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  1. @Mason Riggle k Mason 😊 Thx for clarification 🙏
  2. So I googled ego and the research result was its synonym to self-worth self-importance self-esteem, from that I concluded that having a high ego is a good thing nah? 🤔
  3. @Fearless_Bum@Fearless_Bum @Fearless_Bum @Fearless_Bum Okey 🙏 thx ❤️♥️
  4. @Fearless_Bum @Fearless_Bum @Fearless_Bum I have absolutely no idea what you talking about 🙄🤷‍♀️
  5. @Fearless_Bum @Fearless_Bum so you suggest I should simply not care and not ask questions and just go about my things and move on with my life like ego doesn't exist or what?
  6. @Fearless_Bum so the ego is unique to everyone ( obviously we don't have same fears) but I still don't really get it 🤔😔
  7. Hello guys, Can someone please explain to me what the Ego really is? Cuz I see a lot of things sometimes contradictory on the internet!! Sometimes ego is demonized sometimes its gloryfied! I don't get it... I though it was our fears and all the things we want to get rid of and outgrow but then it is said that ego is there to protect us (you know like from serial killers and past traumas) like defense mechanism... So what is it and what does it do?
  8. @LfcCharlie4 no I have never tried that. I thought of it but for other things... Thank you for sharing this ❤️👍
  9. @Michael569 thx a lot for the info you shared 😏👍❤️
  10. @Michael569 @ZenRising @Michael569@Michael569 yes that's correct. My doctor warned me about meat. I don't that much of it really only about 5 times a week in small quantities so I'm not worried about that. Also i want to give myself time and not lose weight so fast cuz that's just unhealthy. So I'd lose few kilos a month but sustain it and I'm as well thinking long term. Results from harsh diets don't last. 😊🙏
  11. @ZenRising @Michael569 hey, well yes I did fasting before and it didn't help a lot cuz at the end of the day I'm super hungry which makes me eat more than usual, i basically gained weight from that cuz I eat everything : sandwiches, sugar, pastries etc... Keto might be good cuz there isn't much deprivation in it you still get to eat meals you like... I get frustrated and angry when i deprive myself so much and don't get all the results I want like so much hard work for so little results.. Pfff 🙄
  12. @Michael569 k I'll get it thx a lot 🙏👍❤️
  13. @mandyjw okey 👍 thx 🙏💕
  14. @Michael569 @Michael569 Yes I do swimming. It didn't really help cuz the food is 70% but I enjoy it still. I'm a fat fish in the water 🐠💦🤣🤣🤣🤣 i think I can do what you said (I've done it before) maybe I lack the discipline cuz I have a huge appetite 😋