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  1. @Leo Gura i know game is what matters most to attract a girl .And girls get more turned on by the emotions they feel and not just physicality(like guys) but would you say a girl would enjoy being physical(sex) even more if the guy has a six pack/muscles? Or does having muscles not increase a girls enjoyment during physical activities?
  2. I understand leo.but being a fan of yours,You don’t seem like the person who would do anything without giving it 110% effort.since you overachieved in everything else you put your mind to (consiousness/pua) I wondered why you didn’t overachieve in weightlifting as well btw do you still do any form of weightlifting/exercises? Do you put any effort into“looksmaxxing” Leo?
  3. @Leo Gura but didn’t you leo? 7+ years of weightlifting would have made you an elite lifter right?
  4. @Leo Gura I found this vid and could tell you were working out(nice v taper). Was this when you were at your best?
  5. Some coaches etc say you should never discuss your problems with your gf as “she is not your mother and it is not her responsibility to be your emotional caretaker”.the man is supposed to be the girls caretaker. they say if you talk about your problems she will lose attraction for you.therefore you should take care of your probs on your this true?
  6. @Leo Gura I was watching one of your old videos and you said you had been weightlifting consistently for around 7+ years at that time.could you share some progress pics of you when you were your buffest/ 15 lbs heavier?would be super motivating
  7. Is it possible to stay alive while being completely selfless or does surviving in the human form require atleast some level of selfishness no matter how consious you become? imo it is impossible to survive without being atleast alittle selfish.even if you were a stage turqoise vegan living in a cave you would still atleast be killing a few small animals/insects etc while you were walking etc. btw- is there such a thing as a selfless act? Given that we are all literally one isn’t me helping YOU,literally me helping myself? And even if you look at it from a orange perspective, the only reason I decided to help you is because it makes me happy (selfishness ) right? If you can think of any examples of a truly selfless act could you’ll share it with me? Imo it’s impossible
  8. I am curious about your thoughts about David goggins.could you’ll share them? Do you’ll admire his lifestyle or?
  9. Has leo started uploading videos on monday instead of sunday? I noticed he hasnt uploaded on sunday for the past 2 weeks and this week
  10. @Leo Gura leo didn’t you ever take part in toastmasters or something similar to build up your speaking ability? I too admire the way you speak. Btw I found this once when trying to find an interview of you.can you tell us what it is?
  11. @ivankiss wow that’s still impressive! Bro did you invest time into learning pickup? Or are you just a natural?
  12. @ivankiss have you really slept with 5000 women? How!? Can you give us any tips? Did you learn pickup etc or are you just a natural?btw why do you even need to consider prostitutes? If you’ve been able to sleep with 5000 women obviously you’re really good with women.why can’t you just get another girl the way you got the other 5000? Are you a celebrity or something? The only other people I know with body counts like you are wiltchamberlain(20000) and other nba stars
  13. Who’ll get more ladies? Rupert spira ,sadhguru and eckartte tolle vs mystery/connor Murphy and neil strauss
  14. @Leo Gura Leo is there any difference between intimate human relationships and the courting process monkeys and other animals go through? I like to think that there is more to human relationships than my reptilian brain/biology provoking me and incentivizing me to reproduce.(similar to the relationships you see onDisney movies and titanic etc).i like to think that human intimitate relationships are highconsiouse and different from the relationships other animals have(which are mainly just to reproduce). But is this actually true? Or is the complexity of our mating strategy blinding me? Similarly to how the complexity of my basic survival(having a job etc) makes me forget that what I’m doing is no different than a bird building a I just like to think I’m smarter/more special than I am?
  15. This doesn’t coincide with my experience of reality leo.especially considering the fact that the person asking the question is a lady.maybe for men game is more important(but I disagree ever here).i certainly think game/good social skills help but I still think being physically attractive to your partner is very important.wdyta this cartoon and song exemplified in the video,although very rare,I do think it’s possible to fall under the looks threshold enough where game will not be of much service to you. Btw is it possible to create pure raw physical attraction through game?to the point where a women craves you? Have you ever?