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  1. Hello guys Recently after inculcating habits like regular sleep , frequent exercise ive managed to reduce my anxiety However ive encountered a problem Im now anxious about not having anxiety The way i see it it , anxiety is a method of looking into the future and preventing problems. If im not anxious , what if i miss problems that might come up in the future? Does anyone have any advice for me please?
  2. @Razard86 Thank you so much for this amazing indepth answer?❤. Just a few last clarification questions if you dont mind 1) so do other beings ( animals/povs ) have feelings / thoughts experiences? Ie- if i punch my friend does my friend actually feel pain? Or is it like when i punch someone in a dream? ( ie-they react like they feel pain but in actuality they dont exist) 2) when you died/ when we die will we have any sense of experience/ some sort of awareness? Or will it be complete nothingness/ lack of any sense of awareness. Most teachers/ including leo have said death is actually one of the best experiences ever. He has said its better than a 1000 orgasms. From that i gather it has some distinct feeling that differentiates it from other feelings ie - the feeling of an orgasm and the feeling of eating a pizza / although both pleasurable can easily be differentiated right?
  3. @Razard86 hello ❤do you mind if i ask you a couple of questions? No pressure if youre busy 1) do you think other beings excluding yourself are having an internal experience( thoughts , perceptions, feelings pain ,happinessetc) right now? Or do you agree with leo that only you ( razard) is having an experience and other animals/ humans are npcs? 2)can you tell us a little about your experience of death? Were you aware during your death experience or was it more like deep sleep? Did you make a consious desicion to come back from death or was it automatic? Ie- similar to how we dont choose the exact time we want to awake from sleep ( it just happens, unless we use a alarm clock?) 3) do we/ our egos have free will? Or more accurately do people deserve praise and blame for their actions?/ can people choose to do otherwise? Ie- is sam harris/ rupert spira right about free will? No pressurs if you are too busy to answer. Its just that ive been going throught your posts and found your answers to be quite well thought out. Id love to know more about your world view
  4. Hello everyone , im a big fan of leo. In leos recent philosophy video he said that he is one of the only humans to get to the end of philosophy and that we can get more from his work than kant, socrates, nietzhes etcs work combined. My understanding was that what leo was doing was making nonduality easy to understand without using subtle/ complicated "spiritual " language Eg -lots of other spiritual teachers wont outright tell you that "you are god" , " you are immortal and death is imaginary" , " everything including murder, war, suffering is love"etc But these ideas have all been there for 5000+ years in the form of hinduism etc right? Does leo have any ideas/ beliefs that are uniquely his own, which others havent talked about? One ideas of his that is quite uncommon is solipsism. ( that the other peoples/ animals among us dont have an internal experience) But other than the above i cant remember an idea that i hadnt heard in hinduism, bhuddism etc The reason i ask is because i distinctly remeber leo saying that othet gurus etc havent realized what he has etc
  5. @newbee thank you i will definitely look into nevilles work. but will this help the core issue? This wont prevent my loved ones dyings etc etc will it?
  6. Hello guys can i have some advice on dealing with anxiety regarding the unpredictable uncertain nature of life? How are you not anxious about the fact that your life might go terrible wrong at any moment? Maybe you get an anuerysm and become paralysed forever in the next few minutes. Maybe you meet in an accident while grocery shopping.maybe a girl finally agrees to go on a date with you but turns out she drugs you , robs you and then kills you etc etc the list goes on and on I thought of seeing a therapist. But what can a therapist really do? Can a therapist gurantee that i wont get a anuerysm next year? Or that the gfs/ freinds i make wont turn out to be sociopaths who use and abuse me? It seems like an unsolvable problem. Edit- It doest seem like leo has made any videos addressing this topic. He has an old short video about worry but it doesnt discuss the topic above
  7. @vibv I agree with everything you said. Rape is done out of love. But my question is ,using the colloquial everyday meaning of love, should we say that the rapist loves his victim?
  8. @Razard86 if you have time read my post again. I have already said i dont think im morally superior to a pedophile.if i had their genes etc i would be just like them. I feel sorry for them. I have zero anger towards them This post isnt about pedos really. Its about how leo uses the word love. It seems to me like he sometimes used the word using its colloquial everyday meaning and sometimes uses the nondual "everything is love " meaning
  9. @Leo Gura Sorry how do i become less dense? In the same way a pedo didnt choose his sexual preferences i didnt choose my iq isnt allowing me to be convinced by your statements. I didnt say sexual arousal precludes love, i just dont think it necessitates it. I think we are disagreeing over semantics here. When i use the word love, i mean- caring for someone wellbeing I think you are using the nondual meaning of love - everything is love A question - if a man is torturing a woman because this sexually arouses him,does this mean he loves her?
  10. I agree , but colloquialy i dont think you can say you love someone if you are only sexually aroused by them and dont care about their wellbeing.
  11. Yes Even though i know that not all pedophiles, for the purpose of this conversation when i say pedophile i mean someone who rapes kids. If a pedophile was sexually attracted to children, but refused to rape them because they think itll negatively impact their wellbeing, then i would say the pedophile is not only sexually attracted to children, but also loves them because he cares about their wellbeing I think its physically possible. Ie- someone gives you holds a gun to your head, gives you viagra and asks you to have sex with your sister. Or maybe a drunk husband who doenst know what hes doing. But i dont think you should say someone somoeone who premeditately raped their sister, knowing it would cause her suffering loved her. He loves himself
  12. @vibv yes , but i dont think its related to my post The gist of my post is that i dont think being sexually aroused is the same as loving someone. I am sexually aroused by kylie jenner. I dont love her though
  13. Ofcourse. But love for my little ego self, not love for the other person.this is where i disagree with you. If i go out and rape a girl I wouldnt say that i loved the girl. I loved MY egoself. I wanted MY egoselfs desires fullfilled I think im using the colloquial definition of love. By love i mean - a deep interest in the other persons wellbeing.their happiness/sadness is your happiness/ sadness. Like the love jesus had for men. If you asked jesus if he would re endure all the torture he went through for mans wellbeing i bet he would say yes , and he wouldnt even consider it a sacrifice.because his wellbeing was so entwined with other mens wellbeing, the suffering he endured by being crucified would have been less painful than watching his men suffer. Edit- when people say they love someone, i doubt that what they mean to say is that they are sexually aroused by somoone. When a mother says she loves her children. I dont think shes saying shes sexually aroused by them. I think shes saying her childrens wellbeing is her wellbeing
  14. i was asking haven't you ever done that in your past relationships . Have i ever pursued a relationship with a women solely for the purpose of getting my needs met at the expenditure of her well being , similar to how pedophiles pursue relationships with children at the expenditure of their well being? I can honestly say i havent. But what does my post have to do with me? I didnt create this post to prove im morally superior to a pedophile. If i had their genes etc i would be just like them
  15. @gettoefl Where did i proclaim love or that im a good guy? I think you missed the point of my post. Im not trying to demonize pedophiles. If i was born with their genetics, upbringing etc i too would be a pedophile. I dont blame them at all. I just dont think being sexually aroused by someone / raping someone is the same as loving someone.