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  1. How strange is this.
  2. Yeah, in other words Love cannot be given nor taken. Is a process that happens in oneself. And being God, is much more than saying "you are God".
  3. People has no idea what the military across history has in their sleeves. ???
  4. Don't you guys remember that world war 1 happened as a backlash because governments did not want to take away the masks and vaccines from the public with influenza? Keep pushing this vaccine agenda and we will have world war 3. Just saying. What do you think the military will follow? They will follow the masses not the government hahaha.
  5. For me was years of trial and error to discover what is what. So if you want to master something one has to follow the same process.
  6. Don't blame God for the bs, blame those people who fell out of love, out of God.
  7. I tell you, with heavy hardcore meditation my skin takes a glow. The body is not just static, can be accelerated and become one with the fabric of reality.
  8. A new perspective on how to accomplish the reborn into the afterlife and so on... Not selling anything, just to see a perspective of dark arts initiation from Transilvania.
  9. This is how it feels when the pituitary gland is in full throttle and other glands maybe. I speak from my experiments on shambahvi mudra. Basically it activates the lymbic system, the reptile within, those movements similar to pelvis and at first is something very strange feeling, beast like, like those big monsters from childhood. Now it depends on the feeling, pole like in the head or simply rubber like in the head, stuff moving, swelling and contracting etc.
  10. There is a stage in the path in wich i am, is perpetual "ego death" and reborn every moment. So people refer to this flow of awakening. Because viewed from another perspective, the totally of consciousnesses is accessed through this state. Is not easy, is hardcore, like archery ??