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  1. I wasn't excellent at math I was good at average always miss on half a point or point from the excellent degree untill I found a good teacher he totally made me fall in love with math I was always getting the full degree afterwards the adrenaline rush me and my friend were getting in his class was similar to how we were playing football matches at the time constant enjoyment and flow God I miss it.
  2. @2ndComing You can't completely follow others you can get a lot of help from people that doesn't mean you're following. Read about the idea of Pendulums from the book reality transerfing.
  3. There is nothing called self improvement this is egoic construction to feel good about it self. There is emptying and allowing god to do work through you so your work is not to improve its to allow. God is whole and perfect. Check out let the source take the garbage on actuality of being.
  4. No one. there isn't something called growth.
  5. I was like you too math was my favourite subject with science all of it physics, chemistry and biology. Find a good teacher work under him as an assistant.
  6. Maybe we can reframe the question to what's most powerful rather than real I think that's a better question to his answer
  7. There are some people who their bodies don't decompose after death they all have one thing in common which is they were doing spiritual work I want to know why is that how that works if anyone here knows about this?
  8. Humans can't create a fly how can they invent something smarter than humans? Data gathering machines are not smart. consciousness is. you see machines are designed to do whatever the humans want it to do unlike humans who are created in the image of god and are given his attributes humans can attribute some of their attributes to machines but not like the creation of infinite intelligence. The idea of AI having cognition like humans is impossible they don't have an ego , energy centers, feelings , spirit Aliens from other galaxies sounds more interesting idea than AI if they exist especially if they are smarter than humans.
  9. Ai is dumb it can't be human like It's too overrated right now ask this question 100 or 150 years later right now not even close.
  10. they are a very ugly manifestations of spiritual diseases.
  11. Why would anyone get triggered? What's triggering about someone who is enjoying his stage? lol
  12. Leo is an ENFP what are you guys talking about he is a clear ENFP
  13. No, God doesn't create randomly it may seem like chaos to your human mind but it isn't no one can fully understand god it's impossible. there is a limit to our human mind.
  14. A quote from Neville Goddard's book (at your command) " Things have no reality other than consciousness therefore get the consciousness first and the thing is compelled to appear Get first the consciousness of the things you are seeking and leave the things alone. " What if I don't have the Consciousness of the thing I seek bec I never experienced it. how can I get this Consciousness? What does he mean by the Consciousness of the things?
  15. @Hardkill this year I have been to 4 to 5 jobs one job the boss didn't like me he was looking for mistakes so he can fire me by asking me irrelevant questions that he doesn't ask my coworkers he told me to take a rest after only less than a week and never contacted me again. Another job told me I don't work hard enough even though I did all the tasks required. The other 2 jobs were extremely physically exhausting. From all of this and reading your post, I think the problem might be unconscious or god sending a message to seek a different path Idk I am not sure. there is a dead-end loop here you need a cash flow to do your independent work but you're not succeeding in the wage slavery environment.
  16. For me it usually take up to 20 min or so if without a meditation habit. When I have momentum with my meditation practices usually I hit it instantly after 2 or 3 min also I become more aware about my dreams sometimes I have lucid dreams. My meditation sessions are 15 min up to 45 min per session but I don't to do it daily. If I meditated I do 2 to 4 sessions a day usually after my spiritual practice Salat.
  17. @How to be wise In case of the terrorists they don't have kundalini awakening they have egoic awakening, their energy awaken in an inverted way all of their chakras are in the grip of their ego so it depends on the intention.
  18. Go explore the teachings of Muhammad and Jesus it's crazy how those spiritual masters who created very rich spiritual paths aren't considered enlightened by guys here who jerk off to porn while taking 5-Meo DMT and say porn hits different on psychedelics lol guys here are hilarious. How can someone who meditated in cave for more than 40 years not enlightened he invented a complete fucking path and practice to reach enlightenment and still not consider enlightened I am tired of arguing with you guys. Listening to Quran alone can purify you and clean all your chakras. There are tons of evidence I can list here I am not defending anybody or being dogmatic with religion this all from direct experience that none of are willing to do. It's actually a stigma for guys here who are like you to approach this powerful path.
  19. @How to be wise LMAO just shut up bro all you talk about is "historical evidence" which is corrupted anyways. All the evidence you want exist in your direct experience with the practices and the teachings. if Jesus and Muhammad are not enlightened so no one else is. Let historians teach you about spirituality then lol. The level of ignorance and egoistical bias on this thread is insane
  20. A really powerful enlightening video. Leo should talk more about spirituality on his channel go deep with the energy stuff and purification he will be amazing.
  21. @Gesundheit2 Are you Iranian? You seem to me to be from the Arab world or Iran?
  22. @shahryar I don't mean it's stupid I mean it's irrelevant all the teaching of Muhammad was channeled directly from infinite intelligence there is no human factor in the Quran , Muhammad is the only one who destroyed slavery back then but it takes time for people to accept it so that's why he had slaves. Why do you care about the life of a person who died? You can test the teachings and the spiritual practices of Islam and Sufism. WITHOUT THE DOGMA OF RELIGION AND RELYING ON MEANINGLESS HISTORICAL STORIES. I think you had a bad experience with the religion you should not follow anything people say you should test it and use your mind. You're interpreting the Quran from a materialistic shallow stage orange blue lense that's why you call it zen delivery.
  23. @shahryar All your info here is false and biased Sufism existed before islam they embraced islam later on, the teaching of islam and Sufism has nothing to do with your stupid spiral dynamics theory that you bring in every shit you talk about..