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  1. In Leo's sage video, he stated that sages were able to feel emotions way better than most. How do I cultivate this sensitivity?
  2. I'm around the age where I need to figure out what I want to do in life and start applying to colleges. I understand that I need to have the end-goal in mind (or at least up until getting my first "grown-up" job) before I make any real decisions. I know that I want... 1. To have time to pursue other domains and build side hustles (I've been trying to build a beat-selling business) 2. I want to be mentally challenged at my job 3. I want a career that doesn't require anything higher than a bachelor's degree 4. I want it to be STEM 5. I want it to make decent money So I'd really appreciate it if you could give me some ideas for future contemplation. I've been putting this off way to long. Thanks.
  3. There goes my man Greenwoods with the A-1 content. Thank you so much for this, I've actually been experimenting with this. Usually I try to initiate conscious sleep when I use affirmations or visualizations to program the subconscious mind. If only I were consistent....
  4. Yeah, I'm trying to get into lucid dreaming more seriously. One questions though: what is the difference between soul travel and astral projection?
  5. @GreenWoods Do you have any resources on anchoring states during hypnosis?
  6. Thanks for creating this post man, this has so many possibilities. Also, can you get into the esdaile state without an audio recording? Meaning, can you just get to that state using mental vocalization? Can you at least get to somnabulism this way?
  7. Leo stated in his contemplation video that the quality of your life improves the more you contemplate. I'm just curious to see if you guys can attest to this.
  8. I want to gain a grasp of politics and political ideologies, but I'm not sure where to start. Should I learn the ideologies first, such as conservative, libertarian, socialist, etc. or the structure of government first? Also, do you know any good sources to use that would give a comprehensive explanation? Thanks