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  1. Agree. together with https://www.workwithgrace.com/ for questioning your judgements & thoughts I also use https://roamresearch.com/, it helps when you're looking back at your notes
  2. Wtf??😆, are you seriously trying to hit on girls or are you trying to start a YouTube channel? 😅 Don't talk as if you're trying to catcall her, if you catch my drift. Keep it simple, in a serious tone, hey I just saw you and I think you're cute. That's it. You would be amazed by how receptive girls are by this. Even if they are not interested in you romantically, they'll engage you more in a friendly manner. 😀
  3. Funny 😄, on my last mushroom trip, I was told to own the part of myself that like beautiful women. 😜
  4. Totally agree action is king, but it will be helpful if you can give me examples of scenarios you've faced and the mindset that helps you (eg be more playful) For example, this happen to me recently, the girls I was talking to ran into a shop, part of my psyche says the girls went in to get away from me ( negative mindset), so I had several options, go to the shop and continue talking to them while they shop ( seems awkward I just met them), wait outside the shop ( like a stalker) or what I did was got the girl's ig and leave. Now, a part of me says, dude be more shameless, be more playful ( I will try next time) and just act normal and go shopping with them.
  5. I don't mean when a girl says I don't want to talk to you. Talking to people is not 100% smooth sailing. People walk, cross the street, need to go places, party, dance, friends join in, friends drag them, shopping, conversation goes stale, they drink, they ignore you, some other guy decides to hit on her What basically I'm saying is, how can I know when I'm being paranoid about people genuinely not liking me, and when it is polite to leave? Let's say friends join in, do I pretend to be part of the group, or stay in the corner silently? We're talking, and suddenly they ran across the street and into the shop do I follow them into the shop? I've heard the term burn a set to the ground? What does it mean? I know it's all experience but is there any guidelines?
  6. Wow, your statement/question hits my heart like a sledgehammer 💔, I live in a very strict conservative environment so I don't know how often I suppress my feelings😞 Trying to break out of my shell is quite an undertaking 💪 Most of the time, I don't know whether my actions are brave or foolish🤡
  7. I don't know how to phrase this question,( or statement) hmmm... I feel like a fraud when I'm experiencing extreme joy and ecstacy( ok I was on mushrooms 😆), One, when I'm alone there this part of me that tells me ... It's like dude you don't deserve this Second, I was like soberish happy and I can't even muster the courage to share my joy with others ( Im still stuck in my head) Is that my old conservative ego or am I trying to stay grounded? .. I don't know which part of the trip do I take back with me?? Life can't be this joyful??? Sorry for the silly question.. Maybe😃
  8. 😂lol, I'm not there yet. Hopefully one day, I'll get it 😁
  9. And in the moment, I realized what a silly thing that is 'not knowing what to do', I mean I don't understand it conceptually, it was more like realizing it was a joke. How can someone not know what to do? You always know what to do! Everything is just working out for me! I guess you need a bit of the sensuality and silliness of the mushrooms vibe to get it. Back in my sober state, I still have this lingering sadness and melancholy of wanting a plan for my life. But in the mushroom state, I feel a supreme happiness that everything is just going to be ok, you always know what to do? Or the universe knows what to do?
  10. How it this even possible? 😲
  11. Hmmmm??? Probably just ear wax buildup??? I have this problem, where one part of the ear gets muffled every couple of years. It does feel like there's water in the ear and a bit of ringing. Firstly, use eardrops like Soluwax. If that doesn't work. See a ear specialist, where she'll suck the wax out of the ear. It cost USD$100 where I'm from in a private clinic. I do this procedure every couple of years. Your problem might be this simple, it might be not. Just sharing my experience.
  12. Happy Birthday !!!
  13. ❤ Byron Katie - Jobless in this Superficial World ❤
  14. I'm writing this with the assumption you are talking about Byron Katie's The Work, because it seems like a quote that I've heard her say. Byron Katie's The Work doesn't work from a third person perspective. It is not a passive experience. It’s not a way to try to force yourself to feel peace, or love, when you don’t. You've got to the work(inquiry) with kindness. If you do it right, you will feel more empowered, and more able to see solutions and actions to your problems. Let say you are being abuse, The solution isn't to say I'm not being abuse, I understand why the other person is abusing me, I'll let the other person abuse me. It's not about denial or or pretending it didn’t happen Rather Question your unfriendly thoughts. I have no escape from this terrible situation I'm in... is it true? Once you're open, you can think more clearly, more creatively. I didn’t speak up, I didn’t go to him directly, I smiled when in his presence and play-acted like everything was fine. I didn’t share my fears. I didn’t get support for myself. I stuffed things down. I gave the wrong impression. I didn’t look to myself with care, love and attention. The best way to address the feeling of smallness, powerlessness, and being a victim of something or someone (including you) is to access your honest yes or no within, and practice saying it out loud. So, no one can abuse me? Well, that is only a question that I (or you) can genuinely answer. Some of the sentences I copied from https://workingwithgrace.com/ LOL? That is a great epistemic question.