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  1. @Shin Nevermind. This is not a free discussion, so not going to discuss anything on this.
  2. @Shin I was just pointing you guys to your inconsistenties. But that will probably get me banned. So be it. I am to conscious to play this dumm and mainpulative game along from these sort of mods.
  3. @Preety_India Just going along with your fun. Giving yourselves a good feeling how much better you are than Trump. That's what this thread is for. Also I read a lot reactions how evil America is , just like china. And in this thread your not aloud to be proud. So lets stop spending anythng on the military and just see how its goes! Why protect something, why be proud? Peace! Hurray!
  4. You can send a bush of flowers or something like that.
  5. @Preety_IndiaDidn't watch it, but I understood the goal. Trump supporters are dum and we democrats are good. So I went along with the fun.
  6. HAHA look how good and developed we are and how dum those Trump supporters are! We are such good people!! Let's do as if we are all evil and all cultures are equal. Freedom of speech, democracy , human rights who cares its al relative!!! Let's get rid of all that stuff, white people made it!
  7. Advise from taoist to not ejaculate is very old. So this is probably something more timeless.
  8. @_Archangel_ Thanks. I am first going to read the book or a part of the one who is critical towards Bardon. He says mainstream hermeticism is not the authentic western one. No idea if he has the good stuff or is just doing interesting. Lets see where I go from there. I guess I will have to read some stuff to get an overview.
  9. @_Archangel_ Thanks. Bardon can be ok, don't know. But probably he is missing alchemy? For the rest I am not sure if what I said before about Bardon is true. It's from this person: I thought Crowley is black magic? I thought Bardon would be good. Cause it also has eastern concentration nomind etc. And in combination with Mark Rasmus which is a taoist like me it could also be apart from magic a system to get toward higher consciousness / non duality. . Just not sure how valid this approach would be. Not sure if it his time efficient too read all those books of all the names you mention. Its quite some work. But nice to have those names.
  10. !
  11. Yes nice book it is.
  12. Also this can be the case for women. Do the challenge, in three weeks you can know if this is true for you and potentially boost your relationship.
  13. This already quite acknowledged with men. But less known is women often have the same and then it can be a silent relationkiller:
  14. @DocWatts The problem for me is not that my worldview would change so massively. The thing is there just isn't good proof. Those spots on a radar which works with AI are not convincing.