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  1. By 4 women at once after many years. Happens a lot these days.
  2. Safe assumption is that these are much advanced species. People without chins rejoice! You are on the right path. Jokes aside, why are they humanoid shaped? Even have 2 nostrils. We either evolved from common tree or evolution evolves this shape naturally and independently across planets/ universes?
  3. Author fights against biased mainstream narrative about crusades with some bias of his own
  4. Completely healthy and normal to be able to handle extreme violence and gory situations if needs be. Anyone in their life very likely will encounter at least one of those situations. Seeing it on the monitor is a safe way to give yourself a little taste of that so that you are not disoriented when you have to make a split second survival decision.
  5. What these guys are doing might be an inspiration or good shared experience. They are not focusing on food sustainability but are crafty and resourceful when it comes to setting up facilities/ housing/ infrastructure.
  6. Their stupidity has a purpose. Practically you should learn to understand that purpose, love it and realize your role in it
  7. Your ambition/ life purpose is something you have to sell to the universe and keep doing it every day. Your body and mind is also part of that universe. Why should they buy it? How do you become the best salesman of your way? Is your sales pitch clear enough? As others pointed out perhaps you are too insistent or expecting things to be steady?
  8. Its pretty easy to see people on the right as sociopaths. Are there any notable examples on the left? It is harder to spot because they would piggy back on progressive ideas.
  9. I had couple of small awakenings but also deduced solipsism is true but counters itself because there is no time and it all happens at once. I remember Leo disagreed saying to understand this you need even deeper awakening experience. I am ok with not knowing for now.
  10. Power. And when you have a lot of it you dont even need to explain anything.
  11. Knowing math will help kid to survive. You know I actually see your point now.
  12. @StarStruck lol we on same side but if i remember correctly I have called you out before on bs attitude and 0 engagement skills. This kind of response serves 0 purpose but to feel good about yourself. I am guilty of trolling sometimes but it usually has a purpose. You are just going berserk.
  13. How do you tell they are gay? Is there a process? Where is it written? Can a child self determin? Especially before puberty? Crazy how none of it is explained to anyone. Ofcourse it is not, because as proven by some conservatives it doesnt hold any scrutiny. It all falls apart after coouple questions. And to be honest I dont like those questioning conservatives either who immediately cashed in all their half-assed inquiry. Disgusting. So to respond to your ironic remark: yes gay kid deserves being loved and treated with dignity. But go ahead and convince me there is such a thing as gay kid to begin with.
  14. @Something Funny Not systematic. Its by precedent. If precedent gets passed without objection I am pretty sure its half way to systematic. And there has been a lot of precedent passed. Is it true there were instance of schools changing kids gender without parental consent? Children allowed to self declare gender? Its only one step until parents are being penalized for interfering in this process. Some have already bumped into this problem. I checked some of these are even in mainstream leftist media. But ok what is the point? Point is that it is happening. Because noone provided better wording I will use " going for our kids". Asking again. why?
  15. @Something Funny By insisting I mean in some instances parents arent given option to opt out of these events and teachings. They are even being ostracised if they object. I understand its not widespread but precedent instances are there like drag shows and inclusion in classbooks. Examples you mentioned are personal life naturally flowing into public life, fine, understandable. But there are certain events and requirements many find outrageous. Lets not lowball. There is a deliberate plan put in action. @DrugsBunny Heterosexual preferences and conservative narrative is being taught, yes. Sexual stuff is there. The argument both sides refuse to have is should we change this. Both sides just refuse to debate this. Why should I agree to replace conservative hetero narrative with LGBT narrative? I see only 20% of it being abe to coexist the rest is contradictory isnt it? So the question remains. WHY? LGBT stuff is already normal in our societies. Do you really have to go as far as teach it to kids? At this point you are just creating backlash and being counterproductive and making it less normal.