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  1. I've been doing mushrooms since 2019 practically on a monthly basis. Been up to 7g in a single session with no problems at all so far. A couple months ago I've started participating in indigenous Ayahuasca cerimonies here in Brazil and it has been pretty intense but also amazing for deeply healing myself and understanding/exploring reality. Now I have this idea of mixing them both, thinking about 5g mushrooms + 80ml aya. Has anyone here done this before? If so, how was your experience?
  2. @Adodd beautiful trip report man. Thank you for sharing! My next Aya ritual is scheduled for the 19th - will probably try it this way. Regarding mushrooms, do you always lemon tek? How do you prepare it? I always did them raw and am rather curious about the difference after reading your report.
  3. @Razard86 pure gold - had a similar insight during a mushroom trip. thanks for sharing!
  4. @Federico del pueblo loved reading through that site. Thanks mate!
  5. I have made a comprehensive playlist for Ayahuasca/Mushroom ceremonies here in Brazil to be used whenever no live music is possible. Enjoy (; https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3VcQFPKjsynfrsujazFhGR?si=b04f31e98efb45db
  6. @bmcnicho Nice! I know what you mean when you say "pure quality" - that's exactly what has made me curious about mixing it with Aya. How will it behave? How far can I go if I just surrender myself in this intense manner? I'll experiment the combo with a low dose and see what happens @Benton you're right and I thank you for your advice. will test the waters at a lower dose and report back the results!
  7. @Benton The full blown ayahuasca brew. Talked about it with my shaman and he was completely ok with it
  8. @halfknots thanks for your answer. I'll probably do that since this idea is strong within me and hasn't subsided in the last few days.
  9. @bambi Personally I would wait, yes. Mushrooms are ancients and they are here to help and teach, but they also take no shit and thus should be respected otherwise there will be a lot of purging. Living in debauchery and hedonism is basically the opposite of what it expects of us in order to help us heal and guide us towards whatever we need to overcome in order to love ourselves more and lead a better life. But again, those are my 2 cents about it. In the end, its always up to you - follow your intuition!
  10. @bambi thats what I do. Fasting really helps. I also found that it helps to purify yourself before the trip for a week or so - abstaining from eating any kind of meat (if you're not vegetarian already), drinking alcohol and industrialized food. I have also experienced deeper trips and connections with myself by abstaining from physical orgasms for a while before the trip. Having a strong meditation practice also helps. Enjoy! (:
  11. @aurum thanks. I really don't know - the idea just popped up in my head and no bad intuitive feelings followed.
  12. I've always wondered about that myself. Why go to such lengths to create a dream in which 99,9% of people are not interested in truth, and thus, live in unsustainable, unloving ways such as in this earth? Great topic btw
  13. The purpose of this topic is mainly to bring to light what is happening in my country and to inform whoever may feel concerned for the well-being of humans elsewhere, value justice and are against fascism, neoliberalism, neocolonialism and the exploitation of any human. This is probably no news for anyone who has read Open Veins of Latin America by Eduardo Galeano and understands the continent's politics since the Monroe Doctrine. The brazilian military coup of 64 was openly supported by the US at the time. https://nsarchive2.gwu.edu/NSAEBB/NSAEBB118/index.htm https://global.oup.com/us/companion.websites/9780195375701/pdf/SPD12_US_Support_Brazil_Coup.pdf This has been taken to new levels since 2016 and the coup d'etat that removed ex-president Dilma Rouseff illegally from power, orchestrated by the brazilian bourgeoisie, who was always submissive to US capital and the military through the Lava Jato operation led by ex-judge Sergio Moro and ex-prosecutor of the republic Deltan Dallagnol with the support of the CIA and the FBI. https://www.lemonde.fr/en/archives/article/2022/03/11/lava-jato-the-brazilian-trap_5978421_113.html https://theintercept.com/2020/03/12/united-states-justice-department-brazil-car-wash-lava-jato-international-treaty/ Since 2016, we have puppet governments that deliberately limits the competitiveness of our own industry, completely opening the country to major corporations mainly from the US and Europe, disrupting our own businesses and leading to mass unemployment, the passing of new laws such as a reactionary labor and pension reforms that brought us to a precariousness of work not seen since the industrial revolution (e.g. leading people to work for uber and ifood for 14+ hours a day and earn about R$200 reais a day or U$2.92/hour with no healthcare, vacations, pension or sick leave). All in order for our country to undergo a deindustrialization process and consolidate solely as a cheap commodity exporter (cattle and soy bean, destroying the Amazon and Pantanal, a number of different minerals incurring in the genocide of different indigenous tribes throughout the country etc) https://www.survivalinternational.org/brazilgenocide https://www.netflix.com/br-en/title/80190535 It all got worse when in the 2018 elections, the former president Luís Inácio "Lula" da Silva, who was then way ahead in the polls, got illegaly arrested by the same group of jurists who have worked in the Lava Jato Operation that had already caused so much damaged and bound the brazilian economy to the Dollar. Lula got illegally arrested before the elections for 580 days and could not compete, which led to the victory of fascist president Jair Bolsonaro (a known US puppet, then sworn to Donald Trump, now isolated but still silently bound to the Joe Biden government) and we're now stuck with a fascist government that destroyed all our major companies and is doing everything in his power order to let external capital exploit our country while leading a massive propaganda effort to numb the minds of our poor and middle class. https://www.brasilwire.com/lula-arrest-is-a-gift-from-the-cia-mocked-lava-jato-prosecutor/ https://progressive.international/wire/2021-02-12-lava-jato-the-cias-poisoned-gift-to-brazil/en Here's hoping we can get through this dystopian situation in the upcoming elections without another coup d'etat which is already being prepared by the military, the bourgeoisie and international supporters such as Elon Musk, who is actually here today meeting with our fascist "president" in order to guarantee the exploitation of our natural resources even more while bypassing all legal bidding processes in order to have a public contract with our government, just as he did with Bolivia. My sincere thanks to those who sympathize and try to help by spreading the truth. https://www.peoplesworld.org/article/after-bolivia-elon-musk-says-capitalists-can-overthrow-any-government-they-want/ https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-05-20/elon-musk-is-said-to-visit-brazil-to-meet-with-bolsonaro-friday
  14. and always getting updated as I keep finding deep songs with lyrics pointing to existential insights (: enjoy my brother!
  15. yeah, he's been doing this in Latin America for a while - check the last two links of the main post. he's trying to enslave us all while using propaganda to make him look like the nice guy with "solutions" to the problems of the human race. he's also playing the same game in the US (look at what he has done to California after the state has given him millions of tax incentives and moving to Texas purely because of ideological discourse and shift to trumpism/fascism)
  16. Infinite Diversity in Absolute Unity: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6WLkZFrPpiuax7kYayrY3F?si=2fe635e518714569
  17. being without attachments, seeing through death and embracing total fearlessness.
  18. @LastThursday this cracked me up hahaha btw, still waiting on your take about solipsism
  19. as a brazilian I wholeheartedly agree. soccer is all about money these days (as is basically anything in this decadent capitalism era) pro brazilian players don't even care about playing games for the national team anymore, they just want to perform good in euro championships and keep earning ridiculous amounts of money
  20. This. I strongly recommend the fire kasina practice explained in depth here: https://firekasina.org/
  21. exactly as I do today, but probably living in a far more advanced society that finds laws preposterous and archaic because people deeply understand we are all one and the karmic consequences of being "evil" (ignorant). "before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water"
  22. It baffles me how someone who watches Leo's content still has any doubts about Trump, or worse, tries to defend him. It is extremely obvious that he was terrible for the US and the world. A racist, elitist fool who has basically deepened inequality, resurrected the KKK, dismissed COVID's lethality on purpose going against the best medical science, dismissed global warming going against the best environmental science, treated poor immigrants like jews in WW2, destroyed the US reputation around the world etc etc etc. Whoever still has any doubts about his ignorance and danger for the world should seriously train more in Morality, Buddha's first and last training: https://www.mctb.org/mctb2/table-of-contents/part-i-the-fundamentals/2-morality-the-first-and-last-training/
  23. Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha: An Unusually Hardcore Dharma Book (Second Edition) by Daniel Ingram