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  1. He talked about losing a family cat in I think the “What is death” video
  2. I looked at it. I think he’s just tripping when he posts sometimes and sharing things he normally wouldn’t share. Leo has talked about experiencing mania in the past so I think he’s well aware of what that feels like. I think he just doesn’t give a shit, it’s Instagram lol.
  3. @thenondualtankie @Javfly33 If your goal is to improve socially, you've tried psychedelics and they haven't helped with that, I would absolutely say try MDMA. I started out taking it at raves about 5 years ago. Then I started using it at home with my closest friend. We would talk about things we were afraid to talk about before. I became WAY more social after that. No longer in my head and able to be ultra present with other people and much more empathetic to them. I've done it alone too and that is also very helpful for self acceptance. Now I mainly like to just do it with my closest friends. Would love to do it with a girl I care about some day. Some people recommend MDMA therapy with a therapist which could be helpful if you have past trauma that you need to overcome. I didn't really have any trauma thankfully so it wasn't something I needed. As far as dosing, I stay in the 80-120 mg range and I typically don't redose. You will hear people talk about the comedown but so long as you don't go overboard on the dose you should be fine. TEST your shit first though. I have NEVER experienced an MDMA comedown and I've rolled probably 20 times in the last 5 years. I'm not saying I won't or that it won't happen, but if you taken proper precautions you can mitigate the risk. As far as setting I would say you can easily do it alone, however you will WANT people to talk to so it's nice to have someone there with you.
  4. I've done a lot of these drugs so I'll give my take Phenibut - stay away from it. It was very nice the first few times I tried it, but you will build up a tolerance super quickly and it can become extremely addicting. You will also start to feel reliant on it to calm your nerves and feel like you can't be social without it. Extremely dangerous drug that can actually kill you Coke - fun but in my experience it really just results in you wanting to talk, but not actually listening to the other person. These days if I do it it's literally just to keep me awake when I go out otherwise I get tired quickly. Also you have no idea what's actually in the shit you bought so fentanyl OD's are always possible LSD - Can be extremely fun in social situations and bring you out of your shell but It can also go horribly wrong which is the risk with doing psychedelics in a non controlled environment MDMA - Probably the best socializing drug from these, however it's too intense to take in a normal social situation with people who are not also rolling. You're probably better off just rolling in a controlled environment with a few people and doing some inner work to help you break through some of your insecurities. This will make you much less nervous in social situations without any drugs. At least it did for me. I don't demonize drugs and tell people they need to figure it out sober. You can do that. But it might just take you a lot longer. One MDMA session can clear so much shit out of your system that might have taken 6 months of therapy to sift through.
  5. If I do it's for like the briefest moment and and then *poof* gone. Not ever a serious contemplation. Just the monkey mind running wild.
  6. If your mindset going into an approach is, “I’m going to talk to this girl not because I’m actually interested in her but because she’s not attractive and will want to sleep with me even if I don’t put in effort” then that’s exactly what she’s going to pick up on. If she has some semblance of self worth she will toss you to the curb.
  7. Agreed mostly lines up with my experiences
  8. I've experienced this on mushrooms. I was on the verge of a bad trip and laid down and closed my eyes to try and relax. But when I did that I wasn't resting or going to sleep. It was literally like my existence was being removed. There was nothing. I would think I was going to sleep, but there was no recollection of sleep. It would be complete black nothingness. There was absolutely no self during that moment and time was not a thing. Very very bizarre feeling.
  9. I made my two best friends by tripping with them. I would say I probably can't go as deep with someone else there as I could solo tripping, but the connection you form with another person in this manner is insane. I trust these two with my life. The last time I tripped with one of my buddies it was like we synchronized as one throughout the entire trip. All the guess work that comes with being an individualistic selfish ego was gone. It was incredible. We both understood that we are nothing and words were not needed for much of the trip. Now I just hope I can find a girl to do that with on an intimate level some day lol
  10. I understand your perspective. But do you also see how this exact situation could happen to someone else and they could label it entirely different in their mind?
  11. What does the curse look like? How are you differentiating between what aspects of your life are a result of the curse and what isn't?
  12. I don't reject curses as an aspect of reality. I believe that you believe you're cursed... But if I decide to start attributing all the things that I consider "bad" in my life to a curse, am I also cursed now? If you never knew that word curse existed would you still say all that is happening to you is due to a curse? Who is the one who has decided what is considered a curse and what isn't? Aren't you the one doing that?
  13. A lot of women get duped by it initially. It turns them on at the beginning which sparks the attraction and then when the evil side of him comes out they ditch him and ask why they can't find a nice guy. What they want is a guy who sexually asserts himself, but at the same time is respectful. Not an actual nice guy because that does nothing for her sexually. I would equate it to a man who wants to sleep with a woman he barely knows just because she has a nice pair of tits. She could be a terrible person, but he can't help himself and just wants her until he eventually gets tired of her bullshit and leaves.
  14. That's fine. Just make sure it doesn't become a crutch to you so that you don't need to take action. If the forum fulfills your social needs enough then you might not be as motivated to expand. It's the same concept with porn. Jerk off all the time and you won't care to meet women.
  15. Stop thinking and start doing. The answers you need are not going to come from asking questions on this forum and hoping things will change.
  16. So when you meet someone for the first time and want to get to know them, what do you do? You ask them questions about themselves. If all you see is an attractive human being that you want to bang and are not genuinely interested in who this person is they will see straight through your bullshit. You need to ask questions about this person. But don't sit there and turn it into an interview. Ask them something and then riff off it and give an answer that also reveals a bit about you. And when you feel like you might be talking too much about yourself then throw it back to something about her. Even if you have a super interesting life it doesn't matter. People like to feel valued and if she's very attractive her first impression is probably going to be that you only approached her for her looks. You don't need to tell her this she already knows it. So when you talk to her do not make the conversation about how she looks.
  17. I used to. Then I got over it and realized it doesn't matter. It's all just a game to entertain ourselves. Get lost in the game of life the same way you would with an actual video game. The more you immerse yourself in it the more enjoyable it becomes. Understand the stresses you place on yourself are not real and being created by the mind. It's difficult to always be conscious of that which is why this thing is so damn interesting.
  18. These kinds of questions are a waste of your time. Don't think about the "signs" that a girl likes you. Just show your interest and be done with it. Life is too short to spend time deciphering clues. If she has a BF then don't do any of that and just find single girls.
  19. MDMA at a strip club was wild. I had multiple girls all over me shoving their tits in my face, trying to make out and even fuck (it's a much different experience when you go with ppl who roll deep and hook you up). But I couldn't have been less interested. It was just all so artificial. I felt amazing with the MDMA alone and the girls were just a distraction tbh.
  20. You shouldn't worry about whether it's a belief for Leo. Per his own words it's his direct experience. Verify it for yourself whether it's true for you in your own experience.
  21. I've forced myself to be a leader at times. Not for me. I like to be left alone too much to deal with that.
  22. Looks like it was ignited by the birth of his child and therapy. That's a pretty incredible transformation. High levels of self-awareness that you wouldn't expect from someone who was a Nazi for that long.
  23. Being unaware of what is stemming from different levels of ego and misinterpreting it as truth
  24. Wow 3 hours is a lot for your first time. I think I called it quits after an hour. It felt pretty incredible though.
  25. Grab the front of your foot and squeeze the sizes (lateral compression). If you get intense pain it's possible there's a neuroma. It's usually associated with some burning or tingling though. But ditch the crocs they are awful for your feet.