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  1. I can definitely say leo is deluded, 100 %. He has inverted the truth. in a sense is a cult, because cult not always control you physically but mentally too. Leo without knowing a thing has become cult leader. What is else? Spritual fellows?, Religion entity, personal development club, even he didn't define what he do. The teaching is doctrine of error. That isn't how modern time cult work. Today cult equals with ransomware. They hooked you mentally and psychologically, you are abducted by thought, they already injected your mind by some principles, thought and finally if you say you have something with teachings, they will say you could leave. A true spritual person is father to everyone, he simply don't give up with his children. payment isn't an issue, if you already is a fan that is payment. People pay to promote thier channel. Payment isn't always a cash.
  2. @Red-White-Light trinity is God protocol to manifests and replicate himself. Tcp/iP is equivalent concept. God at purest root nature is sprit and at his replications, he is trinity or Godhead. Religious theology are science by themselves. So you can't discard them. I don't agree we are God's, I can agree we can be enlightened. Or we are images of God.
  3. What is idol for current time? My current idol list 175 negative characters traits shows someone is idol worshiper. And what is ego mind?
  4. @Leo GuraHe needs a toast master class.
  5. @Carl-Richard I know they are one from soul level but from body they are two. So non duality is a type of choice like religion ,like weather your are Christian or hindu! So I choose duality. And Reality is duality. Non duality is a perspective not absolute truth.
  6. How do you know you are God? Isn't the word also is a father - figure pointer to something? everybody disturbs when you say I am God but if you say I am leo everybody is fine. Isn't God a brand name, as you can't label your product coca-cola or Samsung or something else? If you don't say you are God what would be you say yourself? Other name?
  7. Prayer isn't only for the soul but for the mind too. When you pray your thinking patterns will get Wright, from that you can go on life. An example of prayer would be God show me the way of the righteousness and lead me in truth, and avoid all evils from me and protect me. This is powerful mental changing software program. Most people don't pray regularly because of that they are wrenched from God divinity. Prayer is same as meditation, contemplation, affirmations, etc You can't avoid meditation because you aren't good at. By calling them devils you showed you don't pray. Pray to your enemy. Calling people devil is sin, prayer will make people humble with words. You are not answering the questions you are giving technical jargon. Leo, why do you say praying is "horseshit"? @EvilAngel
  8. Enlightenment and moksha isn't possible for all humans and creatures, because not everybody will get enlightened and merge with God, prayer takes time to be in effect. I don't see no problem with asking God for any stuff you want because life itself is spritual. Everything is spritual, if you use with God sprit. You have to appreciate prayer because no one be good at something at first, like working in gym. The father figure is simply a representation of your divine self. As you are represent by digital identity self as avatar. Your profile here on isn't leo, but your representation of you. The same is true with God, father-figure.
  9. But at least it is better to pray than not to pray. Praying avoids many ordinary life issues. Example prayer can keep you out from negative thinking. Yes. If I know I am God I would pray the same as I used to pray before when I didn't realize I am God. Prayer is nothing more than eating food. You don't stop food because you are God. Prayer doesn't implies that you are beneath or inferior to God, because praying isn't inferiority complex or insecurity, prayer is spiritual activitiy, Praying equals to brushing your teeth, if you don't pray your temple of yourself stink. My experience of praying is whenever I do it, life becomes perfect. when I don't do it, I become toxic. Encourage people to pray, like going to gym.
  10. Question to @Leo Gura 1. are you maintaining active life style? Such as going gym, meditation, praying, learning, Getting master degree, night club, keeping with self actualization, hypnosis, charity and donation, contemplation, visiting guru ,developing habit, writing books, all the self actualization listed list? 2. Do you pray? 3. What is you future plan ? What do you want to accomplish? What is your goal? 4. What is your biggest trap in life? 5. What do you wish , you want to have?
  11. @Carl-Richard Why? And how?
  12. Any way leo has a great quality it's our duty to eat the meat and throw away the bone. I don't t think @Leo Gura simply accept the other truth.
  13. @Nahm that isn't the right definition of non duality when teacher ask you are going to answer 1 + 1 = 1. be normal and human. if that is the case consider everything as not two
  14. the problem of jacques derrida is he has state that words have no fixed meaning. that is true but also false. "Deconstruction argues that language, especially ideal concepts such as truth and justice, is irreducibly complex, unstable, or impossible to determine." the problem is why do you choose deconstruction as a method for reality instead of construction? Reality has order, sphere and circle. every language has order to works on in different sphere and circle. but words are Spritual by themselves and have fixed meaning. Leo way of reality is inverted. I would love to hear his idea about on this @LastThursday for example what is your Religion? for example my religion is orthodox Chrstian but it does mean I stop being orthodox because of deconstruction. I didn't say my religion-culture is illusion or imaginary, but I construct Reality. I update my religion, to the next level Orthodox 2. I use my Religion culture as prototype for next sprtual journey the same is true for everything. Leo says Relality is imagination but this is wrong. who decides it is imagination, Reality is imagination in one layer. Reality has orders. for example Religion at its source is God himself. Religion = goodness, for humans being godly or Resembling God. instead of Leo Criticizing Religion-culture or institution he simply Crtisize Religion which is God himself. instead of Criticizing Science-culture he simply Crtisize Science which is God. science is God. if God is the universe and infinite, God is also a science. there are two things in the universe which are Sprituality and science which are God. he simply crtisize God. Instead of Crtisizing Irrationality he state Rationality is wrong. but irrationality appeared in disguise as Rationality is wrong. Immorality appears as disguise as moral is wrong. I keep going on all videos. everthing is wrong and unusable as study material nor can they change people. The video simply makes you alert. Period. @Leo Gura
  15. @LastThursday I watch all the videos.