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  1. Well then I take back some of my words.
  2. If you are fully vaccinated I advice you to not care about covid. This forum thinks death is imaginary but does not even have the balls to walk outside when you are fully vaccinated. The whole reason for lockdown was to stop superspreading and to stop getting old people to get the virus. It was never about the safety of young people. Lots of old ppl were dying which caused extreme reactions of lockdown all over the world. I would be a lot more afraid of wasting my life in fear than to be afraid of covid when fully vaccinated. The vaccines work! Thats why its an official vaccine. How can you be afraid to catch a virus outside but not afraid to transcend your ego. To me being afraid of covid is very unspiritual, and I dont mean that in the conspiracy type of way. I understand that lockdowns were necessary. But to individually be afraid of covid, when you are fully vaccinated is just a denial of life and reality.
  3. @Leo GuraHey man, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your podcast with Ben, and I think we would all love to see more like that. It's great to have your Youtube videos as serious deep blocks of your teachings which is of course the meat of your work. But to have these podcasts as sides really helps with integrating it to the real world and day to day psyche. The chemistry between you was great because you were going very deep as always but Ben was constantly asking questions from a perspective that I better relate to. With your YT videos it always feels like we are in some deep Metaphysical dungeon haha where all the shit goes down. This is great and one of the appeals of because shit actually goes down and you go very deep on the topics. But to have videos like the podcasts on the side actually strengthens the depth of your content because we see you talking to someone else, when with YT we are only used to you talking to us alone. What I noticed within myself when watching the convo was how much my Ego is normally twisting your teachings when I watch your YT videos. With the convo this was way less and it was quite shocking to see how much my ego normally gets in the way. You have to understand that when the bulk of your content is Metaphysical and Intellectual dungeon videos, the vibes of those videos get heavily infused in your audience, because you literally have hour and hours of content all in the same style. Just this one video with Ben brought your entire teaching in a different light simply because of the format change even though the subject matter was the same. It just has a super refreshing effect on me as a student. If you are going to feed us raw steak for 100% of the time we forget what it is. When you feed us some different foods for 10% of the time, we never forget the uniqueness of the steak because we are occasionally refreshed. and you still get to feed us the steak for 90% of the time.
  4. Leo when he reaches a new and unfound level of Awakening:
  5. It is completely true that the covid vaccine is effective and that covid is not some government conspiracy. However we should be allow to discuss the ways that governments use this pandemic for their own needs. For example, the vaccine passport, while off course a good idea within itself, is actually also a step towards a China like technocratic system. The covid passport has allowed for all identities to be verified digitally by anyone, even outside the original country. Again, of course Covid is not a conspiracy but people in power are seeing it as an opportunity for new things. "As we enter a unique window of opportunity to shape the recovery, this initiative will offer insights to help inform all those determining the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons. Drawing from the vision and vast expertise of the leaders engaged across the Forum’s communities, the Great Reset initiative has a set of dimensions to build a new social contract that honours the dignity of every human being." From . Notice the "unique window of opportunity" they are talking about. that's what I mean. That doesn't mean the coming changes will be necessarily bad but we should be keeping an eye out.
  6. @Leo Gura You have said that if you eliminate wheat, sugar, rice and potatoes you will lose weight automatically. What do you think about the Ketogenic diet, where you also eliminate these foods, but going a step further to not allowing carbs to exceed 20g each day. (so basically veg is your only carb source). So this diet would leave room for high quality vegetables while focusing on high quality fat and protein sources like grassfed meats and butters or coconut. I am asking since you are following the carnivore diet to my knowledge, the keto diet is basically carnivore with the addition of non-animal fats (I never understood why carnivore does not allow olive oil for example, besides that it's technically not carnivore anymore, why is olive oil not allowed in carnivore diet in a dietary sense) , and moderate vegetables. How is carnivore working out for you, specifically the fact that you are not consuming vegetables? how is this at all sustainable? I don't understand how you advocate for eating lots of vegetables with high quality pigments etc, (In the how to shop for healthy foods video) to make them essential to your diet, and now you don't eat veg anymore.
  7. Exactly. Plus the fact that all real holocaust deniers do not actually intellectually think the holocaust did not happen. They are just right wing racist antisemitist, self deluded to the extreme.
  8. Thanks everybody for the replies. @Bando very sharp commentary, really what I needed. I know I have to leave blackpill behind. I think I already knew this but remnants of blackpill are in me that I wanted to vent in this post. I think I am having BDD issues, since I'm considering jaw surgery. Maybe I will take the surgery once I have saved enough I'll be honest about that. I hate my own face and blackpill confirms that and the victimhood of it. Projecting all this self hate into the world. @Leo Gura How do you build the self confidence and self love to act like a man, when you hate yourself in the light of societies standards, or is it all built through social action in the field?
  9. I'll be honest, I'm struggling with blackpill ideology. It seems impossible to get a hot girlfriend if you are not hot. Quite fair ofc but that is just what I always dreamed of. Leo saying a Pua's succes rate is always within 0.5-3%. Would this really work the same for rich and/or good looking guys. I'm feeling like even if i get a hot girl, She will always either cheat on me or something but never really want me. Girls never look at me on the street or anything. While I hear from other, taller better looking guys that they do. I want to take responsibility but I just want to know the truth about how girls think about me and how they really rate guys. I know blackpill people are fucked in the head. But it feels like it is true how they describe the unlovingness and judging of girls. In elementary I was literally called ugly by girls, specifically ugly. not "pussy" or some other shit. What is the fucking truth.
  10. According to Leo, he is himself a hallucinatory vision.
  11. @Leo Gura Look what I found. "The life of God — the life which the mind apprehends and enjoys as it rises to the absolute unity of all things — may be described as a play of love with itself; but this idea sinks to an edifying truism, or even to a platitude, when it does not embrace in it the earnestness, the pain, the patience, and labor, involved in the negative aspect of things." -Hegel
  12. @Leo Gura It would be cool if you made a video discussing Hegel, maybe in a blog type video, and compare his ideas with yours. I always found Hegel really difficult to understand like many others.
  13. I am willing to go through this to 'come out the other end'. Would 2000 cold approach sets be enough to attract 8+ in the field and to at least not feel devastated if it doesn't work. After how many hours in the field did you 'become a man' and got a different perspective on rejection for example? The thing I'm struggling the most with girls is I can't think rationally when I'm around them, in the sense that my self-confidence plummets to an extreme and delusional level. When I am at home I have a rational idea of how attractive I am, at least I think. But when around or talking to girls most of the time there are just extreme negative thoughts about myself, both about my appearance and about my personality. I try to become aware that they are delusional but it never seems to work. The thoughts are accompanied by feelings of anxiety and shame. I also am afraid that if I approach a lot that I will only get rejected and that thus my anxieties will be proven by the field. I am afraid of the possiblity of my utter failure and therefore extreme unattractiveness. I know it is because of my trauma, because there were rejection and bullying traumas, also sexual traumas so it does of course make a lot of sense that I have these issues, but come on I can literally only think extremely negatively about myself when around girls. fills up my entire mind. The self hate is becoming extremely frustrating.
  14. How to become a guy in the club that girls have this kind of sex with? Just RSD type night game? What other tips can you give?