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  1. Invocation or communication with others unconscious minds Have you ever invoked someone? It is very simple, think of a person, dead or alive, even if they are made up like a character in a comic book will work as they are created entities, and start talking to them like everyday conversation talk, Hey hows it going kind of stuff, and they most likely will respond to you, no need to be psychic or do all the other shit books tell you in books, like establishing trust, other people like to put fear in your head, oh there's evil entities that want to destroy you and may other fearful things, that's all lies. Does the entity that you invoked remember the conversation? Consciously no, unconsciously yes, it's like a dream to them. Invocation I guess is entities that come in you, sounds like sex hahahaha, only man on man sex iigh. Do they come into your physical body or astral body?
  2. Did you know that everyone has OOBE (out of body experience) everyday? People say it is sometimes very difficult to have an OOBE, and those people should be shot in the head with an AK47 execution style. Back in the ancient days they called it OOBE or astral projection, in the modern world we call it daydreaming. It's the same exact thing, we do it naturally automatically with no effort at all. They just changed the name. I'm surprised they haven't made it a disease so the Pharma can sell us drugs for it.
  3. https://sites.google.com/view/thebookofsecretsosho/home check out this site for spiritual advancement
  4. Everyone Astro Travels everyday of their lives in a conscious state the reason no one knows, this is because society now calls this technique daydreaming, most people usually daydream about whatever is flowing thru their head, so next time think of an interesting place when you start daydreaming then your astral traveling, many people already have astral sex society calls that technique fantasizing, society has confused us by naming these astral techniques different names.
  5. Doing the multiplication table up to 20 mentally while visualizing the whole process doing it the opposite way they teach in school start with the bigger digits first 24X12=240+48=288
  6. Astral travel and communication with dead people in very similar Same when you start learning your 2nd language all other languages are then easier
  7. Communicating with the dead, Secrets of life Very simple task, just like talking on any device, think of the person personally or by name(maybe you don't know the person personally) or just think of them if you don't know their name, Start with something like Are you available to talk, I usually present a gift, Life Force Energy as it's very valuable in the astral realm, and they are very happy, then I telepathically ask them questions and request they do something for me, sometimes they can't depending on what they know how to do, not everyone is a genius after they die. If you are nervous just act as if you are a professional at this and you've been doing it forever already and your just communicating with another person from the other side the same as you have do for years/decades/centuries already, nothing new here, same as always, just another day of communicating with the dead. I learnt how to do that when I was in grade 4 when I would go to the night club and party with the British solders every Thursday Night, legal age was 18 and I was like 8 or 9 years old, and I walked past the bounces like just another day at the night club, same as every other Thursday, give them the unconscious tiny nod and they would greet me like an old friend, with Enjoy your night Sir. that wasn't that long ago, mid 90s, they even had signs up everywhere, 18 Legal Age, I'd bootleg for all of my older brothers friends. It doesn't take much practice to be a good actor/actress you just have to know the secrets in life, which are; act as if and it will be. pretend. everything is simple. daydream state is the hypnotic state / trance state daydream is astral travel, the place where things happen when you daydream is the astral realm, simple suggestions in a daydream state can change your life - deprogram your brain/mind - create wealth, relationships, anything you want in your life. Happiness is free. Smiles are free. Smiling creates Happiness and no I'm not talking about Mr. Ha's Penis Everything is created internally first then manifests externally in your life. You can create infinite professional/creative/destructive entities to work for you, or infinite copies of yourself to do your bidding in the astral realm Things are instant in the astral realm, entities don't need to be maintained (energized) in the astral realm Enjoy every moment of life especially if you are working at McDonald's, make every moment be the best moment ever. Every task is extremely meaningful in your life especially making ice-cream cone at McDonald's that's all I can think of now hahahaha
  8. Astral traveling The most difficult thing for me when attempting to astral travel was closing my eyes, really there is no purpose for closing your eyes, we astral travel everyday without knowing it, when you daydream and your mind goes off into Wonderland that is astral travel, when you fantasize about something your in the astral realm whatever you are doing it observing in your fantasy is happening in the astral realm. The astral realm is everywhere, we have personal astral realm, public astral realm, astral realm is infinite area, you can create your own universe in the astral realm in seconds. Anything is possible, think big.
  9. William Walker Atkinson Complete Workings of William Walker Atkinson Some are on the Youtube Channel the others are on the Website William Walker Atkinson
  10. Art of war Audio Book Art of War Learn from the Masters
  11. Mind Abilities Write the alphabet backwards by memory 20 times perfectly, then write 1st & 3rd letter 2nd & forth letter ACBDEGFHIKJL 20 times perfect, then write 1,14,2,15 ANBOCPDQER 20 times perfect, then 1, 26, 2, 25 AZBYCXDWEVFU 20 times perfect
  12. Seeing Auras What if there was a video recorder that could catch the auras of everything you aimed it at and it was in live motion the auras were moving and spiraling this way and that? Your eyes are like a video camera, and you can train your your eyes (brain) to see auras every where you look and it's very simple to do. Here's how to do it. Go out side and grab a seat make sure you are very comfortable, pick a spot to focus on, keep your eyes focused on that certain spot through this entire exercise. Noticing everything that you can see maintaining focus on the spot. Shift your attention on the outline of everything else, like fence, power line, trees, houses, still focusing on that one spot, the colors in your vision will start changing the sky will get a darker shade the outlines will start glowing, even a rainbow ? of colors will appear on the outlines. Patients and the belief that anything possible is all you need to accomplish this. Tilting your head left to right very slightly may help enhance the glow. Another very helpful point is knowing that white is an illusion and is actually made from a combination of red green and blue. Verifiable by checking the electro magnetic spectrum 350 Tera hertz to 750 Tera hertz aka the Visual Color Spectrum.
  13. on the last post if your spaceship doesn't have lasers to destroy debris then your fucking stupid and you deserve to die in your POS spaceship. Fucking stupid people...
  14. Be Successful Dissolve Issues Make things work for for you Your beliefs shape your world, success, failure, everything in your life is a result of your beliefs. In Haiti VooDoo is a big thing and works with great effects because they believe in it and fear it, though it has no effect on westerners because they no believe in that and no fear it Another example is 5G some people are affected negatively by it to the extreme they think they will die, others just another day of life, are the people affected because they are sensitive or maybe paranoid, if that frequency affect you so much why not visible light/color frequency with is 10,000 times more powerful, 5G Devices frequency is at 60 billion hertz visible light is 300 - 750 trillion hertz. People say 5G frequencies are covering the world, but all frequencies are covering the world before 5G, not by man made stuff but by nature, the sun for example, and without the sun everything gives off electro magnetic frequency, a thought has its own frequency and travel 300,000,000 meters per second, that's why we can communicate instantly telepathically with people on the other side of the world or even on other planets maybe takes a few seconds longer for that. Everything gives off a frequency most times many different frequencies, which radiate. Have you ever looked at a white wall but all you can see is red blue and green blotches? that's because white is an illusion, there is no such thing, it's made up of the three primary colors, like a flake of snow appears white but isn't. If you believe life is easy and everything works for you, then it does, same the other way, if you believe life is very challenging and difficult then it is for you because of your beliefs. People always are looking for the secrets to life, and when they are presented to you, you shrug your shoulders and say that's non sense. Gold nuggets may appear as just another useless rock. Changing your beliefs is a very simple thing to do, you can eliminate them all or individually, you can even garbage all beliefs preventing certain aspects of life, and it is as easy as suggesting wipe all beliefs around preventing ____ from happening or maybe you don't believe in the bible anymore, say destroy all beliefs related to the bible and watch how your life completely changes from that one little phrase, another good phase is burn to ashes all limiting beliefs in life. Life is very simple, You make it impossible to do anything because of all of your beliefs that battle against each other. Stop pointing fingers and accept that you create everything in your life, and if you don't like it change it, very simple to do. Change one thing and your entire life will change.
  15. Space debris is a very big problem, Nasa says there are over 27000 pieces of space debris in low earth orbit, the volume of LEO is 1 Quadrillion Cubic meters, seriously that sounds like an extremely small chance that a space station or space ship will ever get hit with space debris