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  1. God is after contrast, if punching in the face is consensual, desirable, and leads to expansion and has no serious damadge, your judgements are the only arguments.
  2. Came across this old thread, but what you're saying is bullshit. You're judging based on your limited perspective. So many stay up until their 60's 70's https://www.oldest.org/sports/bodybuilders/#:~:text=Jim Arrington%2C who recently turned,it again in the future. A meditative state of consciousness isn't sustainable forever, it doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. Most athletes retire because their bodies age, not because it's a "grindy" way to live, so many love competition and wish they could do it forever. Competitiveness sets new standards and fuels expansion. The only reason athletes retire mainly is because of their bodies. Sooo many athletes wish they could compete again, but their bodies aren't the same.
  3. Sit unconditionally with the feelings of trauma. Be fully present with them without wanting them to dissapear. Do this for 20 minutes each day. Try to feel and accept the feelings fully, and if it helps, repeat "I am unconditionally present here with you" to the feeling.
  4. You could even say that combat sports ARE spiritual, since it requires you fully, and tests you as a person. Perspective my friend.