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  1. I used this to calculate it, as well as another calculator I can't find right now. It does say truffles.
  2. I did not have access to anything else except what was in my perception at the moment, so I wouldn't be able to conclude anything outside of it exists without relying on belief. I do not perceive the moon right now, so I can't say it exists outside of my mind. Does a pink elephant exist physically right now? I don't see one so I can't say.
  3. Oh damn, so that was a normal dose? crazy. And thanks! I tried to write it as authentically as I experienced it, right afterwards, without censoring anything. And yes, the moon didn't exist in my perception, not even as an idea. Logically the moon does exist right? But in my direct experience, it didn't. I still have trouble understanding the metaphysics of other people also having experiences and the existence of those experiences, so I honestly don't know what to make of it.
  4. I tried to research what would be a heroic dose for my body weight (68kg), and a couple of different sources said around 15 grams would be, but I don't know, I'm no expert on dosages.
  5. Yea lessons learned... should've maybe had a trip sitter present as well, but I didn't know who to ask when it was my first time in the country.
  6. Fresh ones I think. I took one that was called Atlantis and then another one with a white packaging called Old Dutch
  7. So I've never done psychedelics before, and a few days ago I decided to do psilocybin truffles (15g x2) while on a meditation retreat in Amsterdam. I have two separate trip reports because I ended up doing two heroic doses back-to-back, one on Friday, and the other on Saturday. Maybe not the wisest decision to do such big doses for my first time, and in such a short time span, and while I honestly think the trips were the worst experiences of my life, I regret nothing. I put the trip reports as files below, Here's some info on what they're about: Trip report 1: 15g heroic dose - Who/what am I? dying and creating myself, becoming God Trip report 2: 15g heroic dose - "Structurelessness", insanity, Absurdity, EGO, and fear of dying
  8. Me and my brother made a podcast summarizing the model Spiral Dynamics, and how we've applied it to our lives. Hopefully, it's beneficial or interesting to someone, let me know what you guys think. The Podcast
  9. Thanks! ? That would be a good idea, you making a shorter intro video to SD would definitely get more new people to learn about the model. Though Leo, I'm scared what you consider "short" lol
  10. Spiral Dynamics Summary Series I created a Spiral Dynamics summary series based on Leo's videos, The Spiral Dynamics book, the website, as well as my own insights. I hope these videos will be of help to someone. What is Spiral Dynamics? The Stages Stage Beige ? Stage Purple ? Stage Red ? Stage Blue ? Stage Orange ? Stage Green ? Stage Yellow ? Stage Turquoise ? I'll happily take feedback!