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  1. We’re not talking about peaceful people, I’m not sure why many people so mistake the topic. This particular person was violent and as sad as it may sound the justice was served. I’m not really sure why we are generalizing all ill people. It was a very unique case that’s all
  2. Yes, you are being very indifferent to this person particular, as I see you contribute a lot of post. I do see you on other topics, but here you do post a lot. Nothing wrong with it just my observation. Of course, having an asylum for schizophrenic or mentally unstable, people would be a best case scenario, then again, you may see it can be something like jail or segregation. All I am saying, is that those people, unfortunately cannot be part of society because the cause damage to innocent people who do not deserve. Again, being a bad actor, cursing at people, or being dirty and smell around, it’s totally fine, and I would accept those individual into society, as though some would not agree. But being violent and hurt others, I totally believe the marine acted correctly. And we cannot judge the way he holds a chokehold because it was done in merely moments. I live in New York City, and unfortunately, I see a lot of violence, especially entrance happening, just today I saw violence.
  3. @Danioover9000 I see you are very indifferent to this individual and I do see your other posts, you are not so defensive of others, do you personally have ties to him? You really posting a lot. Look the basic thing is, if there is someone who needs to perish whether the aggressor like Neely or a passerby, the aggressor should perish and to be frankly honest, the world became better after him. Look I live in NYC, I see violence very often, it’s not fair for normal people, who live their ordinary live, who try to meet their living or make pay check get physically assaulted by someone who is not in their state of mind. This is just how the world should be and for most part is. as far as asylum goes, I mean what other options you have. Again, if someone is using verbal violence, or someone who is a hardcore druggatic but does it all to himself, or someone who is a homeless who smells in a mile radius, as long as they don’t hurt others, they are ok to stay on the society, you are right, they should not be locked up. My only issue is with those individuals who are there to hurt others, unless you have a better idea let me know. Otherwise they will attack and either get killed by a cop or a Good Samaritan. I am as a NYC resident, totally against the homeless attack on innocent people.
  4. If we want to speak of progressive societies, maybe it would be a good idea to build say closed communities for mentally disturb homeless people where they cannot hurt other people. It’s one thing when people who don’t have money live in shelters but I am speaking of schizophrenics who pretty much have no hope.
  5. I agree with Leo on that especially someone who lives in NYC. Especially after pandemic, the homeless situation did get worse and someone who rides trains I do see a lot of people being aggressive and violent. Indeed last week there was one individual who was screaming that he was schizophrenic and forgot to take his meds. He had a cane and was swinging it aiming at people. He appeared to be extremely clumsy either being on drugs or other reason but he was definitely targeting people in the train. Fortunately he was either super high he was missing. To be honest, if at that moment someone would make choke hold, I believe it would have been the right move. Of course I live people and of course we should treat everyone with compassion, but who says that regular passer it’s who go to work or school should endure some psychopath who is obviously trying to hurt people. I will go as far as saying that if someone is verbally abused others, it’s not a big deal (though many people would disagree with me) but saying curses does not hurt people’s bodies. But trying to physically harm them is an issue. Besides the ancient people said “by sword you live! By sword you die”
  6. Robert F Kennedy Jr. is a true old fashion Democrat. Today Democratic Party is very mixed with different kind of ideologies altogether what I like about him is that he is very close to initial democracy principles, the same ones. His uncle was today Democratic Party is very different and have been taken over by others. That’s why the party itself in a big mess.
  7. I agree with Leo banning guns will not stop shooting. Besides, those who really won the shoot will find a way, so that is not the answer. Actually, someone researched and found out that most shooters, especially recently were an anti-depressants so this may be a cue. Guns became so political that one body defends them, and the other party attacks them, and no one really cares. Why shooting happens, notice how political this topic is, people just quickly, jumping to take sides. No, no one spoke about antidepressant. So this is the question are we depressed too much? Maybe curing depression can be the answer to people stop shooting.
  8. Of course we can get super political and of course this entire idea can be usurped by private companies and even countries, even by politicians. But my take was more for human development, assuming it’s all done on innocent level and assuming it will be done for the benefit of humanity. Without career and jobs, what are we to do in this world?
  9. Your question really refers to mysticism. And mysticism is not something that can be measured by science, because science, do you know the measure three-dimensional space, and time, whatever goes beyond, science has no measure. That is why mysticism is considered the greatest conspiracy theory of them all because it may exist, or it may not exist, and there is no way now or even in the future can anyone prove it or disprove it. Maybe after life and prior life do exist or maybe they don’t. Think of a dream, besides yourself can anyone look into the dream, can anyone guess or know what your dream was about? What is really happening in the dream, is it your brain process your daily stuff, or you accessing parallel universes, or maybe it’s just a mental masturbation. The thing is no one will ever know and mysticism will always remain mystical.
  10. This is not a political tread. There are a lot of information about AI in both negative and positive, such as certain organization are there to have world dominance and etc., but this is not what this thread is about. I was at the religious event, and the person spoke about Bible and AI that made me think a lot actually and want to share with you. First to start with the biblical perspective, a person mentioned of Adam and Eve, when they were created, and lived in the Garden of Eden and ate the forbidden fruit, which, after God cursed Adam with hard labor to all his generations to come. Apparently somewhere else in the Bible it says that any curse will come to an end at one point in time or another. Going back to AI, the idea is that eventually it will phase out all human labor, that robots will be doing all the work for us. So the curse of labor will eventually end. just think what will happen to humanity, at first half of humans will be at each others throat, because labor or career is an integral part of humanity. Career or a job that we do is a significant part in our life, notice when we speak to people or when we meet people, or when we date people will always talk about our work, what we do for a living and what are our achievement or Career or a job that we do is a significant part in our life. But if that is taken away, in a healthy way, what we are to do with our lives. The deeper question is, when God created Adam, or the human, what was their purpose. Doing a very deep research, limited only to Bible at this moment, the purpose was to connect to God. Of course, if you ask a religious fundamentalist, they will tell you to follow the Bible, be kind to people and etc. but listening to and others, I feel that connecting means to be part of the Univrse, of universal consciousness and the God that Leo speaks off. Maybe the way the human was created for, and at that time, the human wasn’t ready so she had to be curse to work since initially a human was at a very low development level, but now the humanity did develop significantly and maybe we are ready to strip ourselves off the professions. Deep topic that made me think a lot. I can admit both myself, and I’m sure most here are as well, even if you take a very long vacation at some point you still miss your work. Work is embedded in our lives, and at this point it is part of who we are, but was that the point of creation?
  11. Right now Julian’s father and brother are touring US and showing this movie called ithaka. I did not watch the movie yet but did hear their interview. Actually a lot I learned and didn’t know such details. So apparently what Julian did was he published the items which was given to him, including the famous exposition of Guantanamo bay prison torchere. Now I am not going into politics here really whether US had the right to torchere since the other side did torchere or not and etc. My main worry is as follows. I understand that whoever is employed in intelligence or government classified information signs paper of non disclosure and if they do leak info, they have the fight to be trialed for treason, that’s all given and I am ok with that. But… all what Julian did was publish info given to him, basically he acted as a journalist, and this is very typical as some people say, if something to happen to them they mail to news anchor to expose. Journalism is unofficially the fourth branch of government with freedom of expression. US wants to extract him form England but they asked England to place him in maximum solitary confinement with other mental criminals so the conditions are horrible, not to mention he already had stroke there. This is troubling to hear such, and it’s the state department that does it to him regardless who is the president at that time, whether it was Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden. After hearing such interview, so then the real journalism is not so free. Is that an example they want to set as a precedent?
  12. Thanks all, so apparently you can skip stages, but not really states. But you are correct, the most healthiest way is to go through them all. So there is one person I know well, the thing is he grew in a predominately religious environment with all conditioning embedded into him so for him to let go of all religious practices would be as letting himself go. But on the other hand, this specific individual does have compassionate for others and even resembles a lot of stage green, with the only exception he is too attached to blue stage worshiping.
  13. But interestingly those individuals know the nature of reality, they understand The Universal Consciousness and Great Mind, however at the same time, maybe its pressure from their communities and cultures they grew in, they strictly abide by the religious rules. They are definitely missing orange, green and yellow. But they do have knowledge of God realization that you are God and the world is an illusion same as turquoise would speak off.
  14. SO I know indeed a number of religious individuals whether they are into Kabbalah Judaism, or Christian Mystics of Suffis Muslims, and I am trying to figure out what spiral dynamic level do they belong. So the individuals exhibit a hardcore stage blue, they strongly believe their religion is the only right religion, their truth is the only truth, they strictly follow their respected bible and pretty much fundamentally keep their practices. However, they also are aware and some even know the nature of reality. They do see God as an infinite Oneness and not an old bearded man in the clouds. They do get mystical experiences, they understand the universal consciousness as those teachings do dive very deep into and a lot of things they learn something what one can experience during a psychedelic trip. So on one hand, they are hardcore stage blue, but I would add that they have some turquoise in them, but then i am asking myself, can such thing even be possible by skip;ping so many stages in between. I know a person can be on the border line such as stage blue and orange, but can they be on the border line by skipping other stages. I know those individuals are lacking orange, green and yellow. Or maybe that where spiral dynamic model fail?
  15. In my humble opinion, to be awaken is the realize that you and God do everything at the same time, as you are one, as there is only oneness as nothing else exists, but this oneness. To be a week is to remove all conditions you were brought up in your family, in your religion, in your community. And as Leo said, A person individually will know when they’re awake or not. And the week in person can see through all the bullshit that the media shows us the government shows us the politics, and the school in the community shows us. You understand that you live in full bullshit, and that you are the only one who understand the true essence of reality.