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  1. Technically the things he is saying might be true, but you can easily tell that he is not coming from a place of experience, it's just philosophy to him
  2. I am not a dentist, would you make an appointment with me? There is no method that he is presenting. All he says is "These are the seven secrets enlightened masters know about. Entertain them mentally and you will be happy"
  3. The guy is nowhere near being enlightened. You can't define enlightenment without enlightenment, that is what he is trying to do. He thinks he understands what he is talking about but he doesn't "mental modelling can get us there in a very short time" alright
  4. Self > no self
  5. No, it's not the same. "I am God" is not the same as "I am a god" That "no one" is Buddha
  6. @BipolarGrowth That was a joke and a correction The joke: since I am Buddha, I didn't say that quote The correction: I said "I am Buddha", you said "I am >a< buddha"
  7. That's not what I said
  8. Why talk at all? I observed this. When "less conscious" people come together they just start babbling without actually saying something. Most people don't know the difference between talking and saying something. It's like they are trying too kill the silence that's there
  9. reality shattering stuff right there...
  10. What about moving to Iran? Is your life threatened or is just the loneliness aspect?
  11. @Leo Gura Members here basically are your children, your responsibility. Get him out of there
  12. Your Self penetrates everything leaving nothing out. You completed yourself You are Heaven
  13. Ramana meditating 14 years straight Also as much as I like Ramana Maharshi, on a lot of images he doesn't really look happy
  14. You are doing great, sweetie
  15. Because there is just something off about it. It almost has a sinister vibe to it Does this look god-like to you?
  16. Yes, this is probably the biggest reason I rarely read any thread/post holistically. Too many just tell their whole lifes story in each comment
  17. More child-like. This is where the "work" lies, going from serious to child-like
  18. You seem slightly out of touch. We are talking about a third world country, not wall street
  19. I thought my turkish passport was limited. The worse is the afghan passport, you basically can't travel anywhere with that one