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  1. I experienced this for a long time in the past when I was grinding shooters every day. I wasn't conscious of what I was doing. Once I became aware of my behaviour, I was able to change. First, I turned into a good loser. I'd congratulate the other player(s) even if I didn't want to and over time I grew into that. if you win a game, you want the other person to be kind and respectful. I became what I wanted my opponent to be. In my case, shooters have so much potential to make you rage. There is campers, lag, bad teammates, strong opponents, bad spawns, toxic community etc. I just make the best out of the situation I am currently in. You have to allow yourself to lose and make mistakes. Only winning wouldn't make you grow as much as losing. I still struggle to get over a stupid mistake sometimes because I know I could have done better. But games are so fast-paced, you have to let go. When something happens over and over again you will learn to not make that mistake.
  2. @Michael569 I absolutely agree with everything you said. I don't know why I posted it the way I did, creating paranoia was the last thing I wanted. It is a very interesting topic and something we have to be aware of. What I meant to say is that for me personally (and probably everyone else) getting rid of all the heavy metal sources is not sustainable and it upset me a bit at that moment. Instead, we should focus on the main sources and get rid of them as you said and additionally consider detoxing in a safe manner.
  3. I am so grateful music exists
  4. You can go down a rabbit hole with heavy metals, you'll find it everywhere. Guess I'll die.
  5. Pence had a fly on his head, I love this so much lmao
  6. It's not even close...she already destroyed him and he destroyed himself
  7. @JosephKnecht Great picture.
  8. @smurf88 Thanks for sharing the link
  9. I don't even want to go into too much detail. In short, it's an area I just have to work on and it's more important to me than anything else in the world. I will and cannot give up before I succeed because it'll open so many doors for me. Even with all of this driving me, I don't want to do it anymore sometimes because it's so emotionally challenging. How do you not lose hope? I feel like I need to be some kind of John Rambo to keep going. It's something I worked on for so many years. I tried dozens of different things, looked at it from so many different angles, spent a lot of money on expertise. I keep going back to things I tried in the past to see if I missed something.
  10. At around minute 8, Leo is guiding you through a simple but effective visualisation. While doing this I realized in which areas I need to give myself more love and understanding.
  11. I have people in my life who, no matter what I do, keep turning small problems into huge dragons, it's remarkable. They get caught up in negativity and it spirals up. They take zero responsibility for the things that happen to them. I can apologize, say it's my fault, ask how I can fix it, offer solutions. But they keep turning me into a devil because of a simple little mistake. They attack me with unrelated nonsense I did years ago. And what's even funnier is that they believe I am causing all this. And when I ignore them or walk away it gets even worse. So I "have" to stay in the situation for them to verbally attack me while trying to stay calm. They have no self-reflection so it keeps happening over and over again. One of them is a family member, should I really just cut him out of my life?
  12. If you know exactly what is creating all this suffering for you, that's great because you can work on it. Easier said than done but knowing what you know is a good starting point. Please don't hesitate to work with a professional. The Wim Hof breathing method can create powerful changes to your mood. I use this when I am in a bad place to see that there's something outside of it.
  13. "Dirt is an illusion, it's all love."
  14. I love it how I can rewatch one of Leo's videos after a couple of months and look at it in a completely different way. "If you read a book the second time, you don't see something in it you didn't see before, you see something in yourself that wasn't there before." - Bob Proctor (?)
  15. I think I got it and it blows my mind. Somehow a big chunk of my self-interference just disappeared and I am so excited to just go with the flow, it's that simple. I always thought of no free will as something terrible. This is so liberating.