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  1. I agree people like Leo need to stop crying about right wingers, its PATHETIC LMFAO
  2. Keep crying for him, bunch of losers who have done NOTHING good with their pathetic lives, but hey at least they haven't done anything "bad" either. It's not for a lack of badness, they're just low energy losers, harmless low t fruitcakes LMFAO. UTTERLY REKT KEEP CRYING FOR TAI He smashes 8+ on the regs 100 mil plus Great physique Way more actualized than low t, fat, pathetic "spiritual" gurus who havent given away 1/100 of what he has LMFAO, imagine a "SCAM ARTIST" is more charitable than the most "spiritual" people. PATHETIC LMFAOOOOOO KEEP CRYING THANKS FOR THE BUMPS AHahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha
  3. Why dont u give some money away how about that? You're a billionaire relative to abject poverty people in India and Africa. Give away 100k to them over the next week, you have a million easy. You won't do it because you are the same as Dalio, both of you are GREEDY and STINGY AF. Go ahead and prove me wrong. Give away 100k over the next week. Stop being greedy and stingy and do cry to me to do it either, i gave away 5k in a DAY when I had a net worth of 20-25k, go ahead and u do it
  4. Go ahead and actually ANSWER that LMFAO U WONT CUZ U HAVENT DONE 1/100000000 as much good as them, but hey at least you didn't do anything bad either, GOOD JOB BUDDY!!!! ROFLLLLLLLL Oh and feel free to post better teacher, they're all limited, trust me I know them ALL. JP and Tai Lopez are the best of the best, even better than Leo because they're not weak commies like him which always inherently preaches some weak low t left wing message which is why leo doesnt actually go out in the real world but sits around jerking off on the internet. It bothers him JP is what he wants to him, they're both skinny and frail but one is scared and one isn't. FACT
  5. Wtf have you done in your life relative to them ROFLLLLL UTTERLY OWNED
  6. Tai is one of if not THE most actualized person on the planet. He preaches health/wealth/love/happiness which is a holistic system for self realization. He has given away millions and dropped MASSIVE knowledge bombs, he and Richard Koch are my favorite teachers of all time. I know for FACT, anyone who cries about him is a nitpicking LOSER who will never be successful which is why they focus on small negatives instead of massive positives. Hail Tai I'm gonna post my favorite videos of him in this thread
  7. Like all other teachers. Some great stuff and other stuff that isn't perfect. Take what you like, leave out the rest.
  8. Others ar enot? Leo doesn't talk about physical fitness at all anymore, he just gave up on it. Should I say he is a stressed out idiot full of self deception for accepting a WEAKER and thus a shittier sage version of himself? Stop nitpicking. "Nitpickers are never successful" Tai Lopez
  9. It's no problem have an awesome day!
  10. You know what I do when I don't like something? I don't go in the threads and cry about it. What has all your crying gotten you?
  11. For sure, you and other SJWs aren't still crying for him. Definitely NOT giving him any publicity LMFAO thx for the bumps again
  12. Keep crying for him, he's only going to get more popular. Enough crying for him. Or keep crying for him. THANKS FOR THE BUMP AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH