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  1. Once you realize sufferings is love then you will have semi maha samadhi 24 hours everyday 3meopcp also leads to this
  2. finally!!! ahahahh now reality can do its thing and start miraculously making it easily available everywhere I look, wondering if leo has tried the other other God molecule 3meopcp hmmmmm?
  3. First want to start by saying we should all come together and create a new erowid but for video information there is not enough info on pyschs out there sadly by seasoned vets. Also @Leo Gura Will you be blessing us with any new vlog / youtube trip reports soon ?
  4. Can we please make like a discord @Leo Gura and just try to make it not culty. I keep getting banned and called a heretic and "BLASPHEMY!" in christian and muslim servers even tho they keep spamming me with "I and the father are one" to prove to me that that proves you are not God for some reason smh.
  5. No recognition of the fact that I love myself you have no idea how much I hooked myself up
  6. I used to think why is Leo crying in his videos while sober , but this past year and a half has been a mindfuck. (My first I am God realizations came about 5-6 years ago now.)
  7. It is a divine gift I have been given , the only problem is the judgement but all judgement is a projection of my own imagination which I'm aware of it's fascinating that it still effects me. I remember a few weeks ago I had food poisoning for first time worst feeling ever, but I couldn't quit smiling in amazement at feeling terrible and the ability to do that at all. It is mind blowing the range of feelings and experiences you can go through. The fact you can experience anything at all is a gift. I also try to relax to it and I do but its a very manic state, you feel like you just shot up meth or Mdma (never done meth) tbh it blows mdma happiness out the water by miles it is pure heaven.
  8. For the past few months almost daily, I have now progressed from smiling like an idiot in constant realization, to now coming to tears at random points of the day from the bliss of truth. Does anyone else have this? Did I fuck my "Brain" or is this normal ? @Leo Gura I'm just glad I can where a mask so I don't look like a crazy person.
  9. Im sorry but need to put this out there , you seeing "333" everywhere is not a synchronicity ahahah , real synchronicity's will blow ur socks off , these will occur to you almost everyday when you wake up, I call them reality winks For example : I found this reddit post of a super cool rave helmet I was like where do I buy this!?!!? Searched for it and found it was this singers helmet he wears and I looked up his music. The song that popped up was called "Virtual Insanity" which I had heard about a year prior maybe more just once . The song when I heard it a year ago I automatically knew it was about reality being an illusion. That day I went to the gas station next to my apartment I go to everyday. Haven't heard this song in a year or so and only heard it once. Get out the car at the pump and what song do you think is playing over the intercom? you guesssed it "The wall pt2".... jk VIRTUAL INSANITY! I could list 1000 times this has happened to me up until yesterday ahahahahahah.
  10. Okay Day 2 boofed 20-25 mg again def more intense this time, still no crazy insights (however I know I am God fully very deeply so I don't really get insights from psychs, (mainly from reality winks now if you know what I mean "synchronicity however not I see 333 everywhere thats fake synchronicity sorry lmao) This time it was more of a body feeling and the world dissolving more and more into blurriness I tried to guide myself like you are God you are everything but I know this so deeply its not like Imma be like AH HA! I'm GOD! I GOT IT! hahahahahaha thats me everyday I live a 24/7 self love orgasm at the recognition of what I am and the gift of being. Is 30 mg gonna be just some next level shit or am I gonna be underwhelmed again? My whole life is some next level shit is the problem hahahahah so Its hard to see the contrast on these trips. @Leo Gura
  11. tried boofing 5meo again prob did like 20 mg this time didnt weigh this time hahahaah , however, still not much happened the world just dissolved into nothing (something that is one thing can't be described best word is blurry) this dissolving however I can do on command but the 5meo did help it alot. I Just got very deep peace but thats it any suggestions should I just go for 30?
  12. this would be epic ahahahahahah @Leo Gura
  13. Do you know if the dosing between HCL and Fumarate are the same? Also with boof method Is it gonna be real hard to white out? It seems like Leo has the ability to just be chillen on most his trips still grounded in this reality, will I be able to take 30 mg boofed and still normally walk around I'll just be in super consciousness mode? Btw I am very seasoned vet with psychs used to chill with my parents in highschool off 17 tabs and they have no idea so trust me I can handle stuff very well. (I've tried around 15 mg which didn't really do much... tbh can't really tell if it did anything because I live super conscious already , by this I mean if I take something like LSD I get no enhanced level of insights or crazy super smart mode like most people anymore, no headspace. Because my headspace has been permanently like that for years, I can't tell if things are effecting it or helping it or not anymore or if it's just my normal insights).