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  1. It is not new agey, it is an ancient idea. And yes it is real of course.
  2. Rupert Spira says that space also is an illusion, and I don't really get it. I understand that space is like a dream space and reality is consciousness. But even on 5meoDMT I haven't understood what space being an illusion means. Everything is consciousness and all is one, yes, but how on earth is space itself an illusion, where is it taking place? Because creation must be happening in a space, but what does it mean that space itself is an illusion, that it has been created. Please don't tell me about big bang etc, because we're still imagining a space within which the big bang occured.
  3. But guys when we say it is a field, or like empty space, or like "it actually is 2D", we're still assuming that there is something. And perhaps existence is both something and nothing.
  4. You mean there is no me other than the One, as the separate ego me? Because what the heck does you don't exist mean really?
  5. I feel like reality is made out of deep sleep, which is the dimensionless point awareness. So i feel like nothing happens in the deepest sleep, like that happens there is nothing, the substance of all that is, you might say.
  6. Your profile picture explains that ? Yeah i agree, but in that sense we are still imagining two dimensions where the illusion of three dimensions is playing out. But i think if it can be like we can imagine one dimension on which that two dimensional screen illusion is playing like we can imagine two dimensions being able to create the illusion of three dimensions. And then the zero dimension on which it is playing. That would be the zero point awareness.
  7. There might be no real distance between my body and Mars, yes, but as Kant says the frames of time and space come intrinsically in the being, in consciousness. So no matter how weirdly and mind bogglingly we experience space and time, we still are experiencing space and time. And I understand that it all can actually be nothing and all that is including every form can be nothing, but we cannot even imagine outside of the frames of time and space. Even when we are dreaming there is a time and space continuum there. We can jump from time to time, space to space, like teleportation or time travel, but it all still happens in consciousness in a time and space frame. Then I understand how everything actually is nothing and that there is only one awareness which is all there is, but there still is this me that is experiencing itself as a being in space and time, but yeah I also understand that I am space and time themselves, that it is all my motion as awareness, as consciousness, but then does that mean there literally are infinite parallel dreams going on all stacked onto one another in a sense that through imagination awareness is experiencing one of them? And I think this is the case because everything implies that to me really, that reality is imagination.
  8. I experienced that, but even then there still is a, like, experience of space and objects.
  9. Do you think they can be real? If we are in a reality like a dream, in a sense, then I say why not?
  10. Leo once talked about a hallucinogen which made him talk to a friend and pet his cat which actually didn't exist. What was the name of that substance?
  11. I listen to a being called Bashar, he is being channeled by a guy, and he says he is an alien. And the things he says are pretty wise and high frequency. And once they put some devices on the channeler's brain and they saw that his brain was working very differently when he was in that channeling state. So I say why not? Bashar can be such a being who is aware of oneness of being and telepathically send information in that way.
  12. Everything is real. Hello. This is a mental universe.
  13. The deepest awakening is the deepest peace and wellbeing.
  14. The next step is to understand that everything is one. The atom is the galaxy.
  15. Turkish, English, and some German, French, Arabic and Russian.
  16. Yes I understand. But your image of you also is an appearance in that harmony. The thought that "im afraid of death" also is an appearance like a wave raising and falling, but you're the projector projecting those images effortlessly, simply by being.
  17. Teachers are appearances in the dream, they are mirrors.
  18. It might sound weird but I don't think there is a "the" past. It, I think, is a story being written in the now. A thought occuring in the now.
  19. If you understand that reality is your mirror, then you can more easily understand that your body is your mirror, which means they actually are not you.
  20. It can be about your vibration perhaps. When I feel high, I see the forum as an enlightening place and when I feel low, I see it as a trouble. The forum, like everything else, is a mirror of our minds. It, like, doesn't exist in that sense.