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  1. what are your thoughts about MBT
  2. @EddieEddie1995 have to you told family and friends about your experience? what was their reaction?
  3. whatcha think ladies...
  4. @Matt23 They're all connected in a way... The hero journey myth represents death a rebirth (things going full circle) then there is Jung's model of the psyche which is, you become whole by integrating and being conscious of all parts of yourself. there is also the hierarchy of needs... which is "another way" of enlightenment. which can be achieved by reaching the top of the pyramid (self actualization) and then going beyond... (ego transcendence). @Emerald @Leo Gura I'm i making any sense?
  5. i don't know if everybody could make that distinction between the two.... 1st types is "the Carl Jung way" which is to basically integrate the shadow, (my theory is when you conflict the ego with other parts of its self they "cancel" each other and the ego dies and and nothing will be left except the self. 2en type of enlightenment is "The Buddha way".
  6. There is a 3rd option, it's called "Flow".
  7. they say "the ego identify with a thought after the other" (or something similar), but how does it do that? and why ego identify with this thought and not the other? and what does it even mean that has different thoughts, and why are they so structured?
  8. No not the christian thing lol, the images are so abstract and so beautiful.
  9. yeah it's like learning physics for the first time
  10. what does that mean, experience what?
  11. why does a stoic lifestyle sound stiff? or am i not getting it? EDIT: maybe, how do you understand stoicism?
  12. This guy's imagination and depth of understanding of "physics" made me giggle haha
  13. Shunyamurti is kinda scary for me, because when he feels like a prophet or something!