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  1. Exactly, simplicity and wisdom are the ultimate Truth reflections. The elegancy of metaphors and pointers as a tool to teach Truth cannot be replicated, because it is impossible.
  2. Folks could understand what you told Charlie if they were more openminded to radical possibilities. Using a language that even lower stage people could relate to and then slowly advancing it to more abstract concepts might be a great strategy. Your challenge here is to ease folks up and open them up, just like with girls. The "self vs Self" part of speech was very inspiring to me, since the conversation was natural and more bidirectional. Questions and answers were shorter and symbolic. It felt alive. That part opened me up. Now that you did, you can talk anything conceptual from this point on. It will be flawless.
  3. The Earth’s beauty is flowers. The beauty of life is a woman’s smile. Happy women's day!
  4. What's stopping a dog transcend its own agenda and worry about, let's say, other animals? Is it that its prefrontal cortex is not comparable to the one of humans? After all, getting more conscious is about love. What's so rational in this? Can we help animals get more conscious? If yes, how? If no, why?
  5. couldn't agree more
  6. wow they get deeper and deeper. awesome
  7. Interesting. I would like to know more about your story. Thanks. Just stunned. You made me aware of the shadow that's making its way in the middle of those scenarios. It takes the form of anger, frustration and impatience, and it makes a lot of sense now. Might as well do some shadow work and investigate further, no better time for it. Patience is the thing I dismissed it seems. Most of the time I get impatient and make rash decisions because those 'blank sheets' look like a waste of time and energy. I think journaling might be the way to go, although its something new for me, make those blank sheets even blanker haha Thank you so much @kamill @Nahm @Lyubov
  8. Cybernetics / Ecology would be a kind addition
  9. Monument Valley v2
  10. Hi guys. I am 20 yo and currently living with my mom. The challenges I had to go through forced me to get a job. I am quite grateful that I can work and sustain myself, but at the same time the words can't describe how much I detest it. The more time I invest in it, the more I feel it drains me of my potential. I notice it spreads throughout all the chunks of my being, from health to personal aspirations. (wish you can relate) Leaving my job right now is not really an option, but I will seriously consider it in the near future. What keeps me excited is my vision and the fact that I know someday I will not depend on anyone. Currently engaged in 2 saas projects that I'm passionate about. However, it is getting harder and harder to keep up with it. Designing a web component I would have easily done 3 months ago is now a struggle. Can't put a finger on it, but I feel like I have to force my intuition instead of letting it unfold, chasing it instead of the other way around. Meditation and better sleep have definitely helped me, but not as much as I would have liked. How do you guys keep your inspiration rolling? Any guidance, opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  11. welp if bitcoin prices are determined by usd, won't all global economy depend entirely on usd? if that's the case, with such a high fluctuation currency like bitcoin, regulating it is the last thing you would want to do
  12. you cannot print cryptocurrencies like the fed prints money you can mine them but we're approaching the protocol limit, so no bitcoin added in circulation anymore
  13. the Fed stepped in with a broad array of actions to limit the economic damage from covid including up to $2.3 trillion in lending to support households, employers, financial markets, and state and local governments imagine that, but replace dolars with bitcoin would that be possible?
  14. after bitcoin becomes the main monetary currency, society will get more vulnerable to regulation dependent events how about Australia's dependence on industrial exports which was hit the hardest in 1932? that's all transaction based the supply-demand dynamic is hit the most in depressions, so transactions must be regulated how do you deal with unemployment in a critical situation that requires inflation? a fully bitcoin driven society cannot deal with that, nor does the central bank