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  1. I like the systematic approach to your response. Much appreciated. I do remember in a past episode Beau saying that he will sometimes leave out evidence to encourage independent research. Agreed.
  2. Pretty much everything Trump says the other Rs follow from what I see. At least in the past. Maybe that'll change as Donald's popularity decreases. I think Beau may be exaggerating some here but not a lot.
  3. I can see what he means by this and mostly agree. I'm wondering what an honest opposition response to this would be.
  4. Honest thoughts/feelings experienced during Progressive YouTuber... video. A little hurt and offended at first. There's a thought to observe content and not get insulted. Thought achieved. This is an ego massaging video. A video showing how people filter the best parts of their group and the worst parts of another. Then they take the worst parts and use that to define progressives which is a kind of fallacy itself. There's wonder if they notice that. Now they are giving examples of good progressive moves and also examples of progressives going too far, which are valid and hold value. Slippery slope joke, good. Laughing. They are not taking everything too seriously, good. The insulting and jerkiness at the beginning can turn off a progressive and not allow them to see the validity and value of some of what they are saying. The lefty may get triggered and start to fight back. The same thing can happen when roles are reversed. I'm not trying to judge or offend anybody. I'm just noting what I see. This was a good exercise. Thank you for posting.
  5. My son (8) and I have been practicing focusing exercises e.g. focus on feeling of feet, sight objects, thought, feelings etc. Holding them for 10 sec. and then letting go. Then stopping the exercise and and just observing whatever is. It feels healthy, true, and growth promoting and usually goes very well. It relieves misbehavior in boring moments and in the car. I started looking for more exercises and found this video (1), and this video (2) on reasons to never open the third eye! (1) (2) If you remove NEVER from the title it is promoting opening the third eye and at least for me reasons TO awaken. I have experienced many of these reasons at some point and they seem positive, not negative, in my perspective.
  6. If my kid ever said they were going to get a sex change I would do what any good father would do. I would sit them down at the table and tell them straight up, "No, not until after you finish your dinner." All kidding aside my heart goes out to these kids. Life can be brutal and I hope they don't bring any long term suffering upon themselves.
  7. I see. I'm always looking for high quality sources and continuing to improve my political awareness. Thank you for the feedback.
  8. I would love to see a debate but it has to be done right with the right moderator. Debates can turn into mud slinging with falsehood and fallacies leaving listeners like myself dumber than they were beforehand. The average voter might be smart enough to be able to weed through the bs of a debate but IDK.
  9. Last week I was thinking about posting a random appreciation for actualized.org but didn't and then after I read that Leo was absent for awhile I began to observe the impermanence of the channel and then everything else. It made me appreciate the things that I have more. So I'm writing this to inspire others to do the same. Drop a line if you appreciate actualized.org.
  10. He is just a little bit of a rapscallion I guess. I am fan of trickery and political satire but this Trump character takes it too far for me.
  11. A little disappointed that nothing positive was taken from that video for you. I see that these adjectives of Peterson are relative. Thank you for the dogma caution. I try not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Wondering what you think of Simon Cowell.
  12. I see your perspective. I used to feel that way a lot and I still do occasionally. When I do feel that way I look at all of the little positive things in my life to balance out the negative. I practice daily gratitude. If I feel down about the environment I donate money to plant trees or tend to my plants. I recognize that I'm only one person and try to lead a simple life. Little baby steps everyday. Honestly just pulling your own weight is an excellent start and nothing to be ashamed of. All feelings are natural and should never be ashamed of. Do not identify with the feelings and don't take them too seriously.
  13. The thought that something is imaginary or not is exactly that. A thought, An experience, Qualia. It's nothing to get hung up on. There's that. Do what is best.
  14. I'm not a conservative, I don't like posting videos about Trump, and I don't agree with everything Peterson says but he does make many good points here and I appreciate his intellect and mature, relatively balanced analysis. I generally get the feeling that he's trying to be genuine when he analyzes and I appreciate that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cROFV8WsUVQ&pp=ygUZam9yZGFuIHBldGVyc29uIGRlYmF0aW5nIA%3D%3D
  15. As much as I love practical jokes I would never support something like this. It is dangerous for the prankster, the impressionable viewer and creates more violent tension in the ghetto. We should be helping the urban ghetto dwellers not triggering them, yo! That shit is going too far!