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  1. Oh sorry, my bad, can I have a cheeseburger then? Let's make it a double cheese please.
  2. You're watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and in some scene Hermione looks at the camera and tells your name and says "hey, what's up, you know that you right now are dreaming this movie, yeah? hmm, okay, let's continue" and the movie turns back to "normal". "You know, you're imagining this movie and this tv, and the story of Harry Potter and the author of this and the creation process etc of this movie and Emma Watson, me, right now, out of nothing that is you, yeah? Okay let's turn back to 'normal' again, okay, haha". And it turns back to "normal". Hmhm hmhm hmhm hmhm. Hmhm hmhm. Atchooo. Alright it is how reality is at the ultimate level, there only is this moment, this frame, and it is not coming from anywhere. It is coming from here and now. Hmhm. All the books and movies and videos and people are coming from the here and now, but I'm in the relative level of space and time and duality and others etc, alright. Atchoooo.
  3. Consciousness can know everything, because consciousness, the self, is the knowledge itself at the ultimate level. Consciousness, the self, is the logic, the rule, itself at the ultimate level. That's the state of contentment, of love, of ease.
  4. I can ask you what the distance between, say, Neptune and Jupiter is, and you can instantly tell me the answer. Omniscience includes relative knowledges like this also, but of course, searching the answer through google might very well be your path of least resistance to the answer. Omniscience means omniscience.
  5. Create an entire universe with its own timeline and people and memories of people and history and all the infinite details ad infinitum in just one moment, and God actually is doing exactly that right now, and if God wants, God can create other universes also, and God actually is doing exactly that right now, manifesting a totally new universe with all the infinite details ad infinitum in every moment, in "every moment" that human perceives to be different moments, from one "moment" to another "moment", but in actuality there only is one moment that is this moment, in the ultimate sense, that is formless, that is void, pure nothing that is everything.
  6. I think you can also receive specific information about relative things in your imagination through the akashic field etc, but I guess google is the path of least resistance for doing that.
  7. You use your infinite power to imagine that you have finite power, you imagine finiteness.
  8. Of course he doesn't exist. Nothing exists. Nothing. Everything is nothing. Ahaha.
  9. Even asking questions here if I'm imagining you? Is it because I'm imagining that you know the right answer but I don't?
  10. And if there only is this frame that is morphing within itself, then I also must be imagining the bodies and memories and selves etc of all others also, and the minds etc of all others also. Then there only must be the void that is appearing as all that is, created by nothing, out of nothing. But then the existence must be nothingness that is being imagined by itself, hmm. Being imagined by itself, hmm. Being imagined by itself. But then what is your i, is it one with me, is it me, in a, hmm, hmmm. If awareness appears as a frame that is morphing within itself, then does awareness become another universe when it appears as another frame? If the frame needs no history and so forth to become itself, then, hmm, then the frame is being itself. Being itself, hmmm.
  11. Imagining a you who I believe does know, and imagining that I'm not imagining, and so forth and so forth, hmm? Hmmm. Hmmmm. And am I imagining others and things etc out of frickin nothing here and now? Wtf.
  12. Is powerful enough to be able to create an entire timeline, an entire universe, like this in just one, like, moment, with all the memories and histories and physicalities and so forth of all beings all being created in just one, like, moment, then logically speaking, consciousness must also be able to create infinite other universes, right here right now also, if it wants to and believes that it can in the form of us, and it can download those new memories and worlds and so on in its "memories" etc, completely forgetting the old world and memories and so on, if it wants to and believes that it can in the form of us, like parallel dreams, in a sense.
  13. I'm living in a building where my upstair neighbor is just crazy, she is just insane and dangerous. And I live here with my mother, so I want to delete those neighbors from existence and replace them with different neighbors, and change my and my mother's memories into knowing that our neighbors have always been the people that I want. I wanna create a new history and world for me and my mother, and I wanna change our memories about the existence of those neighbors and make us completely forget that they have ever existed and dream the version, or whatever, of this building where our neighbors have always been different people, basically a different dream. If I am my mother and her mind, and if my neighbors also are me, then I can delete my neighbors from existence, and from our memories. Then I can create a totally new timeline, dream a totally different timeline, and also change the mind and memories and knowledges etc of my mother about all of that. I can dream another dream. You guys might make fun of what I'm saying perhaps, without knowing why, and for the reason that I might imagine and create you in that way. But if all of this is my imagination, if all of this is my dream, then I might be able to dream any dream that I want. And if I'm creating this entire world and timeline etc in just one moment, in this moment, then I must be able to create any world, any timeline, etc, that I want. Being able to create a new mother and neighbors and building etc, if I'm imagining, creating, all of that in this moment, if I'm imagining all of that in this moment, then I can give any form to any of that, if it is all my imagination. I must be able to, like, leave one movie and tune to another movie, and make myself forget the old movie completely, if I'm creating all my memories etc in the moment. But, of course, if I'm at the level of a high consciousness, then I must frickin be able to do that, because I'm imagining my mother and neighbors and building etc etc one hundred percent. Everything about all of that is my imagination one hundred percent. Their bodies and worlds and minds and knowledges etc etc are all my imagination.
  14. I also has reacted to her terrible mode very harshly back then when she was being like that, and I also am feeling anxious about my reaction, I said threatened her back when she did that, but you know, that was normal for me to react like that, what I was frickin experiencing. I don't know man, I think I'm being very frickin harsh on myself, and got kinda lost in a loop. I wanna act like a clear minded and sane person, I wanna be able to know the best thing to do in every situation, and, I guess, I need to work on raising my consciousness, to be able to know what to do and when in a wise and beneficial and effective way. I need to let my higher mind, in a sense, to guide me, so that I'm not being an idiot or ineffective and depressed person, or feeling forsaken etc, or anything of that sort.
  15. @mojsterr yeah, I've read Neville pretty much, and I feel like he also can be helpful for me, perhaps, yeah. But I've already read a lot of all of that, so I need to put it into action, I guess, I don't know. But yeah. I need mental clarity somehow, to even be able to know what to do, I guess, you know.
  16. Yeah, you're right, it's been a long time, but I've, perhaps, demonized them so much in my mind that I'm frightened about talking to them, feeling like they can go crazy, haha. And I've demonized them so much in my mind, I guess, that them being noisy etc is making me feel like they again are attacking me. I might have become some sort of a pathological case in that sense, perhaps, like obsession, perhaps. And in some situations, one or two, we had some positive ish brief interactions with them even, but yeah, I need to work on my beliefs and thoughts about these things with more clarity, I guess.
  17. Yeah man I understand, well they've not done that since then, and back then I was like trying to be spiritual or something like that so I didn't call the cops. But they just did it once, twice in one day, and since then, for about two years or so, they've not been doing something like that. The husband even seems to be sorry really, perhaps, for what his wife did, but the woman never said sorry or something like that. And I'm feeling like if she didn't even say sorry, then she may be, I don't know, and I don't say this to the cops because this happened about 2 years ago, but them being my neighbors upstairs, them always being there, is itself irritating me a lot, because I cannot trust that woman, I feel like she may go crazy again, and maybe being obsessive here but, yeah, you know, I'm feeling very uncomfortable. And yeah, I understand that in order to be clear about what to do, probably, my only option is to raise my consciousness, because otherwise I'm just, in a sense, perhaps, torturing myself in my mind. I'd love to be able to move out, but I'm, I don't know, feeling like frickin paralyzed, but when I meditate or work on my mind, I'm sometimes feeling more clarity.
  18. Anyways, thank you all, probably I shouldn't have written this here, but yeah, anyways, thanks for your advices.
  19. Yeah, but I can't just love who once threatened me with a knife in her hand and saying all sorts of bad bad bad things to me and my mother for no frickin reason other than her being a dangerous and insane person. That was about two years ago, but I still cannot forget that, and she didn't even frickin come and say even sorry about that. How can I frickin love that shit? If someone asked me about this situation, saying that they experienced something similar, I could say them all sorts of "enlightened" things, believe me, but when you are in the situation yourself it is not that easy. I'm so frickin confused about what to do, and what I can even do about that, and my only hope, I guess, is alignment with Source directly, otherwise it is all just blah blah blah. And I'm not able to move out for monetary reasons, and some other weird reasons that I'm experiencing. I don't know what to do, and calling someone a pathological case without knowing what they are going through is, I don't know, but I cannot judge you also, you probably are trying to be helpful or I don't know. It is just that I'm feeling so lost and confused, and I don't know what to do, and I don't even know why I wrote this here.
  20. Yeah, it's best to communicate with Source directly. Unless I'm connected to Source directly, it is all just confusion after confusion after confusion after confusion.
  21. I haven't read your question, only the title, but yeah, if you are able to ask that question then yeah, there is more.
  22. I shouldn't forget that I'm talking to my imaginations here. And also, yeah, maybe I can follow a different path of least resistance. But people saying that everything is a dream, and then saying that "oh what you're saying is pathological" is just weird. People, I guess, are not really awake at all, so they just follow the words of "enlightened beings", with some degree of awakening. And yeah, me thinking that the answers I receive here are but my imagination also is weird. Me thinking that people here are but my imagination is weird. That probably shows me that I'm not so awakened yet, yeah. "What do you think about this, people who are being imagined by me?". And the eternal loop starts again. But yeah, I myself am not very awake also, because I'm arguing with beings who I'm imagining. "Do you think this is possible, do you think that is possible?", and the answers, inevitably, are reflecting what I'm expecting to hear. I'm feeling weird and wrong etc, and it's being reflected to me, yeah. I'm feeling hopeless etc, and it's being reflected to me, yeah. What else was I expecting really? Believing that there are authorities of whatever sorts, and it is being reflected to me "Dear master, do you think me doing this is possible or good?" Then I'm imagining "masters" of some sort, beings who are not my imagination, answering my question. "You're not so awake at all yet" says my imagination. "You're going crazy haha" says my imagination. And oh, it is authority, so I should be good with them. This is all so weird really. "What would Bashar say, what would Abraham say, what would Rupert say, what would dada say?". Well they obviously say what I imagine them to say. They obviously be what I imagine them to be. Haha. Noone knows why they are saying what they are saying This is all so weird, me searching for those who know the truth Me imagining those who know the truth Then I understand that oh, they don't exist. That's the frickin paradox.
  23. But the thing is I'm a wizard.