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  1. I scored fearful avoidant in the past, but now I am secure from working on my beliefs.
  2. You made it pretty far. What benefits or drawbacks did you experience while abstaining completely?
  3. Know that she is attracted to you and only you and the circumstances will change. You are the only option. Remember who you are.
  4. I meant to type it this way because I don't know what else to call it
  5. My belief and experience: a relationship happens when I stop trying so hard to make it unravel a certain way. I know that shit into being. If I believe it will take 20 guys to find the right one then it will take 20 guys.
  6. It's not any moves in particular but it's important that: He is obviously super into me He makes me feel beautiful and sexy He is eager to get me off and tries different ways until it works He easily takes the lead and knows when to be rough Cuddles after
  7. Noo haha only my crazy exes could be psychopaths! Not me, I'm an angel. I just watched too much Death Note. Psychopathy isn't in the most recent DSM, but it's an interesting topic. It used to be diagnosed with the help of the PCL-R test and 30 is the threshold for diagnosed psychopathy.
  8. Beef, butter, organ meat and eggs are calorie and nutrient dense. Expense depends on quality. You will not find any pesticides, lectins, oxalates, goitrogens, glycosides, or enzyme inhibitors in meat. I avoid eating egg whites because of the avidin that blocks biotin absorption. Heavy metals in meat are a concern from very poor quality farms but toxicity doesn't rival the amount of heavy metals stored in leafy greens.
  9. Like some other people said it's the carbs especially grains that make you sleepy. I used to experience this a lot and gradually cut down on carbs until I felt better. I'm usually under 10g of carbs per day now and my energy and mood is very stable. Kudos for trying to figure this out as being sleepy after a meal is very normalized nowadays.
  10. On top of a solid exercise routine, get enough red meat and eggs to build mass. Gotta have all the essential amino acids to build muscle to begin with. Avoid too many carbs because they give men the dreaded man boobs. I'm not a guy so I can't say much about how to exercise to get huge pecs lol. Good luck!!
  11. Carbon steel is the least harmful choice. Cast iron is also good but it is bulkier than carbon steel. Stainless steel is a lot healthier than toxic nonstick but it still leeches Nickel and Chromium. I'm not sold on high grade stainless steel being super dangerous. I would go with any of the 3.
  12. It gives people an edge in this work to live, work 40+ hours per week culture. Also it is one of a few stimulants that are legal to consume. If coke was legal, more people would just do that. Most people eat the standard American diet or other plant based, nutrient deficient diets and require caffeine to have any energy. Even a healthy person can enjoy the euphoric effects of caffeine. Eventually regular caffeine use is obviously causing withdrawal effects of tiredness that only more caffeine or quitting entirely can fix. You probably know all this but wanted to announce you do not personally consume caffeine like those other people lol.
  13. Actual 26 y/o female reporting in. When I was 18 I did the 90 day nowap challenge. Honestly it seems most people interested in self actualization experiment with this at some point. There's a ton of people on YT, reddit, and forums preaching about all the superpowers from simply not touching the pp. The first 2 weeks I was horny all day every day. I barely thought of anything else, so it was difficult to focus on college work. So much for superhuman focus and work ethic. I did have a lot of energy. Most of it was pure sexual frustration that I had to channel into other tasks that I did half-heatedly. I truly did not want to do anything other than the nearest guy. After 2 weeks, I reached the "flat line" where I had 0 arousal. It was more peaceful I guess. I got more work done than the past couple weeks but not more than before I began the experiment. I started to feel that life was bland and routine. I did what was needed without much inspiration. When I broke my vow of purity, I came in about 5 seconds. The slight depression lifted. One positive was I relied less on porn moving forward. I don't think it's degenerate, but I was sinking too much time into it. I became more interested in the guys around me. I actually still enjoy using my imagination more than videos. I noticed no benefit to not masturbating. Actually it felt unhealthy to restrict myself. I figure nofap is more for mentally ill males with ED from their PMO addiction. Maybe they feel "superpowers" when they resemble a normal, sexually healthy human. I find it funny that influencers get rich and famous off of counting the days since they last applied friction to the pp. Vulnerable young people trying to self improve get stuck in a pointless sexual shame cycle and extinguish their naturally high need to fuck. You're young just enjoy it imo. If anyone gets a true benefit out of nofap, more power to you. When I think of having sex it's quite pleasurable. Hmm, yeah, I definitely would not want to stop..
  14. I appreciate you for handling this. I already did the course, but I wanted to go through it again because I became way more mentally/physically healthy and can introspect clearly. Actually the same day you posted this. If Vimeo wants to donate to charity, they can do it on their own dollar..