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  1. This causes me so much sress and anxiety on a daily basis in all ereas of my life. Leo suggest psychedelics as a form of dealing whit anxiety and fear. Anyone else any other methods ?
  2. @Nahm what do you mean?
  3. Anyone here that has expierence whit listening to hypnosis ? Does of really works ?
  4. Is mindfulness effective for emotional intellegence and mastery?
  5. Memories from the past. Feelings like frustration helplessnes and hopelessness and intense fear now just feeling confused
  6. Hey, I tripped yesterday on 2 gr of mushrooms. A lot of things came up like things that happend in the past and a lot of uncomfurtable feelings. Now i am just overwhelmed whit al this things and dont know how to handle it. Schould i just let it be? Dont feel verry wel like im afraid all of the thime...
  7. What practices do you recoment?
  8. Are there some self help practices that i can do that wil help me whit that? Field of self help is zo big that i dont know where to start..
  9. Someone once hold me that one session of psychedelics is tesame as 10 year of therapy. Do you think therapy is still useful after doing lots of trips? For me doing therapy is a painfully slow proces.
  10. Hey, Does mindfulness bodyscan meditation work as an introspection skills? For me its verry difficult to feel somethimes..
  11. What do you think about this video? A mot of my self esteem comes from working out of give me a good feeling about myself. After watching this video im al confused
  12. How do i handel premature ejaculation?? Somethimes i can only last 1 min or 15 sec ..
  13. What are some ways to self reflect? Is there difference in mindfulness and self reflection and introspection? Can psychedelics help whit self reflection ?
  14. Is mindfulness tesame as introspection? What are some practices to do introspection ?
  15. Check the crappy childhood fairy on YouTube. Also try everyday mindfulness meditation.