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  1. @vizual Apologies, I guess I mean they have measured characteristics that exist on a spectrum in between 4 dichotomies... idk You sound about right to me! It seems like a very intriguing topic to me that can be explored in a lot of depth
  2. @vizual Do you think there is any real reasoning behind why there are these 4 dichotomies people exist on? It seems to my like it hasn't really been derived from anything and can't be directly linked to anything with more evidence like evolution or neuroscience. Obviously there will be some studies about the differences between people but surely differences in people can be measured in a near infinite number of ways? So I guess it's not wise to get too attached to this model
  3. I don't understand why consciousness realising itself implies subject-object experience as one of the steps in your argument. This stuff messes with my head haha. The way I understand it is that the separation itself is an illusion so there is nothing to be done to overcome any separation but the letting go of illusions. I'm probably missing the point but I'm not surprised considering how confused I am too
  4. @ravlondon No worries!
  5. We tell ourselves these narratives of being in a certain position by a certain time in our lives. These narratives are great for motivating us to take positive action, but life rarely goes to plan. If you compare your life to someone else's, you are doing both of you a disservice. The guy that founded KFC achieved 'success' in his 60s. Charles Darwin, Stan Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, Henry Ford, etc did their best and lucrative work later than their 40s too
  6. I still welcome any contribution if anyone wants to continue the discussion here
  7. Oops! Aha makes sense...
  8. Seems like all the rage at the moment. Thought it'd be useful to bring it up here and see what people think of it as a tool for self-actualizing! To clarify, I mean the personality typology known as myers-briggs.
  9. @Leo Gura I hope I helped shine a light on your health issue
  10. Life is complicated people. Some of these people could have severe health issues, past trauma, or difficult circumstances that weigh heavily on them. I'm not saying it's okay to leech off people, I just think more empathy and a withholding of judgement is necessary until you know more about them and their past.
  11. Can you please share your worst health struggle you or someone you know has gone through so I can get some perspective and stop feeling like a victim
  12. Both Newton and Tesla were celibate too. Tesla had a somewhat strange relationship with a pigeon lol
  13. It should be intrinsically motivating if it is authentic, i.e. a reward in itself. Inauthentic work should feel like grinding or forcing to attain a goal
  14. @Psychventure Yeah I consider my dreams as somewhat my unconscious mind communicating with my conscious mind. So it can have meaning because it's helping me out in some way I guess
  15. What do people think about the radiation from devices? Is it something to worry about or generally low risk?