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  1. check out https://www.instagram.com/kneesovertoesguy/ or https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGybO-bWZ3W6URh42sdMQiw/videos
  2. Thanks! Very useful. I don't know if this fits here. Game recommendations ? https://www.actualized.org/insights/disco-elysium https://www.actualized.org/insights/stage-green-turquoise-video-game
  3. Check out, https://www.jonbernie.org/podcasts/
  4. All of Byron Katie's work. Preferably in audible form. Listening is better than reading to feel the author's presence.
  5. Dear Leo, You are the torch that is guiding humanity to a new dawn. Your inspiration is unparalleled. Thank you Leo. Wishing you health and prosperity. Happy Birthday!!!
  6. agree with hyruga what's your goals? I've lost 10kg with 48hours of intermittent fasting. I don't think it improves productivity. You just form new mental habits. And it helps you structure your day better.
  7. Timestamp 3:20, I thought this is a beautiful passage. How a piece of music can become reified in our minds Let me propose a thought experiment Imagine for a moment you're a god Omnipotent in every way, With this power, if you were to listen to a piece of music You'd be aware of much more than just how it sounds you'd know how it came into existence aware of every iteration that existed in the composer's mind as it was created you'd also be aware of every cultural, social and biological influence that contributed to its creation both deliberate and unconscious apart from how it was created, you'd also know everything about its influences. you'd be coignizant of every different interpretation of that music that existed in the mind of every listener from every point in time and you'd be aware of how this understanding is always changing. you'd be able to trace every phrase, every musical idea back through the centuries back to its musical origin, comprehending how they slowly transformed from person to person in order to end up where they are now what others think of as a 'single work' you'd perceive as a live connection to the endlessly shifting and impossibly complex conversation of musical thought and influence.
  8. How music influences our interpretation of the shows we watch. You Donkey! ?
  9. LOL! ? --- So this is what it feel's like to be a fanboy/girl! Damn!! ? Is this why people camp outside the shops when there is a product launch?
  10. Yes. I guess obsidian is more better for security because it stores data in your local storage. I just feel better with roam because it's simpler to use out of the box. I got sucked in into the roam way of thinking before obsidian. Love the community they are building with roam and the direction they are heading. I don't know how both tools will play out in the long run but for now I'm sticking to using roam.
  11. @Leo Guraroamresearch has helped me tremendously with my journaling, notetaking and learning. It introduces this idea of backlinking and daily notes. It has help me with your life purpose course because I could see how my thoughts and values evolve over time. Daily notes is such a simple idea but seeing my thoughts evolve over time is so profound. Even though you haven't wrote your book yet, the schism has begun. ?
  12. Hi, @Leo Gura, Have you heard of roamresearch.com? I believe it's going to be the future of video and book learning including collaborative community building. They have a very active twitter page. https://twitter.com/roamresearch?lang=en This is also quite interesting https://twitter.com/RoamBookClub Check it out, I think it would be perfect for your book, but instead of a static passive book, it would be like a thriving, living, breathing body of work with feedback from you and your audience.