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  1. "Live simply so that others may simply live." Mahatma Gandhi
  2. 1. Not sure how I feel about the original song, but I love this cover on the harp guitar! 2. An interesting and beautiful cover of the rock and roll masterpiece, November Rain.
  3. @Yimpa I love this cover of The Sound of Silence. Is it true that singer David Draiman was getting over a cold during this? One would never guess it. Incredible performance!
  4. So is that statistic part of the 95%?
  5. I'll take those odds lol. Wait, does that mean 95% of people are weirdos, or that all people are 95% weird?
  6. I'm an old man. Even older than Leo lol!
  7. Looks about right.
  8. The experience of Dave Grohl and more.
  9. Lol. Is this a deep fake? Please tell me this is a deep fake.