friends, women, self-development an then I make one comment and people doubt their whole existence, wtf? Now you want some pity cause I said mofugga. Shiiiit That seems to me you have a lot of issues in your life, how can one be so offended about one funny comment.
  12. I made one comment and wrote: " Marcel is a beta mofugga" or something like that and this is the reaction and I was playing around a lil bit? guys get yourself a life pls, you don't seem in a healthy place at all then Marcel made post that more ppl needed to be banned and so on and on Because of one sentence I made ppl freak out. How can you survive in the real world if you are that fucking sensitive like a little cry baby? This is some real kindergarten stuff
  13. ey relax I got a warning and a even a post was made to ban members of this forum because I made one funny comment, you take stuff way too seriously, you hang out on this forum all day long, don't you have shit to do in your life? whatever you can ban me if you want, I just say my opinion hehehe Enjoy your day?
  14. I'm just playing?